Inez Bracy - Be Willing To See Your Truth Purposeful Living What is true for you? Know who you are, know you're living your purpose and set boundaries. Seeing and being your truth supports you in living authentically and purposefully. Come on over to and grab your Self-Talk MP3. Follow me on Facebook,

Inez Bracy - Be Willing To See Your Truth - YouTube

What is true for you? Know who you are, know you're living your purpose and set boundaries. Seeing and being your truth supports you in living authenticall...

Study aims to help older Americans lead more purposeful lives | Stanford Graduate School of Education

What inspires certain people to be community-minded later in life? Psychologists Anne Colby and William Damon are looking for answers.

25 Active, Compassionate Example Boundaries (+ A Formula for Creating Your Own)

Boundaries help us live cleanly. They’re a check for us—to ensure that our actions are aligned with our values. They also help us stay out of resentment, protecting us from offering more of ourse

30 Household Items You Could Live Without

What could you live without? If you had no idea that apples could be cut with a special kitchen gadget, would you ever miss it? Have you ever lived with less than you currently have? If you’re hone

Why Minimalism Is Especially Good for Introverts

I discovered minimalism when my kids were young and my house was full of hand-me-downs I didn’t like and baby gear we didn’t need.  In just a few years, I had gone from the wide open blocks of t

7 Days to Blissful Living 6

Take control of your thoughts and live the blissful life you desire and deserve.

7 Days To Blissful Living 5

Waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and not really knowing why? Perhaps it is because you've allowed your bliss to disappear. When was the last time you felt really blissful?

7 Days To Blissful Living 3

You live every day; you only die once! Live each moment in bliss because you choose it.

7 Days to Blissful Living2

Recapture the bliss of your youth! Now is the time to remember the joy you felt the first time you rode your bike, climbed a tree, learned a dance, sang a song, and everyone clapped. You were so exci

7 Days To Blissful Living

Have you ever noticed how blissful babies are? They are born blissful and use their time smiling, gurgling and laughing. Isn't it time you reclaim your birthright? Join the 7 Days To Blissful Livin

follow your own path

It doesn't matter your age or what you've done previously. Now is the time to release the path that does not support you. Today is the time to follow your own path. In this article, I talk about li

Inez Bracy Concentrate On Those Things You Enjoy

Increase your success rate by concentrating on the things you enjoy. You will notice that you get more completed. As you increase your success you will learn to delegate the things you don't enjoy.

Inez Bracy - Be Willing To See Your Truth

What is true for you? Know who you are, know you're living your purpose and set boundaries. Seeing and being your truth supports you in living authentically and purposefully. Come on over to http:

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Ellie Gompert Burke is the co-founder of…Stretch Your Limits, a nonprofit that helps children from all socioeconomic backgrounds foster self-awareness through low- and no-cost instructi

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Maimah Karmo is a remarkable woman. Eight years ago, her life was torn apart by a diagnosis of aggressive breast cancer. She had a beautiful three-year old daughter and her entire life in front of

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Misti Burmeister is a force of nature, single-handedly shaking the noise out of leadership development and making it authentic and more valuable. A serial innovator, she was an early subject matter

Heather Stuckey

Dr. Heather Stuckey is a qualitative research who focuses on improving the education, self-management support and psychological distress of people with diabetes and other chronic diseases. Using me


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