LUTs, Diffusers, Reflectors and Audio

Home made diffusers and reflectors, tips for shooting around the house and tutorials for fixing your voiceovers in Audacity.

The Friday Roundup - LUTs, Diffusers, Reflectors and Audio

This week some ideas for home made diffusers and reflectors, tips for shooting around the house and a tutorial for fixing your voiceovers in Audacity.

The Best Video Editing Software 2019

These are my current (2019) choices for the best video editing software solutions at the consumer or home user level through to prosumer. A more comprehensive review for each one can be found by foll

Make a DIY Smartphone Gimbal out of Tins Cans and Mop Heads

Can't afford a handheld gimbal for your smartphone? No problem! Just build your own. Shooting handheld video on your smartphone was a total shaky nightmare before dedicated stabilizers, like gimb

Editshare Gets a New CEO as It Moves Toward Cloud-Based Media Sharing

Share media storage company EditShare has taken on a round of investment and brought in a new CEO, so the original founder can focus more on tech development. EditShare has long been a leader in

How 'Unforgiven' Ended The Western Genre (For A Hot Minute)

Westerns were all the range from the 50s through the 90s. Then "Unforgiven" came and gunned most of them down for a decade or more. What happened? If you clicked on this article to read, then yo

Three Easy Hacks to Improve Your Creativity

Everyone can use a jump-start on their creativity sometimes. That's why these tips from Marc Silber might help you. Silber is a photographer and author, but his ideas about creativity can appl

5 Editing Tips for DIY Filmmakers [Video]

Almost all videos involving the production process of something will have time-lapse style shots. Let's learn about the similarities that this kind of content have when it comes to editing and look

What It Really Takes to Become a Successful Commercial Director [Interview]

Ever dreamed of making that spot for that car or store or electrolyte beverage that touches millions? Take it from Ryan Booth, it ain’t easy to get into this space, but if you’ve got the vision,

The Friday Roundup – Legal Stuff, Editing Tips and Travel Videos

How to Use Music Legally in Videos and Avoid YouTube Copyright Claims I wanted to lead off this week with the video below because it is an important piece of the video making puzzle that is often ove

DJI's New Consumer Drones Will Get Airplane and Helicopter Detectors

DJI is working to make the skies an even safer place in the drone era. Yesterday, DJI announced that it will be installing airplane and helicopter detectors in its new consumer drones. Models rel

'Game of Thrones' Ends, War Against ATA Rages On [Podcast]

We deliver this week’s top stories in filmmaking. This week on the No Film School Podcast, Host Charles Haine and NFS Editor-in-Chief George Edelman discuss the myriad flaws and wonders of the

5 Low-Cost Tips to Help You Solve Common Green Screen Problems

These helpful tips will help you navigate those difficult green screen situations on your low-budget, indie film productions. Using a green screen isn't all that hard, especially considering how

Did Stanley Kubrick Predict The Future of Entertainment?

As technology evolves, branded content soars, and screens pop up all over the place, the future of film and TV has become the Wild West. But how did Kubrick see this as an opportunity? And how did h

How To Create The Best Viewer Experience on YouTube [with Nick Nimmin]

If you're serious about turning casual viewers into loyal subscribers, you need to ensure your channel offers an excellent viewer experience. Much more than titles, thumbnails, and tags, a great user

MASHUP Sessions #1 - Powerful drum & bass mix (52 tracks)

Expect a large variation of different tracks with the best dancefloor, neurofunk and liquid drum and bass. At any time during the mix you'll hear at least 2 tracks at the same time running.Likes &amp

The Friday Roundup – Ccleaner Update, Fades and Dissolves and Smooth Shots

Ccleaner Updates Ever since I have been using computers for video editing… which come to think of it has been a long time now, I have had a copy of Ccleaner running regularly on those machines. In

The Non-Slimy Way To Sell On YouTube [feat. Owen Video]

If you want to continue to grow on YouTube so you can spread a message that reaches people and changes their life, you need to make it sustainable. That means making money so you can invest in your c

Let's grow your channel together!

Video Labs starts on May 21! Register here: team and I would love to dive into your chann

The Friday Roundup – Fonts, Whip Pans and Key Frames

Free Fonts OK so let’s kick off with some freebies! Last week I linked to an article on how to add new fonts to your Windows system and to have those newly added fonts become available in your vide

What It REALLY Takes To Create Passive Income [feat. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income]

You've probably seen other YouTubers or online influencers talk about how they're making money while they sleep. Sounds great, right? But if you want to earn passive income online, there are some thi

The Friday Roundup – Resolutions, Map Zooms and Assorted Tips

Can You Really See The Difference 1080 Vs 4k? Last week I referred to a few articles on the subject of the latest and greatest in video making from the point of view of chasing resolutions. I often s

Words That Cause People to Leave Your Videos (& One That Keeps Them Watching)

There are certain words that, as soon as your audience hears them, they'll click away from your video. When that happens, you lose out on extra watch time, extra session time, and increased audience

The Friday Roundup – Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should!

