The Key Guys-St Paul MN Key Duplication Service

The Key Guys are St Paul MN #1 Car Key Duplication Service. Specializing in Car Keys and Key Fobs they also repair ignitions and dood when Car Keys Get Stuck or broken in them.

The Key Guys Offer Key Duplication Service Throughout The St Paul MN Area | Car Keys Made & Repaired - THE KEY GUYS - Car Key Duplication

Getting a new car key cut is not as simple as it once was.  While you can still get your house key duplicated at the corner hardware store, they can not duplicate car keys as they once did.

Switchblade Keys – Transponder Keys Described

What are switchblade keys and transponder keys? Does the music of Mac the Knife come to mind when you hear the term “Switchblade” Keys? Do you wonder what people mean when they refer to Transponde

Twin Cities: How To Get Your Car Key Programmed “Near Me”

Car Key Programming Who do you call? Where do you go? In the Minneapolis St Paul Metro Area You call The Key Guys.   Car remote keys work by communicating with the locks in the specific car by using

Duplicate Car Keys Made & Repaired Burnsville, Apple Valley & Lakeville Minnesota

We created a new version of our video and targeted it to three south of the river communities we serve with our mobile vans: Burnsville, Apple Valley and Lakeville. These communities have grown dramat

New Video for St Paul, West Saint Paul, and South St Paul

We Love the St Paul’s… Whether you live in Saint Paul proper, South St Paul or West St Paul, you can count on The Key Guys for all your car key needs. We have been celebrating our being names Lock

Car Keys Lost or Stolen Call The Key Guys St Paul & Minneapolis Area 612-333-7677

Nothing is more frustrating than lost or stolen car keys Especially since such events occur just when you need to go somewhere quickly. But do not panic. In the Minneapolis St Paul Metro are you have

New Ads Demo File

We are in the process of working up some new visuals. Below is our first batch which we are posting as an experiment to see what they look like online.                                

Car Keys Lost, No Spare? Minneapolis St Paul Metro Solution

Lost Car Keys? No Spare? Oh that Sinking feeling when you realize that you have lost your car keys, and have no spare key.  It may be of little consolation, but if you live in the Minneapolis St Paul

Fed Trade Commission Warns About Scam Auto Locksmiths

Buyer Beware! When It Comes to Selecting an Automotive Locksmith for Your Car As reputable bonded and insured Car Key Locksmiths with a long history of reputable business in the Minneapolis St Paul Me

Suburu Keyless Entry System Security Flaw

We have learned of a security issue with Subaru’s Keyless Entry System.  Their Key Fob can be hacked. Subaru key fobs can be ‘hacked’ and used to unlock cars for just $25 – Gears Of Biz A com

Taking Care of Your Car Keys

Taking Care of Your Car Keys It goes without saying that car keys are important to most people. With cars becoming an extension of people’s lives, key safety and security are a necessity. Here are s

Why They’re Saying Voice Control is the Future of Home Tech

In the short story, “There Will Come Soft Rains”, Ray Bradbury paints a rather grim picture of a house of the future whose family has gone. In the story, the...

9 Moving Hacks That Make Moving Not Terrible

You’ve found a new place to live and it’s amazing (plus you found some tips to make it even better). But you’re frantically Googling “moving hacks” the week before the...

7 Apartment Living Tips that Make Home Life More Awesome

Living in an apartment means compromise. Not always getting what you want really rings true for most renters. It’s almost guaranteed that there’s something you’d change about your apartment if

Everything You Need to Build a Sick Apartment Bar

You probably keep all your liquor in a corner cabinet in your kitchen, don’t you? I mean, you have to dig past the Vermouth to get to the bitters. And...

Apartment Hacks that Make a Studio a Castle

Studios certainly have their advantages when it comes to finding space in premium locations. But you need apartment hacks to make them seem bigger than they really are. After all,...

Home Security Tech: But, are Smart Homes Safer?

Don’t expect smart home innovation to slow down anytime soon. A recent CNET survey found that more than a quarter of U.S. homeowners already have smart home technology installed in...

Home Automation for Beginners: Tips for Noobs

You wake up to your smartphone alarm, stream your music from the cloud, communicate exclusively via texting, and yell at Siri to mark down meetings. But you still turn your lights on...

Bluetooth Locks: Risky? Or Seriously Cool Tech?

New tech always makes you the coolest kid on the block. Smart homes are the current cutting edge, and promise to be “better than the Jetsons.” Someone tell me when...


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