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Leckere Cupcake Rezepte und Zubehr findet ihr auf http://cupcakes.lellas.com Wir zeigen euch z.B. wie man Schoko oder Heidelbeer Cupcakes selber backen knnt.

Lellas Cupcakes St.Gallen

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Friday Things

1. This sweet boy turns THREE today!! I seriously cannot believe how quickly the last three years have gone, and how much of a little boy Joseph has become over the last six months or so. It’s been

Crispy Baked Chicken Wings

You'll never believe these chicken wings were baked in the oven! Super easy, crispy skin, and meat that falls off the bone.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting

The best (and super easy!) chocolate cupcakes made from scratch topped with my favorite vanilla buttercream frosting recipe. A perfect combination!

The Weekend Dish: 1/13/2018

Happy snowy Saturday to you! Are you in the path of this latest snowstorm? We started to get sleet and ice last night and the snow is supposed to go through late morning today. We’re planning to hib

Friday Things

1. Dominic had his 15-month checkup and although he was a stage five clinger with me the entire time, he had a perfect checkup! Our string bean is 31.25 inches long (50th percentile) and 22 pounds (37

Chili Con Carne

This version of chili con carne is made with chunks of beef and a homemade chili paste. A great change of pace from chili made with ground beef!

Spinach Artichoke Dip

This spinach artichoke dip is easy, super cheesy, and perfect for your next party. Serve it in a bread bowl or with your favorite chips or crackers.

The Weekend Dish: 1/6/2018

Happy first Saturday of the new year! I hope you had a super fabulous holiday season; I’ve been slowly getting back into a routine this week, but it’s always so, so hard after holidays or a vacati

Friday Things

1. We had a great holiday season with the boys; lots of time with family and playing with new toys (and Dominic has totally mastered holiday-ing, HA). We also discovered a work around to their usual e

2018: My Resolutions

2018 Resolutions! Short and sweet this year :)

Kwanzaa Cake Remixed

A few years ago, Sandra Lee caused a stir in the food world with her Kwanzaa Cake.The cake was store-bought with no consideration for cutlural traditions. Now comedic rapper and DJ Don Will has crea

The EASIEST Gingerbread Houses to DIY with the Kids this Christmas!

The Cutest and Easiest No Bake "Gingerbread" houses EVER, turned into a DIY holiday craft party for the kids! Click here -- http://bit.ly/CareEnoughWithElise -- to see the “Merriest House

PERFECT Candy Bacon, EVERY TIME! Maple glazed Oscar Mayer Bacon Cupcakes Recipe

All my tips and tricks for each stage of making candied bacon AND I show you some super cute Maple Bacon breakfast cupcakes. Sponsored by Oscar Mayer --See More -- https://goo.gl/ZUXRWJ 'tis the seas

Yowie Surprise Inside Desserts - RESCUE SERIES + free cookbook giveaway

If you've never seen a YOWIE, this is all the education you'll need! Yowie Surprise Inside Dessert Cups with Cupcakes, Jello and Chocolate Tree Decorations...PLUS I''m giving away A FREE Sweet Celebr

TESTING WEIRD KITCHEN SLICERS - Watermelon, Pineapple.. Hot Dog?

v v v v v v LINKS TO ALL SLICERS BELOW v v v v v vI decided to challenge some of the weirdest kitchen slicers I could find - Whats the weirdest kitchen accessory you've ever seen?Here's the links to

GIANT Hostess Cupcake Recipe (with SQUISH) How to make Hostess Cupcakes at Home - YouTube

This GIANT HOSTESS CUPCAKE Recipe is SO EASY TO MAKE!!OLLIE was my assistant making Jacobs Birthday Cake and HE decided Jake would love a Giant Hostess Cupcake! If you love Cooking with Squish - you'

RUSSIAN PIPING TIPS - (THE POINTY ONES) - What are they & What do they do? - YouTube

Are these The BEST PARTS of MCA? http://bit.ly/BestPartsMCAI had NO IDEA what to do with these pointy ruffle Russian Piping Tips OR the correct way to use them... Just wait till you see how simple t

GOOD DINOSAUR CAKE - How to Make an ARLO Dinosaur Cake - YouTube

My Family Vlog Channel: http://bit.ly/FANSubI made a super cute GOOD DINOSAUR Cake for Jake's Birthday - Possibly the EASIEST good dino birthday cake you'll make!Get the recipe: Get my COOK BOOK: htt

PURE WHITE FROSTING RECIPE How to make 7 Minute Marshmallow Icing - YouTube

Get my NEW BOOK: http://bit.ly/SweetCelebrationsThis diy marshmallow-fluff style pure white frosting recipe is AMAZING when you want a soft, fluffy, super smooth result. SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://bit.ly

RUSSIAN PIPING TIPS - What are RUSSIAN BALL TIPS & What do they do? - YouTube

See the 1st Russian Piping Tips Video: http://bit.ly/2q1FCAnRUSSIAN BALL PIPING TIPS are weird... so are their designs. I'm not sure I love them but i made some pretty cool designs for a first timer.

