Nothing In Nature Occurs In Isolation Guide

Nothing in nature occurs in isolation as nature is a synergistic happening all the time, all around us.

Nothing In Nature Exists In Isolation | Nature's Web Of Life

Nothing exists solely on its own. From the most minuscule atomic particle to the grandest galaxies, the past, the present, and the future of every animate and inanimate being in our universe…

Aristotle's Natural Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Aristotle had a lifelong interest in the study of nature. He investigated a variety of different topics, ranging from general issues like motion, causation, place and time, to systematic exploration

Understanding the Nomadic Habits of Snowy Owls

New research helps you understand why a snowy owl is in your local field this winter.

Why Does Cancer Form

Why Does Cancer Form does cancer form, we will explain the reasons here. Cancer cells will form when cells lose their ability to bur

Global Change and Urban/Agriculture Competition for Water

More than 1 in 4 cities could have water shortages by 2050 even if they had first priority for water. How can cities meet growing demand in a changing climate?

Australian “Firehawk” Raptors Intentionally Spread Wildfires

At least three Australian raptor species intentionally spread wildfires by carrying smoldering branches to unburnt areas, according to a new paper that confirms long-held traditional Aboriginal knowle

I Think I’m Going to Kathmandu: Citizen Science for Freshwater in Nepal

Citizen science tackles groundwater challenges head-on in the Kathmandu Valley. The project provides a foundation for climate resilient and sustainable growth across Nepal though smart groundwater use

What If All Maps Were Secret?

Conservationists, governments, and everyday people depend upon maps every day. But we always assume that these maps will be available. In Indonesia, that hasn’t always been true.

Organic Food Is Expensive Is An Excuse

Organic Food Is Expensive Is An Excuse food is expensive is just an excuse people use not to go this route.The same people who make this excuse have th

The Ultimate Winter Wildlife Guide: Enjoy and Understand Creatures in the Cold

A complete resource covering winter bird feeding, winter adventures and the science of winter wildlife.

How Does Extreme Winter Weather Affect Wildlife?

With the recent blizzards, have you wondered how wildlife fares in nasty weather? Matthew L. Miller offers a look at how creatures from Virginia opossums to non-native reptiles are affected.

The Race North

How will plants respond to the ongoing warming of our planet?

What Is Glucose And Why Is It Important

What Is Glucose And Why Is It Importanthttps://anoasisofhealing.comWhat is glucose and why is it important to pay attention to? What is its role in the human body?The process of photosynthesis produc

Color and Value

Color Gets All the Credit, Value Does All the WorkWant to get more of a pop from your watercolors? Wish they were easier to use? Would you like an adaptable system to help you get your paint down on

Fantastic Fecal Phenomena of the Animal World

Where there is life, there is also poop. And that’s where things get interesting. Read on for seven incredible tales of excrement from the natural world.

Cool Green Science: Best of the Blog 2017

For five years, Cool Green Science has been connecting you to nature, whether it’s helping you understand the birds in your backyard or reporting on the biggest conservation science challenges aroun

How Does Cancer Develop

How Does Cancer Develophttp://anoasisofhealing.comHow does cancer develop? Let’s take a look and review this subject on how cancer forms. Cancer develops when a cell no longer has the ability to bu

Benefits Of Vitamin C

Benefits Of Vitamin C benefits of Vitamin C for health are numerous. We, as humans, do not make our own vitamin c and therefore rely on supple

How To Achieve Full Potential And Inspire Others

How To Achieve Full Potential And Inspire Othershttp://anoasisofhealing.comHow to achieve full potential and inspire others boils down to basic principles of health. When you exercise regularly, get

Hydro Colon Cleanse

Hydro Colon Cleansehttp://anoasisofhealing.comHow Is a Hydro Colon Cleanse a benefit to your health?Eating a clean diet, regular exercise and consistent daily healthy habits are so important as it re

Eating The Right Food Is Important

Eating The Right Food Is Importanthttp://anoasisofhealing.comEating the right food is important but it is not enough to maintain health. Let’s say you are a complete raw vegan eating really healthy

