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What Small Business Lenders are looking at

Year after year and survey after survey, Canadian small business owners list access to funding as the most challenging part of growing their business. The Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses

A 9-Point Checklist To Buying Land/Plot In India

A lot can go wrong while buying a plot in India. If you’re planning to buy a land/plot, you might want to read this first.

India’s Has An Alarming Life Insurance Persistency Ratio. Here’s What You Can Learn From It

Too many people dump their life insurance covers too soon. Here’s how it affects you, and what you can do to save yourself—and the industry.

5 Daily Habits Of The Rich and Successful You Can Adopt

Tip the odds for success in your favour by learning how successful people and the ultra-rich manage their days.

Top Ten Credit Cards In India

Credit Cards often get a bad rap, but they could be your best friend when used correctly. Here’s our pick of the top 10 Credit Cards in India.

The Hidden Costs of Selling A Home

With home values picking back up, many homeowners may be already dreaming of the money they’d make selling their home. Although the aim is to make money on a home sale, or at least break even, i

Top 10 Used Car Loans: Take Your Pick

Is a car at the top of your shopping list this summer? Look no further! We have listed the best Car Loan deals that are up for grabs!

Payments Banks And Their Possible Impact On The Financial Sector!

Payments banks are giving tough competition to regular banks. They might even be more approachable. We'll tell you how this could change the financial landscape of the country.

Must Know: SBI New Rules Effective From 1st June 2017

Find out all about State Bank of India’s new set of rules for its savings and salary account holders.

A Quick Guide To GST Rates

Here are the new tax rates under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime. Read on to know more.

Unhappy With Your Health Policy? Port To A New One

Here are five things you need to know about porting your Health Insurance policy.

Don’t Fake It! Be Honest With Your Finances

With fans crying foul over Justin Bieber’s alleged lip-syncing performance recently, here are a few ways you could avoid a similar fiasco by just being honest with your finances.

Why the ‘Save 10% for Retirement’ Rule Doesn’t Always Work

To keep saving simple, many retirement experts and financial planners tout a general 10% rule for most savers: If you start saving at least 10% of your income in your 20s, you should have plenty saved

President Trump’s Education Budget Leaked — And Student Loan Borrowers Won’t be Happy

More details from President Donald Trump’s long-awaited education budget leaked to the Washington Post on Wednesday. The proposed plan would slash $10.6 billion from federal education initiative

9 Things Every 20-Something Should Know About Money

If you’re a “younger” millennial and find yourself struggling with your finances in your 20s, pay attention. There’s no better time to learn about money than when you’re

This Family Spent $6,000 to Save Their Home and Still Wound Up Facing Foreclosure

When Lageshia Moore and her husband found their home in 2006, they thought it would be a perfect place to raise their family. The $549,000 Far Rockaway, N.Y., duplex even had future income potential i

Student Loan Companies are Failing College Graduates in a Crucial Way

The vast majority of student loan borrowers who default and rehabilitate their loans are set up to fail again because of bad advice, a new government study claims. The Consumer Financial Protection Bu

The Best Online Savings Accounts in May 2017

Updated May 17, 2017 Are you a super saver? Sure, anyone can save money in a typical savings account. A typical savings account often comes packaged or suggested with your checking account from a loca

13 College Costs You Don’t Think About

When families think of financing a college education, they usually think about covering tuition costs. It’s easy to home in on tuition — after all, it’s an obvious, in-your-face expe

The Complete Guide to Disability Insurance

Quick quiz: What’s the most valuable financial asset you own as a young professional and a provider for your family?Here are some hints: It’s not your home. It’s not your 401(k). And

Should You Use a Mortgage to Refinance Student Loans?

Fannie Mae, the largest backer of mortgage credit in America, recently made it a little easier for homeowners to refinance their student loans. In an update to its Selling Guide, the mortgage giant in

Wouldn’t you rather deal with a Canadian company?

Have you ever received a phone call or a direct mail piece from On Deck? If you own a small business in Canada you probably have – they’ve spent millions of dollars in advertising since cr

How do you talk to an automated system?

Thank you for calling. Our automated attendant will help navigate you through our system. Please press # now. To continue, press 5 and listen. If the instructions tell you to press 9, ignore them and

Short term inventory loan

Have you ever considered a short term small business loan to buy more inventory? Many business we work with are getting quick, short term loans to buy seasonal inventory. They repay the inventory loan

Online Small Business Lender On Deck posts record losses

I wrote a LinkedIn article almost 2 years ago about On Deck, the behemoth Wall St based online small business lender that announced they were expanding to Canada.   Click here to read It was

Fintech is changing the game for Canadian Small Business Loans

Before online lenders arrived on the scene, Canadian small businesses often found themselves running into the same roadblock.  A typical Canadian entrepreneur establishes a company with their own

Choosing the Right Online Lender for Your Small Business Loan

In any industry, some companies are better than others. It’s usually not too hard to figure out what separates the good from the bad, but when it comes to borrowing money for your small business

It’s hard for small businesses to get a loan from the bank

The smallest businesses have the hardest time getting business loans according to a new Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB) report that also found many small business owners are using

6 reasons to consider an online small business loan

If you’re researching a loan for your small business, it can be overwhelming given the number of options available. Banks are always the best option in terms of rates but loans are difficult to

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Credit Bureau Report

Most people would likely not have heard of or seen their own credit bureau report before unless they have previously taken a loan from credit providers in Singapore. Otherwise known as a credit report

How To Choose The Right SME Loan Consultant For Your Business?

As a business owner, chances are that you would have heard of a SME loan consultant/ broker or might even have engaged one before. Generally, a loan consultant assists commercial clients in achie

Small Business Loan rates – update.

Back in May we posted some advice about small business loan terms and rates and, when looking for quotes, to “always get it in writing”. A recent study by a think tank down in the US clear

Starting a Business in Singapore? Avoid These Common Blunders

For many entrepreneurs, starting a business in Singapore comes with incomparable benefits that are hard to miss—low-tax policies, first world infrastructure, and ease of doing business, to name

5 Advantages of Business Valuation

Simply put, business valuation refers to the process and the set of procedures employed to determine the economic value of a business. While it is unfortunate to note, many business owners have an unr

Why Pay For A Loan Broker?

Many entrepreneurs can attest to this — owning a business is no walk in the park. While the financial rewards can be incomparable especially once you become established, oftentimes, you would ne

SG Budget 2016 Notable Changes for SMEs

In the announcement of this year’s Singapore Budget 2016, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat has highlighted a few key initiatives that will specifically tackle issues and challenges faced by SMEs.

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Business Loan

Every business owner has to make decisions to start his success story. The initial step is to be financially ready; and when funds just aren’t enough, a business loan come to the rescue. However

5 Best Ways To Use A Working Capital Loan

If you plan to borrow money from a bank anytime soon, you have to know how the words working capital and loan are related to each other. Any business owner should know the importance of having this on

4 FAQs when it comes to obtaining an SME loan

Many businesses often find the lack of capital a critical issue when it comes to expansion plans. If you need to expand your business, you will probably need more money than your business has made in

6 Reasons Why Singapore SMEs Take Up a Business Loan

It is no secret that the economy is tough especially for small business owners in Singapore having to cope with rising costs, lack of manpower and the shortage of working capital. In today’s con


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