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Dentists Altrincham - Hale Dental and Implant Clinic - 44-1619-412020 At Hale Dental we strive to bring new concepts and approaches to your dental health combining the most advanced technology in the hands of some of the best professionals with the luxury and exclusivity of exquisite space. The mouth is part of the body that science allows us to keep in excellent condition throughout our life. At the Hale Dental and Implant Cosmetic Clinic, we will make this possible. Our team of dentists are all at the forefront of their discipline, providing comprehensive care all in our state of the art facility.

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To use Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Sites, Slides, and Forms, you need to use a supported web browser. Learn what a browser is, which browser you use, and how to update to the latest version. Option

What Causes a Crossbite?

If your child has a crossbite, or you’ve been diagnosed with this type of malocclusion (improper bite) yourself, you might be wondering what causes it. Is it genetic or somethi

Keeping up appliances

The most important part of having dental appliances, like your aligners and retainers, is (drumroll please) actually wearing them. To do that, they have to be clean and … not lost. Appliance hygien

Your Smile Matters: Mouth Cancer Action Month

Your Smile Matters: Mouth Cancer Action Month   November marks the beginning of a crucial campaign dedicated to raising awareness about mouth cancer. Supported by the Mouth Cancer Foundation and the

Why Would My Dentist Recommend an Oral Biopsy?

Why Would My Dentist Recommend an Oral Biopsy?   Have you received a recommendation from your dentist for an Oral Biopsy? If you’re feeling confused, worried or uncertain about what lies ahead and

Flossing: your secret daily weapon against gum disease

We all know we should floss regularly. But, if we’re being honest, it’s a part of the daily oral care routine that’s easy to let fall by the wayside. So, is it really that big of a deal if we d

Five Ways to Celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month

October is National Orthodontic Health Month, introduced by the American Association of Orthodontists to highlight the importance of orthodontics for a straight, healthy, and beautiful smile. That’s

Orthodontic Emergencies: The Top 7 Things to Do Right Away

While modern orthodontic appliances are comfortable and durable, they’re not immune to the occasional mishap. Whether you have a poking wire or sustain a dental injury while playing sports with...

An Update on SmileDirectClub’s Business – Operating As Usual While Recapitalizing

Taking Action to Strengthen the Business We know our customers trust us with one of their most important assets – their smile – and we take that trust seriously. In turn, we’ve always been comm

A beginner’s guide to teeth whitening

Thinking about whitening your teeth but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk you through how to get the pearly whites of your dreams with Dr. Zaihly Lisette Aza

Proactive Steps to Steer Clear of Dental Emergencies

Proactive Steps to Steer Clear of Dental Emergencies   A dental crisis can unexpectedly disrupt the flow of everyday life. We’ve all encountered those dreaded toothaches, which bring throbbing pai

Why Do Dental Implants Fail?

Why Do Dental Implants Fail?   Dental Implants are a fantastic tooth replacement option that has revolutionised modern dentistry, offering a lifelike and long-lasting solution to tooth loss.    If

Dental Emergencies: When to Seek Urgent Care for Your Teeth?

Dental Emergencies: When to Seek Urgent Care for Your Teeth?   We’ve all experienced it – a chipped tooth or nagging toothache that causes significant discomfort. Yet, the question lingers: Do w

Rebuilding Smiles: What Are Dental Implants?

Rebuilding Smiles: What Are Dental Implants?   At The Bristol Dental Practice, we are leading experts in rebuilding smiles with dental implants. To us, there is nothing more important than providing

What is halitosis

We unravel the mystery of halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, and share effective ways to prevent it. Say goodbye to those awkward moments and hello to fresh, confident interactions. Discover our

Playing Sports With Braces or Invisalign

Does your child play sports? If so, you might be wondering, “Can you play sports with braces or Invisalign?”  The team at The Brace Place is here to assure you...

Your bright on™ premium teeth whitening questions answered

We’ve got all the answers you need about bright on teeth whitening. The post Your bright on™ premium teeth whitening questions answered appeared first on The Grin Life.

12 Supplies to Keep in Your Braces Kit

So you’ve recently started wearing braces or Invisalign and want to be on top of all things orthodontics wherever you go. The Brace Place team suggests packing a handy braces...

Do Teeth Whitening Products Work?

Do Teeth Whitening Products Work?   We all want a brighter smile, and there are countless whitening products out there promising to fulfil our dreams. But do these products deliver on their claims?

Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal in Bristol

Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal in Bristol   Got a painful wisdom tooth that’s bringing you down? We know how awful it can be to deal with that dull, throbbing pain. We also understand that the thou

Everything you need to know about dental crowns

Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration that is used to cover a tooth that has been damaged or decayed. They can also be used to improve the appearance of a tooth that is chipped, discolored, o

“How Can I Improve My Smile?”

“How Can I Improve My Smile?”   Have you been wanting to improve your smile lately? Well, you’re not the only one. A study conducted in the UK in 2019 revealed that 1-in-5 participants felt mo

4 Ways to Replace Missing Teeth: Regain Your Smile and Confidence

4 Ways to Replace Missing Teeth: Regain Your Smile and Confidence   Looking for ways to replace your missing teeth? Do you feel that having a full smile will give you the confidence to get back out

What is dental bone grafting?

