Dog training San Diego

Intelligent K9 Dog Training San Diego

Cairo - Obedience at the Del Mar Home Show 2016 - YouTube

This is a video of us at the Del Mar Home Show last weekend. It was a 3 day event that allowed us to show people what is possible when it comes to dog obedie...

Teaching Luna to Come

Recalls are an important fundamental in any dog's training. Watch as we covermore and more distance with Luna

First Mesothelioma Treatment in 15 Years Approved

The new device was approved under the Humanitarian Device Exemption, which was created to encourage innovation in rare diseases.

Summer of Mosquito Swarms a Possibility This Year

Mosquitoes could wreck your summer if you're not prepared and a warm, wet spring means the blood-suckers will be out in force.

Colon Cancer Screenings Rise When Medicaid Arrives

American Cancer Society researchers analyzed CDC data and found that in states that were very early adopters of the Medicaid expansion, the rate of low-income adults ages 50-64 who were up to date wit

Study: Roundup Linked to Human Liver Damage

A group of people who have liver disease also had elevated urine levels of glyphosate, the main weed-killing ingredient in Roundup, researchers found.

New Gene Variations for Type 2 Diabetes Found

The genes identified in the study and the proteins they encode are potential targets for new diabetes medicines, and may help improve understanding and treatment of the disease, according to the study

Does Bipolar Disorder Raise Risk of Parkinson's?

Those with bipolar who developed Parkinson's were nine years younger -- average age 64 -- than others who also developed Parkinson's, the study found.

Half-Price Version of Humalog Insulin Available

The company's generic version of its Humalog U-100 is being sold under the chemical name insulin lispro,

That Selfie May Be Epic, But Not Worth Your Life

Many in pursuit of the "epic selfie" have died -- a recent study found there were 259 deaths and 137 injuries or accidents around the world between 2011 and 2017, from just three deaths in 2011 to 93

6 Brain Surgeries Later, This Med Student Is Excelling

Claudia Martinez was a college student chasing her dream of becoming a doctor when a neurosurgeon gave her alarming advice: Get brain surgery as soon as possible for chiari malformation.

Many 'Dehumanize' People with Obesity

"The science is actually pretty straightforward; we know that feeling stigmatized because of your weight actually leads to weight increases," said study author Inge Kersbergen.

Poor Diet Might Raise Your Cancer Risk

The researchers estimated that dietary factors may have accounted for over 80,000 of the new invasive cancer cases reported in 2015, or about 5% of that year's total among U.S. adults.

10 Questions With Caterina Scorsone

10 Questions With Caterina Scorsone

New USDA Nutrition Guidelines Will Cover Infants

When the U.S. Department of Agriculture releases new nutritional guidelines for the country in 2020, it is expected to include advice for breastfeeding and feeding children up to age 2.

Emma Thompson Reflects on Life, Loss, and Resilience

At 60, Academy Award-winning actor and screenwriter Emma Thompson wonders what's next: "How do I feel about dying? Am I ready to look at that?"

Women With Sleep Apnea May Have Higher Cancer Odds

The study found that people who have more airway closures during sleep and whose blood oxygen saturation levels fall below 90% are diagnosed with cancer more often than people without sleep apnea.

How Does Room Temperature Affect Test Scores?

The findings suggest that ordinary variations in room temperature can affect brain performance significantly and differently for men and women, the study authors said.

Opioid Users' Kids May Be At Higher Suicide Risk

The findings suggest that opioid use by a parent or parents doubles the risk for suicidal behavior by their children, study co-author Dr. David Brent says.

Study: Anti-Clotting Meds OK After Bleeding Stroke

The findings suggest that anti-clotting drugs reduce, rather than increase as feared, the chances of more bleeding in the brain, but more study is needed, researchers said.

Q Fever May Be More Human Threat Than Thought

When it's diagnosed, Q fever can be cured with antibiotics. But chronic cases can lead to serious heart and blood vessel infections and have poor outcomes,lead researcher Dr. Christine Akamine says.

COPD May Strike Women Harder Than Men

Symptoms for women with COPD may be worse than for men with the same level of disease, and periods of worse symptoms may be more frequent, lead researcher Dr. Allison Lambert says.

Milo's Parents First Impressions

Listen to Milo's parents' reactions at his drop off lesson. "He's like a different dog."

Anza & Daphne at Camp

Anza & Daphne show off their recall and walking skills in this quick video.

Multiple Dog Training Session

This is what a lot of our mornings look like at camp. It's so fun to work with dogs at every stage of the learning process and see how they react and respond to each other. We're able to work with

Teaching A Husky To Come Long Distance

Whoever said you can't get a husky off leash? See how well Milo is able to come when we call him. He runs over a football field, straight to us!

Walking Off Leash With A Husky

In this video CJ walks Milo off leash at a local park. Milo is very attentive to CJ making the off leash walk possible. Make sure your sound is on for tips and tricks.

Creating Calm By Providing Structure

Check out how quickly we were able to create calm for Bailey by giving her a job to do during her lesson. Dog training doesn't have to take forever!!

Recall Progression With Arya The Pit Mix Puppy

CJ and Natasha work Arya the pit mix puppy through increasingly more difficult recalls. She does a great job at coming straight to them and paying attention at the end of each recall. The place cot

Arya's Midterm Lesson with Andrea

CJ and Arya's mom, Andrea, meet up in the middle of her camp program to go over some basics and catch mom up to speed for an easier transition once Arya goes home. Arya has come a long way in a shor

Kennel Work With Kitty

We noticed in the first few days of training that Kitty liked to hang out fearfully in the back of her kennel. We teach her how to be confident and come to the front to make it easier on us and safe

Teach Your Dog to 'Go to Bed'

It’s often convenient to park your dog: To crate her while the delivery men bring in your new refrigerator. To  have her hold a down-stay, instead of climbing on you and licking your face, while y

Cats, Partially Explained

As longtime readers and listeners know, The Dog Trainer steps out with other species from time to time, notably that other species our dogs and us often live with. No, I don’t mean our spouses! I

Do You Need a Guard Dog?

Over the years, I’ve had occasional requests to train a pet dog as a guard dog, and I’ve always declined as soon as my prospective client explained what, exactly, he hoped his dog could be taugh

4 (Other) Best Things to Do for Your Dog

                     You already know the best things to do for your dog: Socialize your puppy. Housetrain. Teach good manners. Spay her or neuter him. Vaccinate against infectious disease

My Dog Is Totally Trained, Right?

                “Trained” is a word that should almost never be used in the past tense. Okay, I’ll give you “housetrained” if your adult dog never eliminates indoors unless he’s s

Fostering Dogs

                  No matter how comfortable and well run a shelter is, there’s no place like home – if not a permanent home, then a foster home. Someone fostering a litter of puppies can

How to Choose a Veterinarian

I’m going to take a guess that you’d rather not find yourself poking through Yelp reviews for a good vet the morning after your dog has kept you up all night having diarrhea. (Yes, my insight is

Chilly Dogs: Caring for Your Dog in Cold Weather

The northeastern United States, where I live, seems to be having an actual winter for once, and I’m given to understand the same is true of some other regions as well. Since the weather outside is

Teach Your Dog to Give or Drop an Item

It’s tempting to say that in an ideal world, our dogs would never put anything in their mouths we didn’t want them to have. In the ideal world, dogs don’t scavenge, they never pick inappropriat

Where Should Your Dog Sleep?

Some clients tell me, with pride, that they never allow their dog on the bed. Some clients tell me, with embarrassment, that their dog sleeps next to them. Some clients tell me, laughing nervously, t


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