Vegas Movie Studio Updates and Sound Design Tips

What's new in Vegas Movie Studio, advanced sound design tips and more home video hacks.

VEGAS Pro 18 Live Training: Improved Features

In this VEGAS Pro 18 live training, Gary goes over color grading, plug-in management, and other various workflow improvements. *Note, this is an edited version of a live training held on August 31st,

The Friday Roundup – Shots, Lights and Audio Tutorials

3 Cinematic Looks With Natural Light This is an excellent video showing a number of ways you can “shape” existing light in many situations to achieve a good result. Even if you are not going to b

The Friday Roundup – On Camera Tips, Action Cams and Fine Tuning the Edit

How To Get Comfortable on Camera I am not sure that there is anyone that started off in front of the camera feeling totally relaxed about the whole thing. For most people it is an excruciating proces

7 Tips to Help You Avoid Common Audio Pitfalls

There are many different ways that you can avoid the common audio pitfalls that get us all. First, make sure you are close enough to your microphone as you don’t want your microphone to not get all

Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 Review

  What is Premiere Elements 2020? Adobe Premiere Elements was first released in 2004 in response to the increasing access the average consumer had at that time to digital video. In fact, “back in

Video Editing 101: How to Edit a Video from Start to Finish

Recording the video lets you show off your creativity and no two recordings can ever be the same. Many enthusiasts forget post processing steps that are equally challenging, interesting and creativit

The 5 Essential Phases of Video Editing

Video editing may seem like a daunting task, but if you break the process down into five smaller tasks, the result can appear much more achievable. First, you should organize all your media into the

Timeline Tip: Editing the Details

Editing timelines can get complex and overwhelming. Here's a simple but important tip that editors often ignore! ----------------------------------- Click here for more free training: https://www.fil

Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 Review Part Two

  Time to review the good and the not so good! The Interface What is clear in this latest version of Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 is that Adobe have finally decided on a direction for the program ba

CyberLink PowerDirector 19 Review – Overview and What’s New

On this page you will find my CyberLink PowerDirector 19 review covering what’s new and improved in this latest release plus some general overall observations. I try to restrict these reviews to ju

Beware the Pitfalls of Video Editing with Temp Music

Even though it is only a temp track, you should still produce something that will be worthwhile. When you are given a deadline, you might be tempted to throw something together with a track that you

4 Quick Steps for Faster Editing | Audio & Video Effects

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to speed up your editing by automating repetitive tasks. Incorporating video and audio effects templates into your workflow will free up your time and energy so

Video Production Software — Unleash Your Creativity | VEGAS

VEGAS Creative Software provides state-of-the-art tools for every video production needs: PROFESSIONALS & BEGINNERS — VIDEO EDITING & POST-PRODUCTION. NEW Release! VEGAS Pro 18 & VEGAS POST Suite.

Friday Roundup - Vegas Movie Studio Updates and Sound Design

This week we have a rundown of what's new in Vegas Movie Studio 17, some advanced sound design tips and more stuck at home video hacks.

The Friday Roundup – Moon Festival , Low Light Tips and Workflows

Moon Festival Interruptions This week the Friday Roundup is going to be a little shorter than usual. Here is Taiwan we have been celebrating the annual Moon Festival so that means all businesses have

VEGAS Pro 18 Live Training: Filters and Effects

In this VEGAS Pro 18 live training, Gary goes over filters, effects, an improved motion tracking workflow, and more. **Note, this live training was originally held on 08/24/2020. This is the edited v

VEGAS Pro 18

VEGAS Pro 18 leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to bring your video production two steps ahead. It offers an extremely flexible user interface, comprehensive media management, advanced au

VEGAS POST Suite: The Smart Alternative For Video Editing & Post-Production

VEGAS POST Suite includes everything you need for video editing and post-production, all in one seamless workflow. Included is VEGAS Pro 18 and SOUND FORGE Pro, for fast and flexible video and audio

VEGAS POST Suite Live Training: An Introduction to VEGAS Effects

Here, Gary goes over the newest features included in VEGAS Effects, as well as demonstrates a basic workflow.*Note, this live training was original held on August 10th, 2020. This is the reposted, ed

Film Editing Techniques: Timing Your Cut to Enhance the Drama

To land a funny, exciting or dramatic's all about letting your edit breathe at the right time. This film editing tutorial will show you how to do exactly that.----------------------------

