LUTs, Diffusers, Reflectors and Audio

Home made diffusers and reflectors, tips for shooting around the house and tutorials for fixing your voiceovers in Audacity.

The Friday Roundup - LUTs, Diffusers, Reflectors and Audio

This week some ideas for home made diffusers and reflectors, tips for shooting around the house and a tutorial for fixing your voiceovers in Audacity.

5 Screenwriting Tips You Can Learn From 'Mindhunter'

Mindhunter brought serial killers into our homes. Joe Penhall and David Fincher scared the pants off us in Season One. How? Serial killers seem to be all the rage on podcasts, in movies, tv, and

Is Your Faster Lens Really Worth Paying Lots of Money For?

Wider apertures aren't really the selling point of a more expensive lens, but we know what is. All too often, our Gear Acquisition Syndrome is fueled by specs we read online. Take faster lenses f

Here's What Canon's DualPixel AF Can Do For You

Not only can dividing pixel boost autofocus sensitivity, but also dynamic range. When it comes to technology development, I love happy accidents. The features that appear, not because they were d

The Best Filmmaking Deals of the Week (8.16.19)

Highlighting our Deals of the Week, save hundreds on a 15" Dell XPS laptop that will serve all of your mobile editing needs. This week in filmmaking deals: Dell offers its 15" XPS 9570 laptop for

How 'Easy Rider' Changed Everything About Indie Film

The 1969 counterculture film "Easy Rider" shook the studio system to its core and helped usher in one of Hollywood's most creative eras. The film is a revolutionary road movie, starring Peter Fon

4 Changes to Michael Scott That Saved 'The Office' and Made it a Hit

The Office was almost canceled after the first season. They turned things around with one character. During the first season of The Office, the show relied on the character tenets of the British

Soderbergh Tests the RED Komodo Dragon on his New Film

Steven Soderbergh is taking the RED Komodo Dragon for a spin. For a guy who once said he was retiring, Steven Soderbergh sure has no idea how to relax. Soderbergh is working on a secret pro

The Pros and Cons of the BMPCC 6K

Hey, a new camera came out. We should talk about that! Plus a look back at Michael Mann's Collateral, why Olivia Wilde's deal is as exciting as it is important, and some more tech news. Edito

LucAdapters Launch Full-Frame Solution for Your Blackmagic Camera

This allows people to use full-frame EF mount lenses for full field of view. In another article about Blackmagic releasing test footage for the surprising Super 35mm Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, we s

Nikon and Canon Take Top Honors at EISA Awards

Canon scored multiple accolades for Lenses and Best Full Frame Camera. There are times at the Academy Awards, where a filmmaker's film that wins Best Picture doesn't win Best Director. And while

The Friday Roundup – Pinnacle Studio Updates, NASA and Blend Modes

Pinnacle Studio 23 Update The first signs of us moving into the “silly season” have pretty much arrived. Last week Vegas Pro updated and this week the big news is the release of Pinnacle Studio 2

How Often You Should Upload, From A YouTube Employee

You've probably heard that you should be uploading daily in order to grow your channel and get more views. But how true is that? Is there a "sweet spot"? Today, I'm talking with YouTube emp

The Friday Roundup – Framing, Establishment Shots and Zoom Transitions

Establishing Shots — Setting a scene like Kubrick, Wes Anderson, and Michael Bay OK so let’s get real here! None of us (or at least very few!) will be seeking to create movie masterpieces of the

7 Things Top YouTubers Have In Common (& How To Replicate Them)

Patrick Hanlon, author of Primal Branding, researched the top companies to see what made them stand out from the crowd. Time and time again the same 7 traits appeared. The good news for us video crea

The Friday Roundup – Map Animations, Editing to Music and B-roll

Filmora FAQ’s Video This is the first FAQ video the guys from Filmora have done for a while so if you use Filmora these ones are always good to catch up on. In fact even if you don’t use Filmora

How To Sell Something Your Audience Wants To Buy [feat. Mike Stelzner, Social Media Examiner]

To make your channel sustainable, you need to make money online. Mike Stelzner from Social Media Examiner figured out exactly how to create something his audience were eager to buy. His step-by-step

The Friday Roundup – Whip Pans, Travel Videos and Motion Tracking

Whip Pan Seamlessly Between Shots – FilmoraPro OK it has probably been a few weeks at least since I posted a “How to” video on whip pans so here we go! The following tutorial is shown by using

How To Have Sustainable Channel Growth Long Term (Without "Hustling Harder")

So many creators feel they need to "love the grind" and "hustle harder" in order to see success on the platform. But then why is it that we're seeing more and more YouTube stars b

The Friday Roundup – The 30° Degree Rule, Shutterstock Elements and More

How to Use the 30° Degree Rule There will be many times in any video shot by an amateur that you will see that something is wrong and you will have no idea what it is. One of the most common ones is

How Many Videos Before YouTube Notices You?

