Ways Digital Marketing Services Can Help Grow Your

Digital marketing is often referred to as ‘online marketing’, ‘internet marketing’ or ‘web marketing’. Another advantage of internet marketing is that consumers are exposed to the brand and the product that is being advertised directly. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts.

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Ways Digital Marketing Services Can Help Grow Your Business in 2017

Digital marketing is often referred to as 'online marketing', 'internet marketing' or 'web marketing'. Another advantage of internet marketing is

A Winning Formula to Survive As a Cash-Strapped Startup Using Content Marketing and SEO

With the government-run Startup India programme, the market is flooded with startups that are being launched almost every month. It seems like India has become a global hub of startups. Surviving in t

Why Brand Your Business Online

You may be thinking; “Do I really need to be branding my business online? Is it worth the time and effort? After all, my business is very small and local only.” The answer is a resounding yes! Whe

How To Measure A Digital Marketing Campaign

A Digital Marketing Campaign Is A Measurement In present times, a digital marketing campaign is one of cost-effective ways of reaching your most targeted prospects. Learn about what a digital marketi

Beginner’s Mobile SEO Guide to Make a Site Mobile Friendly

We are dependent on our cell phones. For most of the individuals nowadays, their Smartphones are the primary thing they look at when they wake up in the morning and also the last thing they look at be

Future of Data Science, Skills and Employment

As the title suggests, if I’ve to tell you about the scope of Data Science in India as well as around the globe in one sentence, I am 100% positive. But I am no Michael Burry (He is the one who pred

Remember the Simple Business Ideas?

Business Ideas Are All Around You Learning how to generate your own business ideas is a great place to start. One of the most affordable and profit making business ideas is starting up a cleaning comp

5-Step Guide to become an Inbound Marketing Consultant

Inbound marketing is considered the quickest and most powerful way to start generating more and better leads. An Inbound Marketing Consultant helps e-businesses in turning their sites into lead genera

Secrets Tips To Optimize Your Content SEO

Content SEO Is A Major Aspect Of An SEO Strategy Content SEO is one of the important factors to determine the ranking position and increase the traffic. Content SEO is akin to creating content that i

Interview with Jyoti Vaddi, Head of Marketing & Business Development, CropIn Technology

Shweta Gupta, VP – Technology at Digital Vidya: Data Science can be intimidating and complex to understand for a non-techie. But since its a hot cake right now, everyone wants to know a bit about t

Role of Digital Marketing for effective Business Growth

With the unfurling of present day Digital advancements, organizations are doing all that they can to coordinate with the pace. They are either changing their channelization into the Digital one or int

What is Data Science: Meaning and Scope

Today while I was going through some Data Science and machine blogs online, looking for user guides, case studies, and tutorials, I was amazed by some of the remarkable articles on Data Science. Writt

Interview with Akshay Sehgal, General Manager, Data Science, Reliance Industries

Shweta Gupta, VP – Technology at Digital Vidya: Only techies know the awful feeling when you can’t talk about the nuances of your work with general people. And that for me is a struggle! Being a h

Website Templates – To Improve Your Business Performance

Choosing Responsive Website Templates Is Very Important Nowadays One of the most useful elements of website templates is new resources for responsive Web design. While having responsive website templa

All you need to know about Digital Sales Exam by Google

Google has redefined the way businesses do marketing with their revolutionary products such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Remarketing, Google Display AdWords etc. With the increase in demand fo

Interview on ‘Marketing in the Financial Sector’ with Deputy Head of Marketing at Franklin Templeton Investments

Pradeep Chopra, CEO at Digital Vidya: Marketing Financial Servies was pretty much limited to direct forms of Marketing in the past. But with the revolution that technology brought in Marketing, thing

Developing A Good Reputation Is Important Online

A Good Reputation Is More Valuable Than Money The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. A good reputation is more desirable than great wealth, and favorable acc

How To Become Better With Keyword Research?

Keyword Research Is The Key To SEO Keyword research is a valuable and high return activity in the search marketing field. Keyword research is one of the highest return SEO activities that are essentia

Tactics for Increasing Your Twitter Reach

Ways to Grow Your Twitter Reach Your best bet for increasing Twitter reach is to get more of them, and the best way to do that is to post better content. Twitter reach is the magic word and shows the

Creative Tips for Clickable Video Ads

How Do You Know If The Use Of Video Ads Is A Good Fit For Your Marketing Goals? The relatively new ad format of native outstream video ads is catching on fast. The aim of Facebook video ads is to help

Key Concepts of Android App Development

Android App Development For Beginners The use of these android app development concepts is vital for developing an application quickly. Android provides a number of standard UI controls that enable a

Ways Digital Marketing Services Can Help Grow Your Business in 2017

Why Are Digital Marketing Necessary For Your Business In Murrieta? Digital marketing is often referred to as ‘online marketing’, ‘internet marketing’ or ‘web marketing’. Another advantage


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