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What to Do After a Car Accident That Is Not Your Fault

No matter how long you’ve been driving. No matter how safe your streets usually are. A car accident can happen to anyone. But what often makes car accidents worse is when someone other than you caus

How Hurricane Season Affects Florida Car Accidents

Living in Tampa allows you to avoid the dangers of driving in the snow and... The post How Hurricane Season Affects Florida Car Accidents appeared first on Kinney, Fernandez & Boire.

How to Recognize the Signs of Vestibular Dysfunction After a Car Accident

Given the number of vehicles on Florida roads, it should come as no surprise that... The post How to Recognize the Signs of Vestibular Dysfunction After a Car Accident appeared first on Kinney, Ferna

What Do I Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident?

Car accidents are stressful and traumatic events. However, when the other driver leaves the accident scene without stopping or trying to exchange information, it can make your experience much more fr

Who Is At Fault in A Car Accident T-Bone

T-bone accidents, also called broadside collisions, involve the front end of one vehicle striking the side of another vehicle, or vice versa. These accidents have the name T-bone collision because af

Meet our Client Solutions team!

This incredibly caring and talented team is made up of knowledgeable and compassionate people who genuinely want to help. And they will always find you a solution, even if we’re not it. The post Me

The Most Common Causes of Vehicle Collisions

Every year, thousands of traffic accidents happen across the country. They are a leading cause of death in the United States and a significant source of hospital emergency room visits. Yet, even thou

How Do You Win a Medical Negligence Case?

You might suffer no adverse consequences when a healthcare provider commits an error. A doctor might even correct a mistake early enough that you never know it happened. But many victims of medical e

Marijuana Driving Laws In Florida

Marijuana possession has been illegal under federal law and state law for decades. However, many... The post Marijuana Driving Laws In Florida appeared first on Kinney, Fernandez & Boire.

Core Value Champion – Jessica Cook

We are celebrating a member of our team who is a shining example of our core values, an absolute inspiration to the team, and an incredible person all around – Jessica Cook! The post Core Value Cha

What Should You Do In Case of a Cruise Ship Injury?

The COVID-19 pandemic halted travel and greatly affected industries like cruise ships in 2020. Recently,... The post What Should You Do In Case of a Cruise Ship Injury? appeared first on Kinney, Fern

Florida Teen Dies in Tragic Amusement Park Accident

In March 2022, 14-year-old amusement park visitor ​​Tyre Sampson fell off a ride at ICON Park in Florida and died. ICON Park is a family destination in Orlando with more than 50 rides, boutique s

Is a Hit and Run a Felony?

Knowing the ins and outs of this type of case will be beneficial if you’ve been accused of a hit-and-run crime or have been a victim of one. Hit-and-run cases can have various outcomes and require a

Penalties & Everything You Need to Know About Vehicular Manslaughter in Florida

If you’ve been charged with vehicular manslaughter, your first instinct might be to hire the best criminal defense lawyers in your area, but this may not be the only step you need to take. It’s im

Car Accident Lawyer Fees in Florida

Following an auto accident, the last thing you want to consider is how much you will have to pay in car accident lawyer fees. However, it’s important to know how much you will likely have to pay to

5 Important Rainy Day Driving Tips

Rainy season in Tampa is not a myth used by locals to scare visitors away... The post 5 Important Rainy Day Driving Tips appeared first on Kinney, Fernandez & Boire.

Pain and Suffering Calculator: How To Calculate Your Settlement Amount

Have you suffered a personal injury? The following is a guide to help you easily figure out how much your case is worth, by using our free pain and suffering calculator. This formula is 100% accurate

5 Steps of a Personal Injury Claim (with timeline & prices)

We put together this handy list of steps to a Personal Injury claim with Litco Law so you can know more about the process and what to expect.   The post 5 Steps of a Personal Injury Claim (with t

How to File a Truck Accident Lawsuit

Truck transport is a thriving business in the United States. An estimated 15.5 million trucks operate in the U.S., with almost 2 million tractor-trailers. About 70 percent of all products reach their

The 10 Basic Rules of Water Safety

Water activities offer a way to beat the heat of summer in Tampa, Florida. What... The post The 10 Basic Rules of Water Safety appeared first on Kinney, Fernandez & Boire.

