FDA Labelling and Cancer Detection

News on the process of the FDA and their labelling guidelines, juice terminology and an early cancer detection breakthroughs.

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Restorative agriculture & renewable energy on the future homestead | Joshua Morris | TEDxMissouriS&T

Josh Morris is a retired Army Ranger who became interested in historical human conflict. From his research, Josh presented about how throughout history, conflicts have almost always been fought over

Uncovering bravery: My life as a female engineer | Tamar Makharashvili | TEDxMissouriS&T

Tamar Makharashvili is pursuing an electrical engineering Ph.D. from Missouri S&T, and she discussed how her current path is something she could not have dreamed of ten years ago. As a girl growi

PepsiCo’s $4 billion investment in Mexico

I was interested to see what BakeryandSnacks.com had to say about PepsiCo’s investment in Mexico. This company, which makes ultra-processed drinks and snacks, plans to invest $4 billion in Mexico ov

Relationship building in the rural farm to table movement | Alex Giger | TEDxMissouriS&T

Alex Giger challenged the mindset of the farm-to-table movement and described what it takes to work with local farmers to bring food from the farm, onto the plate, then the table. He also described h

المرأة بين الدماغ والمجتمع | Joman Natsheh | TEDxAlQudsUniversity

صورة المرأة في كثير من المجتمعات مقهورة، وضعيفة، ومنهزمة. والدعوات لتغيير هذه الصورة النمطية ترتكز -في أغلب ا

Driving innovation through student entrepreneurship on campuses | Ed Koharik | TEDxMissouriS&T

Ed Koharik is a student entrepreneur who is passionate about student innovation. He shared with the audience how we can help cultivate and encourage curious minds at the university and beyond. Ed als

Deadly jobs | Mike Schmidt | TEDxMissouriS&T

Mike Schmidt is a process safety engineer, so you could say that he lives and breathes workplace safety. He explained what hazards consistently contribute to workplace fatalities, and how as a societ

Beekeeping: Why bugs matter | Charlotte Wiggins | TEDxMissouriS&T

Charlotte Ekker Wiggins is a lifelong gardener, but it was not until she started to keep honeybees in her garden that she began to understand the scope of the pollinators, down to honeybees providing

The art of storytelling | Leneisa Parks | TEDxMissouriS&T

Leneisa Parks shared the tales of triumph and woe of underrepresented communities and how individuals and groups built their own narratives and chose to reject narratives that were created for them.

Food & beverage trends, regulation, labeling, innovation

Daily news about food and beverage trends, food regulation and labeling, gluten-free, clean labels, GMOs, stevia, ancient grains, food M&A in North America.

FDA Labelling, More Labelling and Cancer Detection

This week news on the grinding process of the FDA and their labelling guidelines, juice terminology and an early cancer detection breakthrough.

Comparing energetics of solitary animals, ant colonies & human cites | Chen Hou | TEDxMissouriS&T

Dr. Chen Hou explored the similarities between solitary animals, ant colonies and human cities. He explained that ant colonies and human cities are like super-organisms in the way they use energy. Dr

Redefining the Cardboard Box: Youth in Public Policy | Amanda Schuerman | TEDxGilbert

Is American democracy truly representative of all people? Public policy affects the lives of the young and old alike, and yet one group of people is almost always excluded from the democratic process

I’m a Latinx female founder, and this is how much rejection it took to get to $27 million

Irma Olguin Jr. went from googling “series A” to landing a massive round for Bitwise from investors aligned with her mission. Here’s how she did it. Bitwise Industries just came into some cash

Whoopi Goldberg blames Bella Thorne for her own nude photo hack

A hacker was threatening to leak nude photos stolen from Thorne. Actress Bella Thorne says she was hacked and had nude photos swiped. When the hacker blackmailed her, threatening to release the intim

This high-tech soccer jersey changes colors so fans of rival teams don’t beat you up

Women’s World Cup fans don’t need this—yet. When it comes to soccer, the fans at the Women’s World Cup are pretty civil. But head to, for instance, Argentina, and it’s a different story, as

How an Ideo.org designer created a Yelp for refugees

At Ideo.org, Jennifer Rose helped develop Kuja Kuja, a platform refugees can use to rate and suggest services. Now she’s Kuja Kuja’s global design director. Jennifer Rose is the global design dir

This skill makes you more employable, no matter the role

An employer shares 7 ways to sharpen this skill and make yourself more attractive to recruiters. I’ve found that one of the most interesting predictors of success is being a good writer—even if t

This is the most poetic way to block your phone’s distracting notifications

It’s like a Faraday cage, in the form of a beautiful stoneware bowl. After staring at a screen all day, the last thing I want to do is look at my phone. But inevitably, the texts and notifications

Is it better to be happy, excited, or satisfied at work?

