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Travel Trailer Rentals Kelowna - RVR Kelowna - 844-760-0004 RV Rentals - Motorhomes, Travel Trailers. Make your travels memorable! Explore British Columbia in the Luxury and Freedom of an RV.

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Travel Trailer Rentals Kelowna

New Indiana Jones Film ‘Dial Of Destiny’ Unveils Its First Trailer

'I’ve seen things. Things I can’t explain'

Average Male Sperm Count Cut In Half Over Last 50 Years, New Study Finds

The average male sperm count has been cut in half globally since 1973, according to a new meta-analysis

Connecticut School District Approves Transgender Book For Second Graders Amid Backlash From Parents

A Connecticut school district curriculum team deemed a book about a transgender boy appropriate for second graders amid backlash from parents.  The book “Julian Is A Mermaid” is about a young boy

EXCLUSIVE: Tara Reade Calls GOP-Majority House To Investigate Alleged Sexual Assault By Joe Biden

EXCLUSIVE: Tara Reade Calls GOP-Majority House To Investigate Alleged Sexual Assault By Joe Biden

How To Find RV Parts with AsoboLife

Whether you bought a used RV or a brand new camper, there comes a time when parts begin to break down and need to be replaced. We are now into… The post How To Find RV Parts with AsoboLife appeare

Top 10 Amusement Parks in Texas

Of all the states featured in this series, Texas has the most amusement parks to choose from. Seriously, if you’re looking to fill an entire trip (or two or three)… The post Top 10 Amusement Par

Best Boondocking Gadgets for a Comfortable Camping Experience with Vanna Mae

Having the right equipment while boondocking can make a world of difference. Making your stay out in nature more comfortable is key to a great experience. In this article, I… The post Best Boondoc


"They Say" it's the worst sail on a catamaran...but is it? We're leaving for a 60-mile sail and we're BEATING UPWIND the Entire Way! 😱 See The Full Story At: IS THIS THE WORST SAIL ON A CATAMARAN

Where All News is Good News – At the Saguache Crescent in Colorado!

In Saguache, Colorado, a small weekly newspaper has thrived since the early 1900s. Itis unlike any other newspaper in the world. Continue reading →

Top 8 Amusement Parks in Tennessee

Tennessee is a wonderful place to vacation and explore. The scenery there is lovely, and there are tons of great hiking trails. Of course, the big cities are nice too.… The post Top 8 Amusement Pa

Gift Guide: Get your Family Outside Edition

Here at RVshare we are on a mission to get everyone outdoors. So, this holiday season we wanted to create a different kind of gift guide. One that inspires time… The post Gift Guide: Get your Fami


Fakarava is waaaaay out here and it's a coral atoll.  There isn't much in the form of supplies, and fertile soil for growing food is minimal. See The Full Story At: THIS IS LIFE FAR AWAY FROM CIVIL

Big Personalities, Small Spaces: Relationship Tips For Full-Time RVing

Are you considering full-time RV living with others? Do you already live and travel in a small space with a partner, kids or pets? Wonder how you will all get… The post Big Personalities, Small Sp

RVshare 2023 Travel Trend Report

RVshare has released our 2023 Travel Trend Report, chock full of stats on how people are looking to travel in the next year, what kind of trips they’re taking, and… The post RVshare 2023 Travel

Top 9 Amusement Parks in South Dakota

South Dakota is a popular destination for the RVing crowd. Mount Rushmore, Badlands National Park, and the other attractions of the Black Hills are what tend to draw visitors. That… The post Top 9

How To Find Free RV Water and Dump Stations

Usually RVers would refill water or use dump stations while at RV parks and campgrounds. Most campgrounds in the US offer these services on site or on the premises. Making… The post How To Find Fr

We Moved On The ULTIMATE Performance Catamaran (full tour)

we have moved aboard the big sister of our future boat.  It's an HH55 named Ticket To Ride and it is the most impressive, comfortable, performance catamaran we have ever sailed!  See The Full Story

2022 Black Friday Deals for Campers

We all love a good deal, and when some camping gear tends to run really expensive – looking at you tents – Black Friday is a great time to stock… The post 2022 Black Friday Deals for Campers a

The Best Storage Accommodations for Your RV This Winter

Whether you are a new RV owner or you’ve had one for years, you may be looking for a place to store yours during the off season. 101 RV Rentals offers the best possible storage accommodations and se

Pomeroy, Washington – An Impromptu Sunday Stroll!