Easy Mermaid Cake - How to Make a Little Mermaid Tail Cake - YouTube

Subscribe to my nieces here: http://bit.ly/2prcZvw I made a super simple Mermaid Tail cake because Ariel is my favourite Disney princess and The Little Mermaid is my everything… My nieces Charli &a

Schokoladenkuchen und 10 Cupcake Rezepte

Neues aus der Welt der Cupcakes und Rezepte. Wir haben das Internet wieder nach interessanten Artikeln und Rezepten durchsucht und sind fündig geworden. Unser erster Beitrag heute ist kein Rezept, ab

Apfel, Kürbisse und Elvis

Wir haben wieder ein paar tolle Cupcake Rezepte gefunden, die wir euch nicht vorenthalten wollen. Diese Sorten und Kreationen passen perfekt zum Herbst und der nun bald anbrechenden Halloween Zeit. De

Chocolate Dream Schoko Cupcake

Für die super schokoladigen Schoko Cupcakes braucht Ihr: 100 Gramm Butter 100 Gramm Frischkäse 100 Gramm Puderzucker und natürlich 100 Gramm Schokolade, am besten mit 70 Prozent Kakao Ausserdem so

Vanille Kuchen

Für die Vanille Kuchen benötigst du: – 120 Gramm Butter – 200 Gramm Zucker – 200 Gramm Mehl – 30 Gramm Stärke (Mais- oder Kartoffelstärke) – 120 ml Milch – 2 Eier – 1 Teelöffel Apf

Unser Rezept für Vanille Cupcakes

An Zutaten für unsere Vanille Cupcakes benötigen wir: 100 g Butter 100 g Frischkäse 100 g Puderzucker ½ Vanilleschote (alternativ dazu könnt ihr 1 TL Vanilleessenz oder 1-2 Tropfen Vanille-Aroma

Cupcake Rezept mit Heidelbeeren

Für dieses fruchtige Cupcake Topping brauchst du diese Zutaten: 100 g Butter 100 g Frischkäse 100 g Puderzucker 80 g frische oder gefrorene Heidelbeeren, ersatzweise auch möglich: 2 EL Heidelbeerma

Schoko Brownies

Für unser Brownies Rezept brauchen wir folgende Zutaten 330 g weisser Zucker 50 g brauner Zucker 250 g Butter 2 TL Getreidekaffee 5 Eier 300 g Schokolade 180 g Mehl 1/2 TL Salz 1 gestrichener TL Back

Amazing Candy Cakes & Chocolate Bar Cakes. Satisfying Cake Decorating Compilation Videos

If you're new to my channel, here's something important to know- we do a lot of candy and chocolate bar videos- here are the most satisfying and amazing of them all to watch in compilation form! Link

How to Make a 3D Frog Cake from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio

Today I’m showing you how to make a 3D Frog Cake, modeled after the character Newt from Best Fiends. Click here to download Best Fiends for FREE: http://download.BestFiends.com/AprilPromoThis video

Nerdy Video Game Cakes! Amazing Cake Decorating Compilation Tutorials.

Links to the full cake recipe tutorial for each cake in this video are below.More Satisfying Cake Decorating Videos & Dessert Recipes: https://goo.gl/XJ5B1jLearn how to decorate cakes with this a

How to Make a Giraffe Cake (April the Giraffe Cake from Animal Adventure Park)

MORE ANIMAL PRINT Cakes: https://goo.gl/rl075VIn this cake decorating tutorial video, Jenn Johns shows you how to make an April the Giraffe Cake! If you haven't heard, April is a pregnant giraffe who

Most Amazing ICE CREAM CAKES & Dessert Recipes Compilation

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How to Make a Sephora Makeup Cake Tutorial

In this cake decorating tutorial video, Jenn Johns shows you how to make a Sephora Makeup Cake, complete with edible eyeshadows, edible lipsticks, edible nail polish, and edible brushes- all your fav

Amazing Kids Cakes: Paw Patrol, Shopkins, Hatchimals, Inside Out, Ninja Turtles, Kermit Compilation

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How to Make an Easter Egg Cake (Panoramic Sugar Egg Recipe)

Easter Cake Playlist: https://youtu.be/FW9ZdcZ6HiI?list=PL7F9HNhSDxR3XhMEt0tbfWlL8GaGu_0sFIn this cake decorating tutorial video, Jenn Johns show you how to panoramic sugar egg Easter cake.Blog post

Amazing Easter Cakes / Most Satisfying Cake Decorating Compilation

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How to Make a Rainbow Unicorn Cake w/ Isomalt Wings Recipe

My other unicorn cake: https://youtu.be/umZ4hF1E0hcYet another cake trend has taken over the internet. This time, it's the UNICORN (with no noses) cake trend! I don't understand the lack of facial fe


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