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Rebel Morrow – Meant to be

There was something about Oaklea Groover that Rebel Morrow hadn’t experienced before, and it was the start of an extraordinary... The post Rebel Morrow – Meant to be appeared first on Equestrian

Simone Pearce shines at World Championships in Herning

Simone Pearce produced Australia’s top Grand Prix dressage score at the 2022 World Championships. JAMIE HOCKING caught up with her... The post Simone Pearce shines at World Championships in Herning

The Barb

The Barb is native to Northwest Africa’s Maghreb region, and MATHILDE GREGOIRE explores their fascinating story. The Barb or Berber... The post The Barb appeared first on Equestrian Hub.

Breathe first, win next

Horses require large quantities of oxygen for optimum performance. JESSICA MORTON explores a clever solution to those all too frequent... The post Breathe first, win next appeared first on Equestrian

How much do you know about your horses joints?

Horses have three different types of joints – fibrous joints, cartilaginous joints and synovial joints. Often joint issues are seen... The post How much do you know about your horses joints? appear

Using Hoof Boots to Aid Laminitis Recovery

According to the Australian Certified Equine Hoofcare Practitioners ACEHP, hoof boots are a vital part of the action plan that... The post Using Hoof Boots to Aid Laminitis Recovery appeared first on

20 Questions with Prue Spurrett

Prue Spurrett is a respected National dressage judge, and now retired FEI 3* and 4* eventing judge. Her quiet competence... The post 20 Questions with Prue Spurrett appeared first on Equestrian Hub.

Best Horse Riding Helmet Australia - Comfort & Safety Ratings

Horse riding helmets in Austaralia need to have the correct safet rating to be legal in competition. We look at the best helments available to purchase online in the country.

Embryo transfer

Is embryo transfer the right choice for your mare? DR DOUG ENGLISH looks at some of the basics. The first... The post Embryo transfer appeared first on Equestrian Hub.

On the bit Part 1

When it comes to bits, there are many. But how do you choose the right one? SUZY JARRATT delves into... The post On the bit Part 1 appeared first on Equestrian Hub.

How to Choose the Right Size and Fit Saddle

All fitters will tell you, and we concur, when looking for a new saddle you need to fit to the... The post How to Choose the Right Size and Fit Saddle appeared first on Equestrian Hub.

What Is The Best Horse Fly Spray To Keep Your Equine Happy

If you're a horse owner, you probably already know that flies can be a huge problem, especially during the warm summer months. Flies are not only annoying for your horse but can also transmit disease

Best Boots For Horse Riding - Our Buyers Guide

When it comes to riding horses, proper footwear is essential for safety and comfort. Not just any old pair of boots will do. Fortunately, though, shoppers have a considerable amount of choices. Many

Choosing The Best Horse Supplements For Your Horse Or Pony

It's no secret that horses and ponies need good nutrition to perform at their best. In fact, providing the right supplements is often one of the most important things you can do as a horse or pony ow

What Are The Best Winter Horse Rugs For Aussie Conditions

When the temperature starts to drop, we need to start thinking about keeping our horses warm through the winter. There are a few different options when it comes to horse rugs, but which one is best f

James & Sarah From JPR Equestrian Podcast On The Approachable Equestrian

If you haven't checked out the latest The Approachable Equestrian podcast, you need to. James and Sarah from JPR Equestrian (The Equestrian ambassadors) sit down to chat about what it takes to make

Horse Riding Helmet Safety Ratings - Brand Information

There's a few different brands of horse riding helmets available in Australia and their main purpose is to protect the everything inside (and including) your skull. But what else do these riding hel

David Shoobridge Q&A With JPR Equestrian

Check out this great video of the Q&A between James from JPR Equestrian and David Shoobridge. It's an interesting convo that includes top horses, top wins, and somehow.... bananas! Check out our

Need Motivation During Lockdown To Ride?

For many of us in lockdown, the enthusiasm to ride may have decreased and the lack of motivation grows as we watch the daily “Gladys updates”. Although the restrictions may have eased for some -

What Is A MIPs Helmet? Everything You Need To Know

What Is MIPs? This video is a simple but clear explanation of the MIPs system found within a horse riding helmet or other sporting helmet. It also explains why you need to know what it is as a horse

Showjumping Distances - How To Walk A Line With Olympian James Paterson-Robinson

Walking a distance is one of the critical elements of riding a quality show jumping round. Australian Olympian and The Equestrian ambassador James Paterson-Robinson from JPR Equestrian shows us how

Answer by Dafydd for Why "horseback riding" and not simply "horse riding"?

Surely it's just the USA English love of the more complex expressions "Why have it simple when it can be so beautifully complicated" As "elevator" for "lift" I notice a gentleman above describes hims

Answer by Greg Lee for Why "horseback riding" and not simply "horse riding"?

The first horse races I went to, at a county fair back in the 50s, did not have the jockeys sitting on the horses' backs, but rather in sulkies drawn behind the horses. Trotting races. And from the

Answer by Anne Cottam for Why "horseback riding" and not simply "horse riding"?

Because it was so commonplace before the motor car arrived, you just said "riding" and so do all people today who regularly ride, or who have grown up riding horses. You talk about "going out for a

Answer by Yubamaiden for Why "horseback riding" and not simply "horse riding"?

Interesting that Kevinspace brought up the issue of riding standing up. In American English, that is called "bareback riding," so perhaps "horseback riding" implies the difference between riding with

Answer by Fraser Orr for Why "horseback riding" and not simply "horse riding"?

It is interesting to compare the use in British and American English. Here is the NGram for the British English corpus: British English Horseback riding vs horse riding Now look at the American Eng

Answer by Tristan for Why "horseback riding" and not simply "horse riding"?

It's a good question. As TomH wrote, horseback riding is a primarily American usage. It's not in English generally. I have not heard anyone in the UK use it. The only time that I heard it was in Am

Answer by oosterwal for Why "horseback riding" and not simply "horse riding"?

I suspect it's left over from the days when a ride involving a horse could be done on the back of a horse or in a wagon or carriage behind a horse.

Answer by kevininspace for Why "horseback riding" and not simply "horse riding"?

What about when one rides on a horse standing up, as in rodeo shows or circus acts? The performer is indeed on horseback, but somehow I wouldn't describe them as riding "on horseback." In this case,

Answer by Patrick87 for Why "horseback riding" and not simply "horse riding"?

It's probably just a conflation of the phrases "horse riding" and "on horseback". Couple that with the fact that you are, generally, riding on the horse's back, and you've got a recipe for common usag

Why "horseback riding" and not simply "horse riding"?

As a German horse riding seems to be to the point. Why is it horseback riding in English? Isn't it obvious that you ride on the back of the horse? Is there a difference between British and American En


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