VEGAS Pro 18 Live Training: An Introduction

Here, Gary gives a general introduction to VEGAS Pro 18: the fastest NLE, for passionate creatives.*Please note, this is a replay of a live YouTube training held on August 3rd, 2020._________________

VEGAS Creative Software Live Event: What's to Come 2020

Gary will announce the exact day of our VEGAS Pro 18 release, chat about a few new features included, as well talk about some exciting things to come!_________________________________________________

What Drives the Cut? 5 Ways to Begin an Edit

Starting a new edit can be tricky. What should you cut first? Picture, music, sound effects, dialogue?In this video, we'll help you identify what will propel the cut forward so you can use it to guid

VEGAS Quick-Tip #23: Reestablishing Timeline Selection, VEGAS Pro & VEGAS Movie Studio

In this VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Movie Studio Quick-Tip, learn how to bring back former timeline time selections for when you inadvertently lose them with an unintended click or action. __________________

VEGAS Quick Tip #22: Quick Solo Unsolo, VEGAS Pro & VEGAS Movie Studio

VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Movie Studio enable you to solo video and audio tracks and quickly switch between the specific tracks you want soloed. Learn about this technique in this latest Quick-Tip video._

The Editor's Guide to Mono vs Stereo Audio - Premiere Pro Editing Tutorial

A lot of editors tend to get a bit careless with how they work with mono vs stereo audio and it can have a big negative impact on how your final mix ends up sounding on export. Today, we'll talk abou

VEGAS Interview: Hodges Usry

Hodges Usry is a filmmaker whose work ranges across a variety of projects and includes notable clients as Chevy, Coke China, Southern Proper, as well as music videos for Lady Antebellum, Corey Smith,

How Professional Hollywood Editors Cut a Movie Trailer - Video Editing Tutorial

This is part 1 of our "Trailer Editing Mastery" series. Get the next two free lessons here: training series will be covering topics like:- How a t

How to Transition Between Scenes with Audio Editing

In this video we'll be discussing sound bridges. You'll learn:1) What they are and why they're so important2) Examples of the three main types you'll encounter in films3) Demonstrations of how to cre

The Editor's Guide to Showreels & Finding Work

In this video we’ll be giving you our best advice on how to showcase your work, market yourself as an editor and increase your chances of landing an editing job that you love!----------------------

How to Shoot the Best Aerial Footage With Your Drone

In the past you would have needed a helicopter, expensive camera equipment and a lot of time to shoot aerial videos. Thanks to drones, today it’s easier than ever to shoot beautiful pictures from t

The ultimate guide to Chroma Key and Green Screen

Ever wondered how a news studio looks like in reality – and wanted to play around with the green screen? Try it yourself! Everyone can reproduce green screens and use chroma keying for home-made sp

Edit Tip: How to Quickly Fix Audio Pops

In this video, you're going to learn the reason WHY audio popping occurs and a quick editing fix you can do right in your NLE!-----------------------------------Click here for more free training:http

How shoot photo and video at the same time

Brave knight of multipurpose, let us embark on an epic quest! Today, you shall learn how to shoot video and photo simultaneously. Now read this biblical manifest and rise in the ranks of lenses to be

The Art of Creative Film Editing - Video Editing Tutorial

This is Part 1 of our "Film Editing Mastery" series. You can sign up to get the next 2 free lessons here: library of tutorials cover topics l

7 sins of video editing and how to avoid them

Editing your video might be the last, but not the easiest step on your way to your own home video. There are several typical mistakes you should avoid. Learn more about the seven sins of video editin

VEGAS Interview: Jamie Oxenham

Jamie Oxenham is a jack of all trades. He has over 25 years experience in the film and television industry where he creates custom props and miniature fabrications. He then turned to shooting and ed

Camera movements: I like to move it!

Camera movements are one of the most difficult techniques in video shooting. But don’t give up already – learn the basics here and together, we will master the different camera movements to creat

Unintentional bumps and how to avoid them: The “ups and downs” of Gimbal and Steadicam

From small vibrations and vertical movements to sudden shocks and concussions: There are several possibilities to smoothen your video shots. Gimbal and Steadicam – which one is the right for you? L

VEGAS Interview: Laci Kobulsky

Laci Kobulsky is an athlete with a passion to capture his experiences and the talent of others, through filmmaking and photography. For his post production needs, Kobulsky turns to VEGAS Pro for its

The perfect lighting for your video

Illumination is the cornerstone of every video production. It completely changes the looks, the moods and the overall quality of a scene. Understanding the principles behind lighting is crucial for a


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