Smarthouse Can Pay Off Your Investment

SmartHouse is households equipped with technology that provides the occupants with comprehensive information about the state of their home and allow them to control all connected devices, including remotely.

Smarthouse Can Pays Off Your Investment

SmartHouse is households equipped with technology that provides the occupants with comprehensive information about the state of their home

What is the Smart Home is the gateway to information on federal initiatives that support the development of the technologies and policies transforming the electric power industry. This site is supported by the

TAMP Episode 19: The Choice Podcast

TAMP Episode 19: The Choice Podcast "The Choice" ( is a six-episode audio drama, a feminist dystopian thriller set in the refugee camps of Los Angeles. Set in the year 2047, Dr. M

Scarecrow Video: 30 Years of Bringing People & Film Together

1988: Die Hard premieres in theaters. Nirvana plays their first show. Sub Pop Records forms, and a few hundred video tapes are offered for rental in the back of a record store where George Latsios g

TAMP Episode 18: Sam Berliner

Episode 18: Sam Berliner Sam Berliner ( is a Seattle-based filmmaker and animator best known for his engaging and accessible films about gender non-conformity. His award-winning

A Bright Idea! Use Custom Kitchen Lighting To Make Life Easier

6 Ideas To Custom Kitchen Lighting! Light is an element that has enchanted man from the moment he discovered it. Light is related to wisdom, the new, the incredible, the good and the dazzling. In deco

How Shading Can Limit Solar Efficiency

Why Is Solar Efficiency Important? Some solar power facts to help you understand what solar efficiency is, and why you need to know about it. Solar efficiency is considerably increased by using such a

Popular Types of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Is Very Knowledgeable And Reliable An important benefit of having outdoor lighting is safety. Outdoor lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways to add curb appeal, value, and sa

Eco-Friendly Ways to Brighten Your Home

An Eco-Friendly Home Is A Home For Life The eco-friendly home is energy efficient and continues to have a low environmental impact. One of the most important features when it comes to planning an eco

How to Choose the Right Wiring System?

Electrical Wiring System Can Maximize Energy Efficiency In A Safe Manner The wiring system is designed to be easy for the end user to build, with very little wiring experience. Improper wiring or mai

TAMP Episode 17: Heather Brown

Episode 17: Heather Brown Heather Brown ( is a PR and events professional currently providing publicity, production, and communication services to individuals and literary

Interior Lighting – A Great Investment For Any Homeowner

What Type of Interior Lighting is Right For Your Home Or Business? Interior lighting is vital to the overall interior design of your home. Interior lighting is one of the best places to make a stateme

Cheap Electricity Energy Conservation

The Importance Of Electricity Energy Conservation Electricity energy conservation is the act of using energy in a more efficient and effective manner. Energy conservation is a process used to reduce t

Could Solar Energy Take Over?

Solar Energy Is The Most Readily Available Source Of Energy Solar energy is the technology used to harness the sun’s energy and make it useable. Solar energy is energy created by the heat and ligh

TAMP Episode 16: Alexandra Billings

Episode 16: Alexandra Billings Alexandra Billings ( is an actress, singer, author, teacher and activist. Currently, Ms Billings plays Davina on Amazon's Emmy and Golden Gl

Hiring A Commercial Electrician Can Ensure Electrical Safety

Hiring A Commercial Electrician Is A Good Idea Hiring a commercial electrician is your best bet as you have access to a variety of service. A commercial electrician is systematically equipped to han

Efficiency And Safety Of House Electrical Wiring

What Type Of House Electrical Wiring Is Best? Checking house electrical wiring can be a dangerous venture for those without any prior knowledge. Commercial and residential electrical wiring is complet

Movies You Should Watch (& Fund) This International Women's Day

Wondering how to best curate your watch queue tonight, to give some love to, and get some inspiration from, female-powered films? We got your covered: 


What happens when the patriarch of an immigrant family returns to his west Texas home after spending the last 15 years in his native Korea? Find out when you get tickets to Lloyd Suh's critically-accl

Driving iTunes Movie Pre-Orders with Facebook Ads

If you’re an independent filmmaker with a feature film that’s currently on the festival circuit, you’re probably already planning the marketing campaign for your VOD release. And if you’re not

Smarthouse Can Pay Off Your Investment

SmartHouse in Murrieta SmartHouse is households equipped with technology that provides the occupants with comprehensive information about the state of their home and allow them to control all connecte


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