Power of Artistic Gifts

Art can link an emotion to an intended message. The power of artistic gifts is how they create a certain response that enhances communication. 

Animal Friends In My Kitchen Set

Adopt these adorable critters and they?ll thank you by helping out in the kitchen. Each set includes three best-selling animal-themed items. Give your bananas a longer life and a precious fashion a

Save The Bees Gift Set

With bee populations on the decline, our mighty pollinators need all help they can get on their plant-to-plant journey. This conscientious collection provides food, water, and shelter for these incre

Blown Glass Mushroom Cap Candle

Red toadstools with white-spotted tops are practically the poster fungi for forest whimsy. From storybooks to mycological ephemera, these iconic mushrooms can be found everywhere, even your tabletop

Dog Lover’s Cozy Fleece Set

It's OK to cozy up on the couch with these cuddly canines—they won't leave hair everywhere. Matching sweatshirt and joggers in an ultra-comfy fleece material. Features a supercute pattern of swea

Guiding Light Herkimer Diamond Ring

This dazzling diamond ring from Emilie Shapiro is a stunning symbol for balance, clarity, and healing. Each unique ring is crafted from brass and a one-of-a-kind Herkimer diamond, which is collecte

Guiding Light Herkimer Diamond Earrings

Emilie Shapiro’s dazzling diamond earrings are a reminder that your guiding light is always with you, you just have to know where to look. Crafted using brass and Herkimer diamonds, a unique ston

Animal Friends Cookie Stamp Set

Herds of deer, elephants, and giraffes. A fluffle of bunnies and skulks of foxes. You never know what members of the animal kingdom you?ll encounter when you give creative kids a collection of 15 mul

Hand-Painted Guatemala Spoon Rest

Whether mixing, stirring, or scooping, spoons are always hard at work in the kitchen. Give them a place to rest?while saving your counters from mess?with this elegant handmade piece. Each spoon res

Long Distance Interactive Friendship Frame

It only takes a tap to warm someone's heart. John Harrison and Vanessa Whalen’s digital picture frame lets your friends and family know you’re thinking of them—across town or the globe—with a

Life On Display: Keepsake Box Framing

Preserving the mementos we gather as we go through life usually means hiding them away. Artist Claire Osborne has a better idea. Join Claire for a 90-minute live virtual class where you’ll learn ho

“IMAGINE” The Seed of Creativity

WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS ABOUT CREATING A PAINTING? 1.) Concept – This is the most important aspect of a painting. The idea, or concept can be illustrated simply or can be very complex, bu

Happiness and Gratitude

During this time of year, we often give one another the greeting, “Happy Thanksgiving!” For me, that greeting helps me reflect on happiness and gratitude. Thoughts I have had over the years about

Hawaii Artist Launches New Website and e-Catalog

The new website allows visitors to view the scope of Hawaii artist Thomas Deir’s artwork in a broad or detailed view. The website is designed with improved navigation and functionality for a user-fr


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