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What Am I Using For Webcast Audio These Days?

I own more microphones, headsets, and earpieces than is healthy for any normal human being. Every so often I get a question about what I use for my webinars and webcasts. The answer is trickier than I

How to Use Webinars to Get More Students to Purchase Your Online Courses

Online courses are a great business. People sharing their knowledge with others have the potential to earn an incredible income. Online course hosts also help their students achieve their dreams.  

10 Tips to Make Online Meetings More Engaging for Your Company

Online meetings will soon become a part of everyone’s workday. Especially if you manage a dispersed team, need to communicate with many staff members or are always on the move. How can you make the

What Is A Screenless Webinar?

Joe Hyland of ON24 recently wrote an article about "The Screenless Internet." He focused on meeting marketing challenges as the public begins to untether themselves from looking at computer screens an

Webinar Glossary Close-Up: What is Affiliate Marketing

Are you interested in starting an affiliate marketing business? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll explore what affiliate marketing is and whether it’s the right busine

Webinars in Higher Education. How to Cater for Students’ Needs and Enjoy Great Benefits?

A typical university campus. Young people everywhere, staring at their smartphones. Scrolling, tapping, swiping. Are they having fun? Maybe some of them are. But a great number of them are studying.

Webinar Features - Session Recordings

I'm continuing my in-depth look at webinar features that don't get enough attention. Today we dive into the topic of session recordings. As with many of the other features I have discussed, this one s

Kudo Targets Professional Multilingual Webcasts

Earlier this month, I saw a press release announcing a new version of KUDO Multilingual Web Conferencing. Before I could even write a post about the solution, they put out another press release announ

Get More Customers With Pay Per Call & Performance Marketing Services

Frustrated with costly marketing services but need more customers & leads? Check out our pay per call & performance SEO marketing services #inboundzDigital

$500 Landing Page Handbook Is Now Free!

Nearly twelve years ago I wrote an effusive post urging my readers to immediately go out and spend $500 to order the Landing Page Handbook from MarketingSherpa. For a long time afterwards, I reference

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Video/Audio Conferencing

This is a very broad category of online tools, incorporating a range of options from free one-to-one audio conferencing all the way to more sophisticated and expensive tools such as Polycom which allo

Webinars in The Insurance Industry – What Benefits Can They Bring?

Insurance is a unique business. You help people protect their property, health and lives. And you need to constantly look for effective ways to perfect your message. Your competition is right behind

Webinar Glossary Close-up: Lead Generation vs Lead Nurturing

In digital business, lead generation and lead nurturing are two of the main keys to success. After all, if you can’t generate leads and nurture them effectively, you won’t have anyone to sell you

Introducing Automated Webinars – Your New Time-Saver

If you imagined running a digital business as in a novel or a movie, time would be one of your main villains. Unbeatable, ruthless, and cold. When your goals and needs are piling up, and one project

Skill And Effort Is Seldom Recognized

I was leafing through a car enthusiast magazine yesterday. On the final page, the creative director wrote an article about how tough it had been to create that month's cover art. I hadn't really paid

Webinar with an Influencer – Chances and Threats

Influencer marketing strategy and webinars? It’s a combination with huge potential. However, it doesn’t mean it’s flawless and easy to implement. What steps do you need to take to team up with

Webinar Features - Breakout Rooms

I'm continuing a look at less common web conferencing functionality. Today we examine the concept of breakout rooms or breakout sessions. You might not be familiar with the terminology as applied to w

I Don't Care If Nobody Shows Up To My Webinar

Sigh. This attitude still exists. I suppose it shouldn't surprise or depress me, but it still does. Mark Choudhari posted a nice little tip on a LinkedIn group pointing out the type of phrase that giv

New Webinar Room Exposed: Your Powerful Technology to Share Knowledge

Why getting a video conferencing room onboard is a milestone for your content marketing strategy? Because your digital business, your product or service, has a good story to tell, and valuable knowle

Webinar Features - White Board

Continuing my series on less talked-about web conferencing features, we take a look at white board functionality. As is common in this business, terminology is inexact and people use the same words to

Webex Meetings - Inexcusable Video Behavior

Meeting hosts cannot turn off a participant’s video stream in Webex Meetings. To use the street abbreviation vernacular, OMG WTF??!?!? There I was, acting as technical host and moderator on a client

[Guest Post] Smart Marketing: Engaging Customers in Your Webinar Strategies

The 21st century shows a fast and quick engagement of people in various tasks. Gone are the days when people had to find time to meet other folks or take part in conferences for hours. In such a sce

Pay For Performance Marketing & Advertising

  According to Wikipedia, performance advertising - also referred to as pay for performance advertising and marketing - is: "a pricing model whereby a marketing agency will receive a bounty [financ

March 2017 New Features

Our product and engineering teams have been hard at work in March and we’re rolling some exciting new features for our Webinar 4.0 customers.  Enjoy! Private Presenter Chat – Presenters can now h

New Feature: Webinar Performance Report

We’re very excited to announce the Webinar Performance Report, which gives you a complete picture of how well your webinar went – from Invitation to Recording. The Webinar Performance Report is r


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