It can be frustrating when you're putting out content but you feel like YouTube is ignoring your efforts. Is there a "magic number" at which YouTube finally starts to take you seriously and

YouTube's 8 New Creator Features and What They Mean for Us

YouTube recently announced several new features that help us make money, grow our channels, and serve our audiences better. We'll review what each of them are and discuss a few ideas on how we can ut

3 Steps to Telling a Captivating, Unscripted Story on YouTube

How can you captivate your audience with a great story if you don't know how it's going to play out? Certain types of videos, particularly vlogs, often contain an unknown factor. So when your story i

The Friday Roundup – Video Scopes, Camera Moves and Stop Motion

Why Everyone Should Use Video Scopes for Color Correction So let’s stop for a minute and talk about color correction and color grading. For many amateur editors there is a knowledge that you can do

The Friday Roundup – Green Screen, YouTube News and Some Blackmagic

Subscriber Green Screen Review With Tips and Tricks For anyone wanting to really get their green screen production under control there is a bog post on this site I added years ago with a video that c

Improve Your Impressions & CTR In 3 Simple Steps

A quick look at your analytics can show why your videos might not be reaching as many people as you'd like, not getting a high click-through rate, and not getting views. But once you understand what

Everything about June's new "algorithm update"

Last week YouTube announced a new update that creators have been calling a "new algorithm" that's impacted their views, especially from suggested videos. Some people are claiming to have lo

The Friday Roundup – Shooting Underwater, Action Cams and Transitions

Tips For Shooting Underwater With various action camera choices these days and access to affordable waterproof housings, underwater shooting is not the technical nightmare it used to be. Check out th

Does YouTube Promote Channels that Post More?

A lot of creators think that you have to publish a lot of videos for the YouTube algorithm to really love your videos. You've even likely heard creators claim that they started getting more views and

The Friday Roundup – Isobuster Updates, B-Roll and D.I.Y ADR

Isobuster Updated Last week I included a little blurb on a free utility I often use called MediaInfo. You can read about it here. Anyway this week it turns out another program I use quite often has j

Liquicity Festival 2019 Warm Up Mix - LIVE SET by Method

Enjoy this over 1 hour long powerful party drum & bass to get warmed up for the best festival in the world: LIQUICITY FESTIVAL 2019! LET'S GO!Download the mix on my soundcloud: https://soundcloud

The Friday Roundup – Audio Tips and Transitions on Titles

5 Audio Tricks For the average amateur video maker probably one of the hardest things to control at the shooting stage is that of audio. Most of the time due to equipment constraints and a lack of co

MASHUP Sessions #1 - Powerful drum & bass mix (52 tracks)

Expect a large variation of different tracks with the best dancefloor, neurofunk and liquid drum and bass. At any time during the mix you'll hear at least 2 tracks at the same time running.Likes &amp

Liquicity Winterfestival 2018 Drum & Bass Mix - Mixed by Method

When we get 500 likes a lucky person in the comments section will get a personal mix created by me, using your tracks! Like & Comment to participate in the raffle! This mix delivers you the BEST

Liquid & Deep - Drum and Bass Mix 2018 - Mixed by Method

Check my pages for more awesome mixes! (Tracklist below)🡒 Facebook:🡒 Mixcloud: this new liquid & deep drum and b

Party Drum & Bass Mix 2018 - Mixed by Method

Check my pages for more awesome mixes!🡒 *Facebook:*🡒 *Mixcloud:*🡒 *Soundcloud:* hy

TRIPLE B - High Tea Amsterdam DJ contest (Drum and Bass Party Mix)

Check my pages for more awesome mixes!🡒 *Facebook:*🡒 *Mixcloud:*🡒 *Soundcloud:* th


Check my pages for more awesome mixes!🡒 *Facebook:*🡒 *Mixcloud:*🡒 *Soundcloud:*

Liquid / Deep Drum and Bass Mix 2017 - HIGH TEA AMSTERDAM DJ CONTEST

Check my pages for more awesome mixes!🡒 *Facebook:*🡒 *Mixcloud:*🡒 *Soundcloud:*

Sick prediction ft doublelift

Check my pages for more awesome mixes!🡒 *Facebook:*🡒 *Mixcloud:*🡒 *Soundcloud:* p

CRAZY Corki 1v2 Outplay! ~MECHANICS~ RUSH Streaming League of Legends

Check my pages for more awesome mixes!🡒 *Facebook:*🡒 *Mixcloud:*🡒 *Soundcloud:*


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