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South West Plumbing has 35 years of experience serving the people of Tacoma. Our full suite of services is available to everyone, including homeowners, business owners, property managers, and municipal managers. Our services are affordable and address all general plumbing and heating applications, from sewer line repair to water heater installation to slab leak detection.

Ask a Plumber: Water Leaks - South West Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, & Electric

Giving you another episode of South West Plumbing's "Ask a Plumber" series! This time Kirk talks about water leaks and how to solve them. A l ...

General Pipe Cleaners releases drain cleaner with automatic feed

The hand-held Power-Vee drain cleaner with automatic feed makes clearing small drain lines fast and easy, the company says.

Crafting a self-managing organization

 A concept gaining widespread interest is that of the self-managing company. The aim? To liberate leaders from operational minutiae, paving the way for strategic foresight and innovation.

Home Service Nightmares: Spooky Solutions for Your Haunted Pipes

As the moon casts an eerie glow and leaves rustle in the cool autumn breeze, Halloween  approaches with its bag of tricks and treats. While you might be prepared for ghosts and  goblins, there’s o

A. O. Smith announces non-condensing tankless water heater with scale prevention

A. O. Smith’s breakthrough X3 Scale Prevention Technology ensures uninterrupted functionality, eliminates the need for scale-related maintenance and extends the lifespan of tankless units three time

Creating a complete system to provide space heating, cooling, DHW and fresh air ventilation

The overall objective was to create a complete HVAC system, rather than just a heating + cooling system. The system would provide space heating, cooling, domestic hot water, and fresh air ventilation.

Women can work in mechanical rooms

Another photo appeared and this one had a woman in it. She was holding a long wrench and the business end was attached to one of the risers to the boiler’s drop-header.

The Glitch & The Fix: Circulator problems

 Can you diagnose why this glitch is happening, and suggest alternate methods for constructing this portion of the system?

Uponor celebrates grand opening of new Experience Center

The Uponor Experience Center will officially open to external audiences for tours and training in October 2023.

Upgrading old school restrooms

As part of the American Rescue Plan, educational funding can provide over $274 billion in support for schools — the largest investment ever in the history of primary and secondary education.

What to Do When Your Toilet Gurgles

Does your toilet gurgle at random intervals for no apparent reason? Are you worried about using your toilet while it’s making these noises? You’re right to be concerned—a gurgling, bubbling toi

Historic Ruby’s Inn Resort honored with national award for its environmental impact

Propane use at Ruby’s Inn has helped to eliminate 5,200 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent. 

Caleffi names Kayla Redding as regional sales manager

Redding brings a combination of distinguished academic credentials and over 17 years of experience in the manufacturing and construction industries. 

What Amp is a Dryer Plug?

Laundry day, a chore that inevitably finds its way onto everyone’s to-do list, would be a far more daunting task without the trusty dryer. This essential appliance efficiently dries your clothes, ma

How to Fix a Wobbly Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a welcome addition to any home, offering a cool breeze during sweltering summer days and distributing warmth in the winter. They not only provide comfort but also contribute to energy

How to Prevent and Fix Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a nuisance that every homeowner is likely to face. Whether it’s a minor kitchen sink clog or a major sewer line obstruction, having a stopped-up drain can lead to unnecessary str

What is an Electric Panel?

When it comes to the modern convenience and functionality of our homes, few things play as crucial a role as the electric panel. This unassuming device is the heart of your home’s electrical system,

Lighting Repair


Lighting Installation


Safety Inspection


Electrical Services


A Homeowner’s Basic Guide To Your Electrical System

Electricity powers almost everything in our lives at this point. But what does that mean for you as a homeowner?  Your electrical system is different from the other major systems in your home in a fe

What is Pex Plumbing?

In the world of modern plumbing, innovation is a driving force that shapes the way we manage water in our homes and businesses. One of the remarkable advancements in this field is Pex plumbing, a vers

Why Plumbing Should be Your Top Priority During a Home Remodel

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you may have aesthetic changes in mind, but there’s much more going on beneath the surface. Making plumbing a top priority during the

The Lowdown on Low Water Pressure: What You Can Do to Fix It

When you don’t have enough water pressure, it can be tough to clean your dishes or take a shower. Low water pressure isn’t just an inconvenience; it can indicate trouble in your home’s plumbing

What Are the Most Common Plumbing Emergencies?

Plumbing emergencies can strike at any time, causing inconvenience, damage, and stress. As a homeowner or business owner, being prepared for such unexpected situations is crucial. South West Plumbing

How Long Does a Tankless Water Heater Last?

