Nothing In Nature Occurs In Isolation Guide

Nothing in nature occurs in isolation as nature is a synergistic happening all the time, all around us.

Nothing In Nature Exists In Isolation | Nature's Web Of Life

Nothing exists solely on its own. From the most minuscule atomic particle to the grandest galaxies, the past, the present, and the future of every animate and inanimate being in our universe…

Aristotle's Natural Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Aristotle had a lifelong interest in the study of nature. He investigated a variety of different topics, ranging from general issues like motion, causation, place and time, to systematic exploration

Nothing In Nature Occurs In Isolation - YouTube

Nothing In Nature Occurs In Isolation Nothing in nature occurs in isolation as nature is a synergistic happening all the time, al...

Curlews for Conservation: Tracking a Migratory Grassland Bird

Long-billed curlews are kings of camouflage, but tracking them reveals their nesting and migratory habits.

Giving Back to the Ocean: Citizen Science for Clean Water

Poor water quality in Hawaii's oceans degrades corals, threatening the fish and other creatures (including people) that rely on them. A dedicated group of citizen scientists gather water samples from

Poachers Are Killing Asian Elephants for Their Skin

Already besieged by habitat loss, Myanmar’s wild elephants face a new threat — poachers who hunt them for their skin.

Aquanauts Join Forces with The Nature Conservancy to Monitor River Restoration!

In preparation for the removal of the Columbia Lake Dam and restoration of the river, the Aquanauts and The Nature Conservancy team up for a citizen science monitoring project.

Can White Canvas Bags Reduce Deer-Vehicle Collisions?

Researchers testing the effectiveness of wildlife reflectors find a surprising new tool in reducing deer-vehicle collisions.

Spirulina And Chlorella Health Benefits

Spirulina And Chlorella Health Benefits and Chlorella health benefits are many and that’s the reason it’s part of the detoxi

Bird Advisor: One Intrepid Birder Reviews Historic Sites

Hugh Possingham is bird obsessed, while his wife Karen loves world history. Read on for their reviews of seven world heritage sites... which may or may not be good for birds.

Watercolor Tricks

Have you mastered flat and graded washes and are looking for techniques to broaden your watercolor game? In this workshop we explore techniques to extend the possibilities of watercolor. Before you w

A Bird Blitz for Nature Conservancy Lands and Waters

The second Conservancy-wide Bird Blitz launches, counting birds on Conservancy-protected lands and waters.

Review: Fishing and Conservation

Three great new reads and references for angler-conservationists.

Coffee Enemas For Cancer

Coffee Enemas For Cancer enemas for cancer is a wonderful way to eliminate toxins from your system and help heal from cancer. A study conduct

Recovery: Transition of the Zoo from Jail to Ark

Some still deride zoos as “prisons” – but in reality they have become an important force for conservation.

What is Permafrost?

With global climate change, the northern latitudes are warming on a large scale, and permafrost soils have begun to thaw at an unprecedented rate.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Arizona Featuring Dr Mel Schottenstein

Alternative Cancer Treatment Arizona Featuring Dr. Mel Schottenstein is a new addition to the An Oasis of Healing care

Is Cancer A Death Sentence?

Is Cancer A Death Sentence cancer is a death sentence, absolutely not, it’s quite the opposite actually. It’s more of a tap on the shoulder or wake up call. It

Pineal Gland Function Needs Melatonin

Pineal Gland Function Needs Melatonin pineal gland has a key role to play in many important functions in the body. The pineal gland supports

What Is The Cause Of Cancer

What Is The Cause Of Cancer? is the cause of cancer, is it our epigenetics?The PH on the outside of our cells is influenced by m

Current Life Expectancy

Current Life Expectancy is the current life expectancy far less than the original lifespan of humans? Most people think that the h

Reflections and other tricky things about water

Why is water so hard to paint? How do you sketch something that’s always moving? Why can you see the bottom of the lake in one spot, but the reflected sky right next to it? We’ll talk a little ab

Full Body Cleanse Through Detoxification

Full Body Cleanse Through Detoxification full body cleanse for detoxification is critical for attaining and maintaining one’s health.The reason a fu

How To Do Fasting

How To Do Fasting how to do fasting properly by experienced professionals and restore your health.When someone has been labeled with a diseas

Why Is Visceral Fat So Dangerous

Why Is Visceral Fat So Dangerous is visceral fat so dangerous and how do we either prevent or eliminate it?Central adiposi

Gesture Sketching

What are the most important skills for getting an image on the paper? Using gesture sketching and negative shapes together allows you to block in basic shapes and see fundamental masses. Once you hav

Color and Value

Color Gets All the Credit, Value Does All the WorkWant to get more of a pop from your watercolors? Wish they were easier to use? Would you like an adaptable system to help you get your paint down on


Discovered this when a teacher spilled his water on my whiteboard.

Waves & Whales

Whether you draw from shore or head out whale watching, this class will help you capture the moments on paper.• Learn relevant anatomy for artists and field sketchers to help you draw whales, seals

Drawing Brids: Heads, Wings & Feet

When the bird lands in front of you, you must be ready to get the basic form on paper with a few lines. But what do you do then? Once you have this basic shape you are ready to fill in the details bu

How to draw birds: side, front, back, and 3/4 views

Would you like to sketch the birds at your feeder and garden? Learn basic techniques to get the bird on paper while it is still in front of you and how to fill out the drawing from memory and referen

Asking Questions

Curiosity is not a trait you are born with. It is a skill that you can develop and refine with practice.It is more essential than any drawing trick or tool and  can make a nature journal burst to li

Drawing Mammals: 3/4 view, fur texture, and gaits

Round out your exploration of mammal anatomy, structure, and drawing techniques. Explore ways of rotating a simple mammal model in your head so that you can draw the foreshortened form from any

How to Draw Mammal Heads and Faces

[H}ave you ever drawn a dog that looked like a cow? Even if body proportions, patterns, and fur detailing look right, there can be something about the face that is just "off". Subtle probl

I See CO2

Song written by Herman JollyVocals: Herman Jolly and Megan PickerelProgramming, Synths, Production and Mixing by Tony LashKids: Ruby, Emmet, Lucas, and MayfieldDownload the song on iTunes: https://it

The Urinary System

In this video Paul Andersen gives an overview of the human urinary system. The system consist of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. The kidneys excrete waste from the blood in urine. He e

The Synapse

In this video Paul Andersen explains how the synapse allows information to travel from one axon to the next. He starts by differentiating between electrical and chemical synapses. He then details t

The Neuron

In this video Paul Andersen explains the basic anatomy of a neuron; including the dendrites, cell body, axon hillock, axon, and axon terminal. He also describes how neurons are classified both struc

The Action Potential

In this video Paul Andersen details the action potential in neurons. The resting potential of a neuron (-70mV) is maintained through differences in concentration and permeability of Na, K, and Cl io

Electrochemical Gradient

In this video Paul Andersen explains how the electrochemical gradient is a combination of the chemical and electrical gradient of ions. As ions move across a membrane the potential change creates a

CER - Claim Evidence Reasoning

In this video Paul Andersen explains how the CER framework can be used to give explanations in a science classroom. In order to make a complete explanation a Claim must be supported by Evidence and

What is Modeling Instruction?

In this video Paul Andersen explains how modeling instruction can be used in the science classroom. Instead of presenting a model for the students the teacher presents and experience or experiment a

Coral Bleaching

In this video Paul Andersen shows how increasing ocean temperatures causes coral polyps to release their symbiotic algae. This process of coral bleaching decreases the availability of energy for the


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