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Fairfax Auto Repair Newsletter March 2019

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Why Did My Alternator Fail?

There are a number of reasons why your vehicle’s alternator will fail and one of them is age. As with any machine part, the alternator wears down over time and must be replaced. There’s no way ar

How Often Do I Check My Antifreeze? Does It Need To Be Changed?

Your vehicle’s antifreeze plays a crucial role in your engine’s performance. The antifreeze prevents the vehicle from overheating in the summer and helps the engine turn over and run in the winte

If I Have Lifetime Transmission Fluid, Should I Still Get My Transmission Serviced?

Don’t believe the hype! No fluid in your vehicle’s engine lasts a lifetime. Yes, modern automobile manufacturing technology has made it easier for fluids to last longer than they used to. For exa

What Should the Pressure of My Tires Be?

Good question! Luckily Fairfax Auto Repair has the answer. The inside of your vehicle’s driver door or the owner’s manual will give the correct pressure of the standard tires on your car, crossov

When to Replace Your Car’s Fuel Filter

Though not a high-profile component, the fuel filter plays a crucial role in keeping your car healthy. It not only protects the oil from becoming crudded with debris, but it defends the fuel injector

How To Make Sure Your Car Battery Has A Good Electrical Connection

Most drivers have dealt with the inconvenience of a dead battery; it’s almost a right of passage. And even for a car in otherwise perfect condition, it won’t move forward without battery power. Y

What To Do If Your Car Overheats

Thanks to more advanced technology, today’s cars contain high-level systems with various sensors that keep engines cool and running efficiently in any season. However, despite such modern sophistic

How To Prevent Excessive Wear To Brake Pads

As one of the most important safety features on a vehicle, brake pads create the friction and force adequate to stop a car. Although they wear with time and use, you can make them last longer by foll

How To Keep Safety Sensors Clean In The Winter

Modern cars use a variety of advanced safety systems whose sensors can get dirty and clogged during frigid winter weather. For example, life-saving features like automatic emergency braking (AEB) and


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