Best Smart Light Swtiches

Looking to find the best smart light switches for your house? Check out these reviews.

Best Amazon Prime Day Smart Home Deals 2019 – Robots Prime Day Deals, Smart Home Deals, and More!

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Prime Day will be arriving July 15th after Midnight PST and running through July 16th. Last year, it was hard for people to find the right deals at the right t

Insteon Dual-Mesh Wireless Smart Wall Switch Review

Shopping for light switches is pretty mundane – who are we kidding? At least that’s how it would be before the invention of smart light switches that bring home automation to a whole new level. S

Quirks and Limitations of Emoji Flags

This blog post contains emoji which your system may not be able to display. You may see broken text, weird symbols, or other buggy rendering. The Transgender Flag is a draft candidate for Emoji 13.0 u

Read Anywhere This Summer

Sign up for our Wirecutter Weekly Newsletter to get our latest recommendations delivered straight to your inbox. Summer is for swimming, backyards, and pie, but as a former librarian I know i

The Best Alarm Clocks

If you use your phone in the bedroom at night, it’s probably messing with your sleep, even if you mute and dim it. An alarm clock can be a healthy upgrade to a distraction-free bedroom, des

Alexa Skills - get custom slot names using Flask-Ask

Amazon encourages developers to use Flask-Ask - the handy Python library for working with Alexa. Sadly, the project has been abandoned. They no longer take pull requests, you can't raise bugs against

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch Review

As we rely on technology more than ever, the automation of our homes has become imminent. Choosing a smart lighting solution, such as the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi light switch is associated with many benef

After an Injury, Stay Comfortable and Productive With This Gear

Sign up for our Wirecutter Weekly Newsletter to get our latest recommendations delivered straight to your inbox. I’m lucky enough to have made it well into adulthood without ever breaking a

Fitbit Blaze vs Fitbit Charge: Which One Should You Buy?

Getting healthy and staying healthy is important to many people, and one way to start this journey is to use a fitness tracker. Perhaps the most recognizable tracker manufacturer on the planet is Fit

How I got my username on (nearly) every site

I go by "edent" on most websites. It's short, relates to my real name, and is usually unique. I quite often sign up to things just to snag the name. But there have been a couple of sites where someone

Braava m6 vs. Braava jet 240: Which One Is Perfect for You?

iRobot is better known for its line of robot vacuums: the Roomba. Did you know that the company also has a range of mopping robots that can clean hardwood floors better than just relying on vacuuming

The Best Travel Car Seats

Traveling with little kids can be a slog; a lightweight, easy-to-install travel car seat may make things a little easier. We researched over a dozen travel car seats to see how they perform f

The Smart Light Switch Guide (2019)

The smart home market has been expanding for the past three years, and it keeps growing with every minute. As a result, the devices that were once considered unique or unusually cool are now seen as c

Picking The Best Smart Light Switch For Your Home

Upgrading your home’s lighting system is the first step you should take in making your home smart. And if you’ve decided that smart switches are the right option for you, it’s high time to brows

Episode 26 - Dan Pope's

Do you want an ultra-minimalist, open source, train times website? If so, Dan Pope, has created just for you!

Tell the audience what you want them to do

I do lots of public speaking as part of my job. I'd like to share one of my tips for giving engaging and impactful talks. Two caveats: This is a sort-of work post. In that, I'll be discussing somethin

Introducing the new HTML element - welcome <clippy>!

Hello! It looks like you're writing a blog post - would you like help with that? chuckles Me and my colleagues at Microsoft have decided that the world needs more Clippy - the adorable animated paperc

NHS Hack Day

It has been about 6 months since I started my new job at NHSX - I've loved getting stuck in to the Health Service culture. But there was one thing I was missing... a decent hack day! I was delighted t

Wemo Wi-Fi Enabled Light Switch Review

Even though in the past, home automation appeared to be a thing of the far-off future, technological advancements have proved the opposite. That’s why, today, we can discuss about equipping your hom

Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi Review: An Honest Assessment

Adding the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi to your wallet is kind of like ordering a $4 chicken Caesar salad at the Costco food court. The chicken salad is not as eye-catching as the $1 twi