Truck Rollovers: Deadly and More Common Than You Might Think

In Florida, 349 people were killed by truck crashes in a recent year, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Large commercial motor vehicles (CMV) and other trucks pose

What Are the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Bicycle Accidents?

More than fifty million people all across the country are bicycling for exercise, transportation, or pleasure. But unfortunately, even though bicyclists account for about one percent of vehicles on t

What Happens if I Get Injured in an Accident With an Underinsured Driver?

Getting injured in any motor vehicle accident is upsetting. When the driver at fault hits your car, you expect their insurance company to cover damages to your vehicle and your medical expenses. Ther

How Can You Tell Who Hit Who in a Car Accident?

Determining who bears fault for a car accident can prove critical. The at-fault individual’s insurance company will usually take care of the damages related to the accident, including the cost of r

Don’t Leave for Your Next Trip Without Doing These 4 Things.

Accidents and injuries can happen when you least expect it, including while you’re on vacation. Find out how you can plan ahead and protect yourself when you leave the country or province.  

When Is It Possible to Sue if a Child Is Injured on a Playground?

Children often experience minor injuries throughout their lives as they play, with small bruises or... The post When Is It Possible to Sue if a Child Is Injured on a Playground? appeared first on Kin

A Lawyer Explains: What Are Section B Benefits and Why Do I Need Them? 

Did you know that if you are injured in an accident in Alberta, you may be entitled to Section B benefits regardless of who is at fault? The post A Lawyer Explains: What Are Section B Benefits and Wh

Can I Ride a Bike On The Sidewalk In Florida?

The City of Tampa boasts more than 130 miles of roadways to accommodate bicycle riders.... The post Can I Ride a Bike On The Sidewalk In Florida? appeared first on Kinney, Fernandez & Boire.

Heatstroke Prevention Tips To Protect Children

While many parts of the country only experience hot, humid weather during July and August,... The post Heatstroke Prevention Tips To Protect Children appeared first on Kinney, Fernandez & Boire.

Your Top 8 Real Estate FAQs Answered

Are you planning on buying, selling, or refinancing your home? You may be wondering at what stage you need a lawyer, how much it will cost, and more. The post Your Top 8 Real Estate FAQs Answered app

Core Value Champion – Nicholas Rego

This quarter we’re celebrating a member of our team who is an incredible example of our core values in everything he does!   The post Core Value Champion – Nicholas Rego appeared first on Lit

Everything You Need to Know: Maternity Leave and Employment

Whether you’re a soon-to-be parent or you know someone who is, it can be helpful to understand how Alberta’s employment laws work for expecting parents. The post Everything You Need to Know: Mat

Riding in a limo or party bus this summer? Here’s what you need to know.

Have you ever wondered what the laws are if your party bus or limousine gets into an accident? We consulted our lawyers at Litco Law to find out the answers.   The post Riding in a limo or party

Florida Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise

The ongoing conflict between Florida pedestrians and motorists seems to have taken a deadly turn... The post Florida Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise appeared first on Kinney, Fernandez & Boire.

Litco Law is the first law firm in Alberta to launch a digital café for clients.   

You can now pre-order a delicious complimentary hot or cold beverage from our digital LitCafé prior to your appointment. With over 20 customizable options to choose from, there’s something for eve

How Long After A Car Accident Can I Claim Injury?

Car accidents can be a scary experience. In the craziness following the accident, you may not notice right away that you were injured because of the accident. As injuries appear over time, you may won

Broadside Collision – What They Are, Where They Happen, and How to Protect Yourself

  A broadside collision is an accident that happens when two vehicles collide head-on. This type of accident causes the most fatalities and serious injuries on our roads because it involves high sp

13 Questions to Ask a Lawyer About Car Accident Case

Car accidents can be a scary experience. In the craziness following the accident, you may not notice right away that you were injured because of the accident. As injuries appear over time, you may won

How Not Wearing a Seat Belt Can Affect Your Car Accident Claim

Buckling up isn’t just a slogan. It’s a safe choice. Statistics show that seat belts saved more than 14,950 lives in 2017, and as many as 2,500 more lives could’ve been saved if they’d been w

Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Near You?

There are a plethora of situations in which hiring a legal professional to assist you can be a good decision. Experiencing a personal injury is one such instance. But what exactly does hiring a perso

Lost Wages from Car Accident with Injury: How Do I Recover These Lost Wages?