Is Soy Safe To Eat

Is Soy Safe To Eathttp://anoasisofhealing.comThe question of is soy safe to eat has become a hot topic over the last few years. The answer to that question is, yes, soy is safe to eat. To put things

Vegan Ketogenic Diet For Cancer

Vegan Ketogenic Diet for Cancerhttp://anoasisofhealing.comWhat is a vegan ketogenic diet for cancer and why is it important for our health? Also, is a ketogenic vegan diet proven scientifically? Peop


Discovered this when a teacher spilled his water on my whiteboard.

Waves & Whales

Whether you draw from shore or head out whale watching, this class will help you capture the moments on paper.• Learn relevant anatomy for artists and field sketchers to help you draw whales, seals

Drawing Brids: Heads, Wings & Feet

When the bird lands in front of you, you must be ready to get the basic form on paper with a few lines. But what do you do then? Once you have this basic shape you are ready to fill in the details bu

How to draw birds: side, front, back, and 3/4 views

Would you like to sketch the birds at your feeder and garden? Learn basic techniques to get the bird on paper while it is still in front of you and how to fill out the drawing from memory and referen

Asking Questions

Curiosity is not a trait you are born with. It is a skill that you can develop and refine with practice.It is more essential than any drawing trick or tool and  can make a nature journal burst to li

Drawing Mammals: 3/4 view, fur texture, and gaits

Round out your exploration of mammal anatomy, structure, and drawing techniques. Explore ways of rotating a simple mammal model in your head so that you can draw the foreshortened form from any

How to Draw Mammal Heads and Faces

[H}ave you ever drawn a dog that looked like a cow? Even if body proportions, patterns, and fur detailing look right, there can be something about the face that is just "off". Subtle probl

Speed Drawing Mammals

Learn techniques to quickly and accurately draw mammals in the field. This workshop will focus on understanding key points of mammal anatomy that help you pose and draw mammals from any angle. Learn

I See CO2

Song written by Herman JollyVocals: Herman Jolly and Megan PickerelProgramming, Synths, Production and Mixing by Tony LashKids: Ruby, Emmet, Lucas, and MayfieldDownload the song on iTunes: https://it

How to Teach Nature Journaling

Are you a school teacher who would like to lead nature journal activities in your classroom? Perhaps you are a home school parent who would like to extend and enrich your current journaling activitie

The Urinary System

In this video Paul Andersen gives an overview of the human urinary system. The system consist of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. The kidneys excrete waste from the blood in urine. He e

The Synapse

In this video Paul Andersen explains how the synapse allows information to travel from one axon to the next. He starts by differentiating between electrical and chemical synapses. He then details t

The Neuron

In this video Paul Andersen explains the basic anatomy of a neuron; including the dendrites, cell body, axon hillock, axon, and axon terminal. He also describes how neurons are classified both struc

The Action Potential

In this video Paul Andersen details the action potential in neurons. The resting potential of a neuron (-70mV) is maintained through differences in concentration and permeability of Na, K, and Cl io

Electrochemical Gradient

In this video Paul Andersen explains how the electrochemical gradient is a combination of the chemical and electrical gradient of ions. As ions move across a membrane the potential change creates a

5 Minute Landscape

In this workshop we explore landscape drawing on the run- how to draw and paint a landscape in five minutes or less, while standing up, in wet weather. Learn how to see basic shapes, simplify values

CER - Claim Evidence Reasoning

In this video Paul Andersen explains how the CER framework can be used to give explanations in a science classroom. In order to make a complete explanation a Claim must be supported by Evidence and

What is Modeling Instruction?

In this video Paul Andersen explains how modeling instruction can be used in the science classroom. Instead of presenting a model for the students the teacher presents and experience or experiment a

Coral Bleaching

In this video Paul Andersen shows how increasing ocean temperatures causes coral polyps to release their symbiotic algae. This process of coral bleaching decreases the availability of energy for the


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