Explore and learn what a dental bone graft is. A dentistry procedure that adds volume & density to a patient’s jaw area if bone loss has occurred.

5 Reasons to Start Treatment at The Brace Place This Summer

When is the best time to start orthodontic treatment? Summer is often an ideal time to start braces or Invisalign, especially for kids. Why? Here, 5 reasons from The Brace...

Pre-Op Oral Hygiene

  Oral hygiene plays a crucial role in maintaining overall oral health, and it becomes particularly important prior to oral surgery. Here are several reasons why oral hygiene is important before und

Orthodontist Altrincham - Hale Dental Clinic - 0161 941 2020

A confident smile can light up a room, but not everyone is born with perfectly aligned teeth. This is where orthodontics comes into play. Orthodontists are dental specialists who focus on correcting

What happens after you return an impression kit or visit a SmileShop?

Here's what to expect as you begin your journey toward your beautiful new grin. The post What happens after you return an impression kit or visit a SmileShop? appeared first on The Grin Life.

Composite Bonding Altrincham - Hale Dental Clinic - 0161 941 2020

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth? Do you wish you could have a brighter, straighter, and more symmetrical smile? At Hale Dental Clinic, we can help you achieve your dream smile with

How does SmileDirectClub work?

So, what happens when you sign up with SmileDirectClub? You start a Smile JourneyTM that could get you the results you want in as little as 4–6 months1 with a new smile. Here’s how to straighte

5 ways to make aligners more comfortable

Do your aligners sometimes feel a little strange? Here are 5 easy tips for making your invisible aligners more comfortable. The post 5 ways to make aligners more comfortable appeared first on The Gri

‘My transition is complete’: Spencer can’t stop smiling

A new SmileDirectClub smile was the last step on Spencer’s 6-year journey to becoming the man he is today. Spencer, a transgender man, says that straightening his teeth was the final step in this

Straightening Your Teeth With Online Clear Aligners vs. Invisalign

At first glance, online clear aligners look like they offer many benefits over clear aligner treatment with an orthodontist. But did you know that the risks and limitations of online...

Why Choosing Clear Aligner Treatment With Orthodontist Oversight Is Better than DIY Teeth Straightening

It’s safe to say that teeth straightening should be facilitated by an orthodontist. After all, a certified specialist in orthodontics has professional knowledge of dental anatomy and years of experi

Things That Happen When Wearing Aligners That Are Totally Normal

From loose teeth to pain or discomfort, here’s how to deal with common side effects of wearing invisible aligners.  The post Things That Happen When Wearing Aligners That Are Totally Normal appear

What Dentists Wish You Knew

Don’t get high before your appointment, step away from the charcoal toothpaste and a few other lessons to learn.  Click on the link below to read the New York Times Article. What Dentist Wish You

What is a resin bonded bridge

A resin bonded bridge provides a permanent, minimally invasive solution for replacing missing teeth. Find out more.

Nighttime Clear Aligners

Have you been considering orthodontic treatment but don’t want to deal with the hassle of traditional metal braces or aligners? Nighttime clear aligners offer a convenient and discreet choice for s

I chipped my tooth

A chipped tooth is a common dental injury and can be painful and sensitive if left untreated. Although the enamel on your teeth is recognised as being stronger than bone it remains vulnerable to chipp

8 Fun Facts About Smiling

A genuine smile is a universal sign of connection and goodwill. But did you know there’s more to smiling than just that?  Since we’re all about smiles at The Brace...

Invisalign Altrincham - Hale Dental and Implant Clinic - 0161-941-2020

At Hale Dental and Implant Clinic we provide the highest level of dental care for all the family including consultations, regular health checks (mouth cancer and jaw joint check) and x-rays as well a

What Doctors Are Learning About Marijuana and Surgery

Dr. Hyatt was featured in The Wall Street Journal. Click on the link below to read more. What Doctors Are Learning About Marijuana and Surgery     The post What Doctors Are Learning About Marijuana

Thumb Sucking, Pacifiers and Teeth: A Fact-Based Guide

As a parent, you receive a constant flood of information when it comes to raising kids. Everything from sleep to screen time, nutrition to emotional well-being, academics to activities —...

Dentists Altrincham - Hale Dental and Implant Clinic - 44-1619-412020

At Hale Dental we strive to bring new concepts and approaches to your dental health combining the most advanced technology in the hands of some of the best professionals with the luxury and exclusivi

Dental Implants and Smoking: Everything You Need to Know

Designed to last a lifetime, dental implants have a long-term success rate over 95%. But their long-term survival requires a continuously healthy environment for your gum tissue and jawbone surroundi

Can a Failed Dental Implant Be Repaired, or Will It Need to Be Replaced?

Dental implants have a long-term success rate of over 95% and are more predictable than most procedures in the medical and dental fields. Still, all implant procedures have a failure risk, but your o

Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed If They Are Not Causing Any Pain?