Taking at RV trip to eastern Washington? Don't miss Pomeroy, but hit it on a weekday or Saturday when everything is open! Continue reading →

Luxury Yacht Living Cheaper Than A House? (full tour & monthly costs)

We’re stepping into the motor yacht world today with a deep dive into what living aboard a luxury yacht like this looks like. We chat about polarization between sailors and motor boaters, maintena


Through a series of events, we've ended up in New York City, on the Hudson River with a few dozen creators and a few million oysters. See The Full Story At: CLEANING UP NEW YORK’S TOXIC WATERWAYS

Lakes and Light in Wyoming and Colorado

Driving through Wyoming and Colorado with our RV we found some beautiful lakes and saw some exquisite light in the sky. Continue reading →


We’ve explored big catamaran factories and boutique yacht builders but today we’re getting an in-depth look at our first small boat workshop.  Specifically, a fiberglass/carbon fiber cruising te

Should We Get A Sailing Dinghy?

We’re on the hunt for a new dinghy and this new convertible boat could be a serious contender. Row it, motor it, or rig it up and sail it. Genius! See The Full Story At: Should We Get A Sailing


CURIOSITY 2 is well underway and we have a big BIG update with videos from the factory to share! See The Full Story At: NEW ELECTRIC HYBRID CATAMARAN UPDATE

Goldline RV Cover – Winter protection for our new trailer!

We installed a Goldline RV Cover to protect our new fifth wheel toy hauler. The quality seems good and the installation wasn't difficult. Continue reading →

Inside A Solar Powered Soda Factory

In this final stretch of our South Island road trip we get put to work at a local soda factory. See The Full Story At: Inside A Solar Powered Soda Factory

Finding Enchantment…in Encampment, Wyoming!

At the end of our RV trip through Wyoming, we discovered the charming village of Encampment, a town full of enchantment! Continue reading →

THE BEST BEACH EXCEPT…(do not swim here)

There is something wild that happens between the Tasman Sea and the highest peaks in the Southern Alps.  This week, we’re getting a taste of both.  From the most dangerous beach we’ve ever seen

Answers to Your Questions about Travel Trailer Rental

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy one last camping trip for the year. Thanks to our renowned delivery service, 101 RV Rentals can deliver a travel trailer for a fun adventure to your favorite Santa

Brooks Lake, Split Rock, Adventure Travelers and Other Wyoming Highlights!

On our RV road trip across Wyoming some of the highlights were Brooks Lake, Split Rock Overlook and the adventure travelers we met! Continue reading →

Grand Teton National Park – An American Treasure!

Grand Teton National Park is an idyllic RV destination with spectacular mountain views and hiking, biking, boating and music galore! Continue reading →

Sun Valley, Idaho – A Joyful Return to a Favorite RV Destination!

Sun Valley and Ketchum Idaho have long been a favorite RV destination for us, and this year we were thrilled to return! Continue reading →

Bovill, Idaho – An Early 20th Century Classic

Bovill, Idaho, was an unexpected discovery and delight on our RV trip from central Washington to the mountains in Idaho. Continue reading →

Entiat, Washington – An RV Friendly Town That’s On the Move!

Entiat, Washington, is a fabulous place for a summertime RV trip with both lakefront and riverfront camping options. Continue reading →

Camping Store Kelowna - RVR Kelowna - (778) 765-0399

RVR Kelowna is a family owned business with a passion for camping and the outdoors. Since 2014 we have rented RVs to people from around the world. Hearing stories about their trips is as exciting as e

Has It Been a While since You’ve Had Your RV or Boat Detailed?

Perhaps you’ve already enjoyed your share of wonderful memories in your RV or boat this summer. Or, maybe you haven’t even started yet with the fun adventures you have planned for the remainder of

Where Will You Go In A Travel Trailer This Summer?

If you want to plan a trip for your family this summer without having to venture too far away, you should consider some local California state beaches. A travel trailer rental from 101 RV Rentals will

Get Your RV Ready for Spring and Plan Your First Trip of the Year

It’s time to get your RV out of storage and ready for the camping season that’s just around the corner! The temperatures are warming up and campgrounds are ready for visitors. 101 RV Rentals can h

RV Rental Consignment Kelowna - RVR Kelowna - 844-760-0004

Do you own a motorhome or travel trailer that sits unused for most of the year? Have you ever considered renting it out through Outdoorsy or RVezy but you don’t want the hassle of taking reservatio

Three Ways to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your RV

Many people enjoy traveling around in an RV but are bothered by the environmental impact of these massive recreational vehicles. What if there was a way to lighten the impact a bit? 101 RV Rentals pro

Is Your RV in Need of Service or Maintenance?