Taking some time off work is usually something people look forward to. You spend so much time planning what you’re going to do with those vacation days you’ve got. But when you’re in a car accid

No Injury Car Accident Compensation: How Much Payout Can I Get?

Being in a motor vehicle accident can be a very scary situation. It’s even scarier if you, a loved one, or someone else is injured because of the accident. You’re probably familiar with filing an

Family Sues Orlando Apartment Complex for Wrongful Death

Losing a beloved friend or family member is one of the most difficult experiences a person can go through. But when a loved one dies from someone else’s negligence, it makes the situation even hard

All You Need to Know About Filing a Personal Injury Claim

If you are ever injured in a car accident, from slipping on public property, or due to any other circumstance, you may be looking into filing a personal injury claim. However, it can be challenging t

Fatal Crashes in Tampa Bay Spike in First Half of 2021

As more Tampa Bay residents transition from working at home during the pandemic back to working at the office, the number of commuters on Pinellas County roads is rising—and so is the number of fat

Nassau County, Florida Family Awarded $1 Billion For Death of Teen Son in Truck Crash

A so-called “nuclear verdict”—which includes any award that totals more than $10 million, according to the insurance industry—was made on August 20, 2021 in the case of a fatal truck accident

What To Do If You Get Into an Accident During Your Canadian Holiday

When you are about to embark on a holiday to Canada, you are likely excited to see all the wondrous sights that this country has to offer. From cascading waterfalls to sky-high mountain tops, a trip

The Essentials of Estate Planning

Even those with little assets can benefit from end-of-life planning, which involves so much more than just writing a will. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know when we may pass away, and a little

More Tampa Area Mail Carriers Are Being Attacked By Dogs

An increase in dog attacks is leaving Tampa Bay residents and mail carriers concerned. Since October 2020, postal workers have been attacked by animals at an increasing rate. According to United Stat

41st Anniversary of Tampa’s Sunshine Skyway Bridge Disaster

Over 41 years ago, on May 9, 1980, one of the worst maritime disasters in Tampa Bay’s history occurred. A violent storm shook the waves so hard that a freighter, the Summit Venture, struck the Suns

Slip & Fall Accidents: How a Lawyer Can Help

Most accident lawyer websites have a guide about what to do when individuals are involved in motor vehicle accidents, but it seems that those who have been involved in slip and fall accidents have be

Tampa Woman Causes Second Fatal Crash in High-Speed I-4 Collision

A woman traveling 111 mph was arrested on April 25, 2021, after a fatal Tampa crash on I-4 in Hillsborough County. According to authorities, Jennifer Carvajal was clocked going over at least 3 times

Get The Right Information For Your Will

Whatever assets that you build up during your life, it is important that you protect them and ensure that they end up in safe and trustworthy hands. The best way to do this is to write a will and ens

Fatal Motorcycle Crash on I-75 in Tampa Kills Wimauma Man

Shortly before 11:30 a.m. on March 31, 2021, a motorcyclist crashed on I-75 south of the Big Bend Road exit. The 68-year-old Wimauma man was traveling north on the interstate when a car in front of h

What Should You Do if You Are Involved in a Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Accident?

Pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable road users because they are completely unprotected. If a pedestrian lives after being struck by a motor vehicle, they can sustain severe, life-changing inju

Zephyrhills Woman Killed in Crash with Dump Truck

At 6:51 a.m. on January 29, 2021, a Zephyrhills woman (age 27) was killed in a crash after she collided with a dump truck on State Rd. 56 east of Oakwood Preserve in North Tampa. The dump truck was b

Things A Cyclist Should Know When Hit By A Car

Cyclists enjoy the same obligations and rights as other vehicles on the road. However, it is not uncommon for cyclists to be struck by drivers on the road and suffer serious injuries. If you are a cy

What to do When A Car Accident Happens?

A motor vehicle accident can cause a lot of emotional and physical stress. It also comes with a host of difficult questions such as: Who is at fault? Who should pay for medical bills? Who pays for th

Bicycle and Vehicle Collisions

Did you know that 40% of bicycle and vehicle collisions end in the death of the cyclist? The number is alarming, but bicycle accident lawyers near you are ready to help. Besides knowing the law, you


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