When it comes to essential household appliances, few are as vital as the water heater. If you’re exploring the idea of upgrading your water heating system, you might have heard about the game-changi

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Fall

Fall is around the corner and with it comes beautiful Fall foliage, colder weather, or maybe a trip to the pumpkin patch. Sadly, Fall can also put extra stress on your home from the changing season. H

What Size Tankless Water Heater Do I Need?

If you’re looking to upgrade your water heating system to a more energy-efficient and space-saving solution, a tankless water heater is an excellent choice. These compact marvels provide hot water o

8 Summer Plumbing Problems & How to Avoid Them

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that plumbing issues are limited to the colder months. But as the temperature rises outside, so does the likelihood of certain unexpected plumbing problems. Here’

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

Pesky drain flies can quickly become a nuisance in any home or business, leaving you feeling frustrated and eager to find a solution. These tiny, flying insects are commonly found around drains, hence

How to Drain a Hot Water Heater

A hot water heater is an essential appliance in any home, providing us with the comfort of warm water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning. However, over time, sediment buildup can occur inside the tank

What is Hydro Jetting?

Clogged drains are a common problem in every household, and it can be frustrating when the drain keeps backing up. Over time, dirt, hair, grease, and oil can build up on the pipe’s wall, narrowing t

What is the Difference between a Plumber and a Plumbing Contractor?

Plumbing issues are frustrating, and knowing who to call for help can be equally puzzling. Do you need a plumber or a plumbing contractor? These terms are often used interchangeably, but they refer t

What to Do When You Have a Water Leak

What to Do When You Have a Water Leak Did you just spot a water leak? Don’t panic! Knowing how to respond can significantly reduce property damage and restore your peace of mind. Consider some effe

How to Prevent Leaky Pipes

How to Prevent Leaky Pipes As a homeowner, nothing is more frustrating than finding a water leak. It might start as a tiny drip, but it doesn’t take long to escalate into structural damage, costly

7 Signs You Need a Pipe Repair Service

7 Signs You Need a Pipe Repair Service A healthy plumbing system is like a well-oiled machine—silent, efficient, and largely unnoticed. But when something goes wrong, it can severely disrupt your d

How to Fix 3 Common Plumbing Leaks

How to Fix 3 Common Plumbing Leaks Dealing with plumbing leaks is an inevitable part of homeownership. While some leaks may require a professional’s expertise, you can tackle many common issues as

8 Reasons to Schedule Water Heater Maintenance

8 Reasons to Schedule Water Heater Maintenance Everyone loves a steamy hot shower, but this rejuvenating experience can quickly turn unpleasant if your water heater suddenly goes cold. Water heater m

5 Quick Tips To Prep Your Home For Spring

The winter months can affect your home greatly—broken pipes, crack hose bibbs, sump pump failures etc. With spring right around the corner, is your plumbing ready for the warmer weather?

What You Need To Know About Natural Gas

Natural gas is used in many homes nationwide for heating and cooking. It’s found in the ground, often in conjunction with petroleum. It consists of methane and trace amounts of gases like carbon dio

Cleaning Hacks That Can Damage Your Toilet

There are household chores, and then there is cleaning the toilet. Check out these dos and don’ts when it comes to doing the job right. Don’t Fall for the TikTok Fabuloso Hack While scrolling thro

What To Do When Your Pipes Freeze

As cold as it can get in the Mid-Atlantic region, frozen pipes are always a possibility, especially when temperatures drop below 32 degrees overnight or for a sustained period. Should any of your pipe

5 Reasons It’s Time to Flush Your Water Heater

There is nothing like a nice hot shower on a cold winter’s morning! But there’s nothing like the wake-up call you get when your shower runs frigid! Here are a few simple tips for ensuring your wat

Leaving Town for the Holidays? You Need These 6 Things on Your Plumbing Checklist

You’ve packed your swimwear or your snow gear, and you’re heading out of town for the holidays. But your return home could be less than relaxing unless you’ve taken a few precautions with your p

6 Places You Should Clean This Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season, and in addition to shopping, wrapping presents, and cooking, deep cleaning your home should be on your holiday prep list. Here are six places homeowners forget when making t

Why Is My Water Is Taking Too Long To Heat?

When you need hot water in your home, you don’t want to wait. If your shower takes too long to warm up or you’re dealing with slow hot water throughout your home, there are some things you can do

7 Reasons To Install a Touchless Faucet

Touchless faucets are a new technology that helps conserve water, free your hands, and help keep your faucet handles free from dirt and germs. What Is a Touchless Faucet? A touchless faucet eliminates


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