For instance: Satisfaction is a great feeling, but it might take years at a job before you truly feel satisfied. There are many different positive emotions: anticipatory emotions when you’re lookin

Must Hear TV? NBCUniversal uses “commercial innovations” to cut through the attention economy

At this year’s Cannes Lion, NBCUniversal unveiled new strategies to help brands cut through the static. Much has been said about the perilous state of the attention economy. Some have signaled its

Advice for startup newbies: Think big (but keep the lights on)

Two ambitious and confident early-stage founders ask Maynard Webb for advice on next steps. Editor’s Note: Each week, Maynard Webb, former CEO of LiveOps and the former COO of eBay, will offer can

Scientists are studying the dust inside homes. Here’s what they’re discovering

You vacuum it, sweep it, and wipe it off your furniture. But do you know what it actually is—and how it may affect your health? Don’t feel bad if you’re clueless about your dust. Scientists are

The tragic destruction of the Economic Research Service, continued

I care about what’s happening to the ERS because I depend on the research it produces and have relied on its authoritative studies for decades.  I trust ERS researchers to be honest, independent, a

Don’t Let Schools Propagandize Your Kids

The following is a letter I wrote to my child’s school upon finding out some of the ideas they were trying to force upon her and her classmates as it relates to vaccines: With the school year nearin

Industry-funded study of the week: this time, Pistachios

Pistachio consumption modulates DNA oxidation and genes related to telomere maintenance: a crossover randomized clinical trial. Silvia Canudas, Pablo Hernández-Alonso, Serena Galié, Jananee Muralidh

How to Run and Walk Safely in the Dark

How to Run and Walk Safely in the Dark

Weekend reading: Canned

Anna Zeide.  Canned: The Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence in the American Food Industry.  University of California Press, 2018. This book uses the history of canned foods—beginning with conden

Can Oreo cookies be sustainable?

We are seeing intense pressure on food companies to adopt more sustainable supply-chain and production practices.  But can an ultra-processed food ever be sustainably produced?  Or, is a sustainable

This Much Time In Nature Boosts Mental & Physical Health, Finds Study

It’s actually a super attainable goal. This Much Time In Nature Boosts Mental & Physical Health, Finds Study

This Energetic Imbalance Could Be Making Your Gut Health Issues Worse

{pixabay|100|campaign}When you are ready to move from good to great, you turn to the solar plexus chakra. This Energetic Imbalance Could Be Making Your Gut Health Issues Worse

Bayer defends glyphosate

This is the second full-page ad like this I’ve seen in the New York Times.  This one is from June 4. As far as I’ve been able to tell, ads like these cost on the order of $85,000 or so. Bayer, y

My latest publication: food and nutrition policy primer

This is an invited comment on a series of papers on food policy in the American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 109, No. 7 (July): 985-986. Primer on US Food and Nutrition Policy and Public Health: Ma

Industry-funded study of the week: dairy foods, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease

Knowing that this review was sponsored by the dairy industry, can you predict its conclusions? Association between dairy intake and the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases:

Looking back on a milestone year in the movement to curb sugar

Wow. What a groundbreaking year for the movement to bring sugar back to healthy levels!  At the start of 2016, Berkeley CA was the only community in the United States with a tax on sugary drinks. We

Weekend viewing: The Biggest Little Farm

I rarely review food movies, but this is an especially good one, beautifully filmed, inspiring, yet raw enough to ring true: The Biggest Little Farm. I saw this in Ithaca’s Cinemopolis last week al

Food industry: efforts to fight hunger?

I keep saying that food companies are not social service or public health agencies and should not be viewed as such.  They are businesses, and everything they do must aim to promote sales and returns


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