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There’s an App for…whaaat??

Sit or Squat?? You'll be surprised and amused by some of the apps revealed here.

Two new ways to reduce Azheimer’s risk

Two important new findings in Alzheimer's research.

Ask Joan: Where to start?

How to recharge that special feeling!

Save Money Online Like a Millennial

Some tricks you can use to live large online and donate to your favorite non-profit, too.

Newsday Features The Bristal All-Star Annual Softball Game

On Wednesday, July 10th, the New York Senior Softball Association, a Nassau County softball league for seniors, gathered to play in it's Annual All-Star Game. Sponsored by The Bristal, the group play

Older performers star in Legacy Project

A new resource debuts to document the work of older performers...would you be among them?

Bulletin Board

A prestigious institution seeks volunteers for a cough reflex research study.

Lake Grove Resident and Lifelong Mets Fan Celebrates 100th Birthday

The Bristal at Lake Grove threw a celebration on Wednesday, July 3rd, in honor of resident Crispin Bottari’s 100th birthday. The lifelong Mets fan was surrounded by friends, family, and everything

New to Medicare and News about Medicare

Whether you are new to Medicare or not, you'll want to stay on top of the changes and deadlines.

July 4th plans?

Where are the best Fourth of July celebrations in the US? Here's the scoop!

Never too Old For New Friends

Some time tested ways to break the ice and meet new friends.

Why Exercise Really Is Worth It – And How to Get Started

Do you dislike the idea of exercising – even though you know it’s good for you? You’re not alone. Research shows that genetics can even have an effect on how much we enjoy exercising. But that

Handling a difficult discussion

How to handle a difficult but necessary discussion.

Newsday: 190 Years of Wedded Bliss – Lynbrook Couples Celebrate Anniversaries

The Bristal at Lynbrook held a celebration on Wednesday, June 26 marking the wedding anniversaries of three happy couples residing there. The couples honored included Elaine and Herbert Sacks - marri

Testimonial from Richard

Our family would like to thank and commend The Bristal Staff/ Family for all the care you have given both my mother Bernadette and Uncle Steve throughout the past four and a half years.I would like t

How to Pay for Assisted Living

Many people assume assisted living is impossibly expensive or that they could never afford it. In reality, the cost of assisted living can be very affordable. Rates vary based on several factors, lik

How Can Veterans Benefits Pay For Assisted Living?

Do VA benefits cover assisted living costs? As you consider assisted living for you or a loved one, your first question might be: Can we afford it? You should also ask: Are there government benefits

Testimonial from The Selig Family

We began our search for assisted living earlier this year, and, when we arrived at your White Plains location, we knew we had found the right place. Not only was it beautiful to the eye, but it was a

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Chef’s Table: The Bristal at East Meadow’s Joseph Albert Shares His Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Some people are lucky: They’ve always known where they want to work. Joseph Albert, Food Service Director at The Bristal at East Meadow, is one of those people. “I’ve been working in assisted l

Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind at Reflections

When your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, keeping them safe is often your top priority. And according to the Alzheimer’s Association, keeping loved ones with dement

Video Chatting with Grandma

Study finds video chatting is the best technology to prevent loneliness in seniors reports US News and World Report.

Study says Tai Chi most effect exercise to combat dementia.

A meta-analysis of 20 studies on tai chi and cognition determined tai chi appears to improve executive function without any cognitive decline, reports Newsmax.

2018 INALA Award Winners

Check out this year’s winners!

INALA Conversations: Dementia and Guns – Part Two

If an individual’s dementia has progressed to the point that conversation is not possible due to the disease or lack of judgment, than it is important that family members take action to safeguard th

Aging and Thinning Skin

Is your skin becoming thinner as you age? Thin skin is a natural part of getting older, alongside wrinkles, less skin elasticity, and skin that is dry or easily damaged. While thinning skin is not rev

INALA Conversations: Dementia and Guns

The best time to have a conversation about firearms in the house is BEFORE there is a major safety concern! For an individual living with dementia, gun ownership may represent security, pride in a ski

National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month.

Assisted living communities must provide residents with information about flu vaccine

Licensed and non-licensed assisted living communities must provide residents with information about flu vaccine. The requirement can be met with a copy of the CDC’s vaccine information statement (VI

Get your flu shot before the end of October

The CDC is recommending people get flu shots by the end of October. Learn more.

Previous and current approaches to dementia care

A New Yorker article entitled “The Comforting Fictions of Dementia Care” discusses previous and current approaches to dementia care. (Print edition of the article published October 8th is headline


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