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'Protecting our democracy': DNC chair defends suit against Trump and Russia

Tom Perez: DNC can ‘walk and chew gum’ before the midterms Democratic party sues Russia, WikiLeaks and Trump

Iran Suggests Countering 'Hostile' US Measures Together With Russia, China

In the latest National Defense Strategy, the Pentagon designated “revisionist” Russia and China and “rogue” Iran as security threats to the United States.

Russian filmmaker unveils new projects and American horror movie to hit US screens

Russian director, scriptwriter and producer Angelina Nikonova finished working on an American horror flick called Nishkinata, filmed in the US

Kremlin blasts US media hype that Russian diplomats indulged in spying as paranoia

Whenever such charges are made one at least should offer specific reasons or provide some names, the Kremlin spokesman said

England Soccer Fans Reassured: National Flags Safe to Use at FIFA Cup Games

English football fans can "absolutely" wave national flags in support of their team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia this summer despite warnings by a police chief in Britain, according to a spokespers

Syria: western nations seek to bypass Russian veto at UN

Idea is to refer chemical weapons issue to UN general assembly, where Russia’s security council veto would not apply

Global special services’ interaction to ensure high security at FIFA World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off with the opening match in Moscow

Regulation of the media is in clear need of fresh thinking | Paul Chadwick

The absurdity of Ofcom investigating possible state bias in RT’s coverage of the Salisbury attack begs larger questions

Twenty Injured As Result of Phenol Leak in Czech Republic

An incident at the Chemotex facility, involving the dangerous substance Phenol, has occurred in the Czech town of Decin, a month after an explosion hit a Synthos plant near the country's capital.

Trevor Noah on Trump's 'bullshit foundation he built his career on'

Comics discussed Trump’s weekend tweets, the 1982 untruth that got Trump on the Forbes list, and the scandal-hit EPA chief Scott Pruitt

IFV crews, air defense units to compete on China’s soil at Army-2018 International Games

The International Army Games 2018 will be held on July 28 - August 11

When it comes to foreign policy, Congress must rein Trump in | Michael H Fuchs

The president’s foreign policy is deeply dangerous. Congress must provide adult supervision to keep the US safe

The Tale of Two Waffle Houses; Will Trump Be Forced to Restart DACA?

Armenian protests lead to Prime Minister's Resignation; Will Trump be forced to restart DACA?; Xi meets with Modi.

Scholar on Nuclear Disasters: 'I Am Not Optimistic About Our Collective Future'

On the 32nd anniversary of the most destructive man-caused disasters in history, the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in northern Ukraine, Sputnik discussed the liquidation of nuclear in

Petition Launched in France Against Anti-Semitism Rife in Muslim Neighborhoods

There is a different type of anti-Jewish sentiment that has apparently taken root in Europe, with many migrants streaming in from the Middle East bringing with them virulent anti-Semitism.

The rise of Russia’s neo-Nazi football hooligans

For the past two decades the Russian state has encouraged groups of violent far-right fans. As the World Cup approaches, it is struggling to tame them. By Simon Parkin

Russia, China to hold joint naval drills in Yellow Sea

The first stage of the Joint Sea 2017 drills was held in July last year in the Baltic Sea

Trump Will Make Russia Rich Again

Despite all his flaws and aggressive rhetoric, it can be argued that Donald Trump's foreign policy is perfect for the Russian economy. Sanctions against Russia are useless if the oil price is high, an

Russia’s security chief urges West, South Korea to give up military drills in region

The number of drills, which the adversaries of North Korea are holding, is declining, Secretary of Russia’s Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said

Goldman prize awarded to South African women who stopped an international nuclear deal

Winners of the world’s leading environmental award faced down Vladimir Putin and the country’s recently deposed leader, Jacob Zuma, to overturn a multibillion-dollar nuclear deal

Armenia’s major cities gripped by opposition rallies

The road to Zvartnots International Airport was blocked in the morning

New shelter over ruined reactor of Chernobyl NPP to be commissioned in December

The new shelter for the fourth unit was supposed to be completed by 2012-2013, but financial constraints caused repeated delays

Armenian protesters take to streets again as talks break down

Supporters of Nikol Pashinyan gather in Republic Square after forcing PM’s resignation

German Firms May Lose 1.5Bln Euros in Russia Due to Sanctions - Commerce Chamber

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The losses of German companies in Russia from US sanctions in the worst-case scenario could amount to 1.5 billion euros, the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce said in a statement T

The Guardian view on privacy online: a human right | Editorial

Encryption on the internet will be abused, but better that than a society where no one is allowed secrets from the government

The 'deep state' is real. But are its leaks against Trump justified? | Jack Goldsmith

Even the most severe critics of the US president should worry about this subtle form of anti-democratic abuse

Thousands Rally in Yemen as Houthi Official Killed in Saudi Airstrike (VIDEO)

Thousands of Yemeni citizens gathered this Thursday on the streets to protest the recent killing of Chairman of Yemen's Supreme Political Council Saleh al-Samad.

China Will Not Permit Taiwan to Be Seen as Separate Country

Chinese naval forces have recently sailed through seas close to the South of Taiwan and carried out military exercises in the Western Pacific, carrying out a series of drills with Taiwan that has been

Russia in the News - Miami University

Get a Jump on Summer: How to Rent a Dacha

Kremlin cautions against ‘dramatizing or deriding’ blocking problems in Telegram case

The Kremlin spokesman warned against overly dramatizing or deriding the problems the Russian telecom watchdog has encountered in blocking the instant messaging service Telegram


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