Another busy RV year is winding down, and it’s a good time to think about getting yours serviced. At 101 RV Rentals, we can help you get your RV some essential service and maintenance while you take

Make Life Easier With Travel Trailer Delivery in Santa Barbara

When it comes to RV camping, California has a lot to offer. From sandy beaches to national parks, there is something to see and do for everyone. If you’ve been considering taking the plunge to buy a

Is a Toy Hauler the Right Camper for You?

Purchasing a toy hauler is a big decision. Before taking the leap, why not rent a toy hauler from 101 RV Rentals in Ventura County, CA, to see if it is the right kind of camper for your needs. Toy hau

Camping at Ocean Mesa Offers Opportunities for Relaxation & Adventure

Ocean Mesa RV Park & Campground provides campers with instant access to the Santa Barbara Coast and the Santa Ynez Mountains. Relaxation and adventure have never been easier to find than here! Plu

RV Trip Concierge Service - RVR Kelowna - RV Rentals and Trip Concierge - 844-760-0004

RV Trip Concierge Service - RVR Kelowna - RV Rentals and Trip Concierge - 844-760-0004Your time is valuable. Allow us to plan, arrange, and prepare for your trip. When you get back, we'll take care o

RV Trip Concierge Service - RVR Kelowna - RV Rentals And Trip Concierge - 844 - 760 - 0004

RV Trip Concierge Service - RVR Kelowna - RV Rentals and Trip Concierge - 844-760-0004 - Your time is valuable. Allow us to plan, arrange, and prepare for your trip. When you get back, we'll take care

Travel Trailer Rentals Kelowna - RVR Kelowna - 844-760-0004

Travel Trailer Rentals Kelowna - RVR Kelowna - 844-760-0004RV Rentals - Motorhomes, Travel Trailers. Make your travels memorable! Explore British Columbia in the Luxury and Freedom of an RV.or Visit:

2020 Travel Predictions Show Good Things Ahead

As 2019 draws to a close and we all look ahead to another new year, Allstar Coaches is gazing into its crystal ball to find the best predictions about travel in 2020. We’re also searching for infor

Allstar Coaches is Your Political Pit Crew

Allstar Coaches is Your Political Pit CrewDuring the early days of the 2000 presidential campaign, Senator John McCain crisscrossed New Hampshire in a bus with the words Straight Talk Express emblazo

Save Big on Your Next Vacation

Family vacations are expensive. Between airline tickets, hotel stays and food, a typical family will spend thousands for a week-long out-of-state adventure. But families who’ve discovered the RV li

The Nightmarish Perils of RV Sharing Platforms

RV Sharing sharing companies are like AirBnB for motorhomes offering owner-direct RV rentals. Although it sounds nice and easy, these platforms pose tremendous risk for RV renters and owners alike as

Three Fantastic July 4th Events for a Last-Minute Long Weekend RV Trip

It’s time to light the fuse on your holiday planning, because Independence Day is right around the corner. This year, July 4 falls on a Thursday, which gives you a perfect excuse to grab the family

A Week in an RV on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail from Louisville to Lexington

If you’re a bourbon lover or fan of American history, this unique trip is a perfect opportunity to pack the RV, sample a bit of genuine Americana and see Kentucky’s natural beauty up close. The p

Travel the Length of the East Coast While Visiting these 5 National Parks in Your RV

East Coast residents don’t have to travel far to visit some of the most amazing national parks in the country. A family RV road trip from Florida to Maine would take you through five wonderful exam

5 Fun Things to Do in Orlando on Your Next RV Vacation

Every year, more than 72 million people visit Orlando, Florida, making it one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. The city’s appeal has a lot to do with its unbeatable tropical weat

Do Spring Break in an RV Right with these Budget-Friendly Family Vacation Destinations

Take a Spring Break Road Trip. An RV vacation is a budget-friendly way to get the family out of the house and out on the road during your spring break. Because you’ll be traveling in your home away

Florida RV Rental Company Donates Nearly $2,500 to Aid Hurricane Michael Relief Efforts

Allstar Coaches pledged in November to do its part to aid those affected by the storm by donating $100 from each new RV rental booked through the holiday season. Because of that pledge, the family-o


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