If your wisdom teeth do not hurt, should you get them removed by an oral surgeon? The answer depends on the health and position of your wisdom teeth and how they can affect your long-term oral health

Types of Bone Grafts for Dental Implants

A bone graft for dental implants is the process of transferring natural or synthetic tissue—or both—to your jawbone to restore areas of low bone volume or density. Tooth roots stimulate and prese

Should I get dental implants?

Dental implants are a longer term solution, that look & feel like real teeth. A popular treatment to improve appearance & ability to eat and chew.

Teeth cleaning for whiter teeth

Teeth cleaning with a dental hygienist is a very common procedure, dentists recommend every six months, find out why you should opt for this treatment.

Adult braces

Adult braces are so popular now. An increasing number of adults are opting for braces to improve their smile, boost their confidence, and improve their oral health, despite a host of misconceptions an

Do You Need Orthodontic Treatment? 5 Signs That You Need Braces

Braces are orthodontic dental devices that help correct the alignment of the teeth and the positioning of the bite. Usually, young teenagers get dental braces for early intervention to corre

What is composite bonding for teeth?

A pain-free way to regain your confident smile – composite bonding is a modern and cost-effective cosmetic dental technique used to restore and rejuvenate damaged, misshapen or discoloured teeth. Us

Adult Braces: What You Need To Know Before Picking Braces As An Adult

Correcting crooked, misaligned teeth is essential for your dental health, general health, appearance, and self-esteem. Braces are the most common dental appliance used to straighten teeth an

Life With Teeth Braces: What Is It Really Like?

According to The British Orthodontic Society (BOS), the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment in the UK continues to rise. Among these sought-after treatments are teeth braces. Brac

Removable Braces: Types, Costs, Conditions Treated, And What To Expect

When people talk about removable braces, they immediately think of clear aligners. Yet, there are a number of removable dental devices that straighten teeth and correct alignment issues. But

Why Are My Teeth Yellow? ─ Causes Explained and Teeth Whitening Treatments

It is estimated that around 77% of Brits are unhappy with their smile. The leading reason is stained or discoloured teeth, with yellow teeth the most common. Yellowing teeth can cause a smil

Will It Take Years to Fix Your Crowded Teeth?

Having crowded teeth can be a big problem for some people. Not only does a crooked smile make many people feel self-conscious, but there can be ongoing oral health implications as well. And

10 Questions to Ask During Your Orthodontic Consultation

At any given time, around four million Americans are undergoing teeth straightening using braces. Orthodontic treatments require an investment of time and money, so your orthodontic consultation is a

How To Know If You Have A Bad Bite (And Why It Matters)?

Dentists have long been trying to get the message across that taking care of our teeth and gums is an essential part of healthy living. But, despite that, the number of people attending dent

Wisdom Tooth Infection: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

As time goes on, our mouths go through a lot of changes. One significant dental milestone is the emergence of wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars. They’re the large teeth at the b

Straight Teeth Give A Person Plenty To Smile About

Smiling is usually the antidote to stress, but for many people, it is the cause of it. In fact, feeling self-conscious about our teeth is cited as the main reason only a third of us are wil

What is gum contouring and reshaping?

Everyone has a different gumline, some being low, some high, and some uneven. Although there is no ‘normal’ gumline, many patients feel self-conscious about theirs.  The good news is, there is a

Your Guide to Eating After Complete Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

After tooth replacement with dental implants, you will need to stay away from foods that are hard to chew or that are crunchy. Here are basic guidelines for you to follow after your dental implant p

How to Pay for Braces

Did you know that roughly four million people in the world currently wear braces? Whether you’re a teen or an adult, braces are an important part of getting the perfect smile you deserve. Unfortuna

7 Questions I Should Ask My Oral Surgeon During a Consultation

It is completely natural to be nervous about having any type of surgery, including oral surgery. During your consultation, your oral surgeon will cover a lot of information, including your diagnosis,

What Can You Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

At the Maryland Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common procedures we offer. It is rare for wisdom teeth to erupt fully and be healthy. And removin

Teeth Crowding Treatment

Crowded teeth aren’t only an aesthetic problem. While you may feel self-conscious about your crowding, the real issues come from the potential dental and physical health problems that can arise. Wh

How Long Do Braces Take?

78% of Americans feel that people with crooked teeth are unsuccessful. Obviously, this is untrue, but first impressions are important, and if you aren’t nailing them, it can be detrimental to both

Getting Braces as an Adult

If you’re considering getting braces as an adult, you may have some reservations. Aren’t they just for kids? Don’t they cost a fortune to get? Aren’t they painful? Those are probably some of

7 Reasons to Get Braces as an Adult

In 2014, 1.4 million adults all over North America sought orthodontic treatments. What’s more, experts say this will continue to increase as more U.S. adults visit their dentist. In 2018 alone, 70%

Rubber Bands Are Not Just Orthodontic Torture

One of the most unpopular aspects of orthodontic treatment is the rubber band. This tiny, innocent piece of rubber causes more headaches for patients, parents, assistants, and doctors than just about

Beginner’s Guide to “Orthodontist” Language

At some point in almost every patient’s treatment, we get a comment about the weird language that we use when talking to our clinical assistants. Because we want the blog to be informative and educ


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