How to Make Trendy Videos in 2019 This is by far my favorite video for this week. Currently most video editors have at their disposal a vast array of tools and features within their particular brand

Use This Audience Growth Strategy When Starting from Scratch [with Derral Eves]

Growing from zero can be daunting, but Darrel Eves has a simple process that he implements to get massive results. With over 50 million views across various platforms, Darrel has proven the effective

The Friday Roundup – Rough Cuts, Jump Cuts and Green Screen

Rough Cuts The article linked below comes from a pro editing series but I wanted to add it this week because the basic concepts apply to any level of editing. As I have mentioned before there are man

Don't Miss These Opportunities On YouTube [with Nick Nimmin]

Being a video creator can mean a lot of opportunities come your way, but are you ready to take full advantage of them? And which are the ones that are most worth pursuing? In this video, Nick Nimmin

Uncommon Money Making Strategies for YouTube Creators

If you've done any research on how YouTube creators make money you've undoubtedly come across things like Adsense and the YouTube Partner Program, affiliates, brand deals, and sponsorships. However,

The Friday Roundup – The Story, Camera Tricks and Compositing

How to Find the Story in Anything I wanted to kick off this week’s Friday Roundup with the video below because it covers an absolutely vital subject to making videos. Many people start off making v

How To Turn Your YouTube Channel Into A Business [with Pat Flynn]

If you're a passionate video creator, most likely you want to go full-time on YouTube and earn an income. That involves turning your channel into a business, which can sound like a scary process. But

The Friday Roundup – Rack Focusing, Webcam Videos and Art Direction

How to Rack Focus Your Camera Lens – 4 Methods Showing the Basics OK so on this one let’s start with a little theory! There are two terms used when referring to changing the focal length of the c

How To Get More Views (From A YouTube Insider)

There are two ways to get more views on YouTube: the right way and the wrong way. In this video, YouTube employee Tom is taking us through some of the tried and trusted ways to optimise your videos s

Vegas Movie Studio 16 Review

This Vegas Movie Studio 16 review marks the third release of the software since Magix bought out the entire Sony Creative range of video and audio editing products a few years back now. Despite the d

Liquicity Winterfestival 2018 Drum & Bass Mix - Mixed by Method

Delivering you the BEST Liquicity tracks of all-time in a drum & bass mix to prepare yourselves for Liquicity Winterfestival 2018! Liquid drum & bass combined with hard dancehall drum & b

Liquid & Deep - Drum and Bass Mix 2018 - Mixed by Method

Check my pages for more awesome mixes! (Tracklist below)🡒 Facebook:🡒 Mixcloud: this new liquid & deep drum and b

Party Drum & Bass Mix 2018 - Mixed by Method

Check my pages for more awesome mixes!🡒 *Facebook:*🡒 *Mixcloud:*🡒 *Soundcloud:* hy

TRIPLE B - High Tea Amsterdam DJ contest (Drum and Bass Party Mix)

Check my pages for more awesome mixes!🡒 *Facebook:*🡒 *Mixcloud:*🡒 *Soundcloud:* th


Check my pages for more awesome mixes!🡒 *Facebook:*🡒 *Mixcloud:*🡒 *Soundcloud:*

Liquid / Deep Drum and Bass Mix 2017 - HIGH TEA AMSTERDAM DJ CONTEST

Check my pages for more awesome mixes!🡒 *Facebook:*🡒 *Mixcloud:*🡒 *Soundcloud:*

Sick prediction ft doublelift

Check my pages for more awesome mixes!🡒 *Facebook:*🡒 *Mixcloud:*🡒 *Soundcloud:* p

CRAZY Corki 1v2 Outplay! ~MECHANICS~ RUSH Streaming League of Legends

Check my pages for more awesome mixes!🡒 *Facebook:*🡒 *Mixcloud:*🡒 *Soundcloud:*

Best Party Drum and Bass Mix 2017 - DNB Mix 1 Hour Long w/ Popular Songs

Check my pages for more awesome mixes!🡒 *Facebook:*🡒 *Mixcloud:*🡒 *Soundcloud:* P


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