Leviton Smart Wi-Fi 15A Smart Light Switch Review

If you’ve been back and forth about improving your home, an easy and excellent way of doing that is by equipping it with high-quality smart switches. Still, distinct from regular switches, not all s

Braava Jet m6: All You Need to Know

If you’re the type of person who enjoys cleaning, you might want to avert your eyes as this review is definitely not for you. The Braava Jet m6 automated mop is a new device on the market, offered

Don’t Buy a Pet Camera. These Security Cameras Are the Best Way to Spy on Your Dog or Cat.

Pets are like family—family that pees on the carpet and likes to eat out of the trash. And one of the questions we get most (even from Wirecutter colleagues) is, “What’s the best way to

American Express® Business Gold Card Review: An Honest Assessment

The American Express Business Gold comes with a striking rewards rate on certain spending categories—but it’s also one of American Express’s priciest small-business credit cards.  

The 2019 Smart Light Switch Guide

If you’re shopping for a smart light switch, there are some things you should know. Read our guide to find out everything you need to know!

Sending 1.2 Million Tweets

Back in 2014, I set up a rather silly Twitter account - @OxfordSolarLive. The premise was simple. A camera took a photo of the sky above my house. It took a reading from my solar panels to see how muc

Samsung Gear Fit vs. Fitbit Charge: Which is Best?

If you’re in the market for a fitness tracker that has plenty of features, then you’ve come to the right place. The and the are two devices that allow you to track your workouts while providing p

8 (Not Entirely) Indulgent Prime Day Deals to Treat Yourself

As RuPaul has so famously said, if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? We’d argue that taking care of yourself both mentally and physically is not o

The worst morale boosting gesture I've experienced

I promise you this story is true. Many years ago, when I was very young and you were even younger... Work was not going well. Our recently launched product was a flop. Rumours of job cuts were swirlin

Dolphin Nautilus vs Nautilus Plus – Which is Best?

Let’s face it, when summertime hits, the last thing we want to do is spend time maintaining and cleaning a pool. Of course, by setting aside a little money and doing some research, you can find a s

Fitbit Blaze vs Fitbit Versa: Which One Will You Like More?

Fitbit is a household name in the smartwatch and fitness tracker space. The brand motivates users to reach their fitness and health goals by coming up with products that make it easy to keep track of

How to Clean Stainless Steel Pans

Let’s say you’re cooking dinner, preheating your stainless steel skillet to sear some lamb chops with briny anchovies and capers. (The link is to The New York Times, Wirecutter’s parent

Episode 27 - Hannah Cameron's makerspace adventures

Hannah works for Eagle Labs, where she 3D prints things and builds IoT lamps.

Roomba i7+ vs Roomba s9+: Which One Should You Buy?

In September 2018, iRobot gave us the Roomba i7+. This robot vacuum works with the company’s Clean Base, which empties the i7+’s dustbin. The new feature allows you to forget about the entire vac

Roomba s9 vs Roomba e5: Which is Best?

It is every homemaker’s dream to own a Roomba.  This line of robot vacuums from iRobot is designed to make cleaning more convenient and less time-consuming.  It gives busy people the chance to ha

Koogeek Smart Light Switch Review

 Look around and you’ll find almost every device or appliance has been “smartified.” It’s like any and everything can be controlled remotely via an app and people are all over it! Rightfully

Tutorial: 3-Way Switches and 4-Way Switches

How do I use 3-way switches and 4-way switches to control lights from two or more locations? A complete tutorial on controlling lights with multiple switches.

Roomba s9 vs. Roomba 960: Which One Should You Buy?

A lot of people thought that it would take some time before iRobot could come out with a robot vacuum to top the Roomba i7+. With the ability to clean its own dustbin, the Roomba i7+ was already at t

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card Review: A No-Brainer for Frequent Amazon and Whole Foods Shoppers

The more than 100 million Amazon Prime members in the US already enjoy free two-day shipping and access to streaming services such as Prime Video and Twitch, among other lagniappe. Members sh


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