FDA Labelling and Cancer Detection

News on the process of the FDA and their labelling guidelines, juice terminology and an early cancer detection breakthroughs.

Why Our Future Needs Your Past | Homaira Kabir | TEDxYouth@ABA

Women’s wellbeing and leadership coach Homaira Kabir shares how the stories of our past can help us move beyond perspective taking and build the emotional empathy and values-based responsibility we

SNL drinks the Kool-Aid for that controversial Gillette ad

In terms of Gillette ad parodies, this sketch is probably the best a man can get. What: A timely parody of the Gillette ad encouraging men to be better. Read Full Story

FDA Labelling, More Labelling and Cancer Detection

This week news on the grinding process of the FDA and their labelling guidelines, juice terminology and an early cancer detection breakthrough.

The Secret Life of Great Ideas | Elvin Turner | TEDxWoking

Elvin looks at the connection between an organisation’s ability to discover its future (and ultimately survive), and the confidence that individual employees have in being vulnerable - taking the r

Food & beverage trends, regulation, labeling, innovation

Daily news about food and beverage trends, food regulation and labeling, gluten-free, clean labels, GMOs, stevia, ancient grains, food M&A in North America.

What if your job made you happier? | Helen Martin | TEDxWoking

How did a family run business kick start their employee's happiness revolution? Helen shares how by creating and implementing a culture of employee engagement boosted not only boosted the business's

Eating the world: how food is the gravest threat to life on earth | Tony Juniper CBE | TEDxWoking

How do our food systems impact the planet? In his talk, Tony looks at how our demand for; and the way we product food is having a huge impact on our planet and its natural systems. What steps can we

What if...wonderful? | Susie Maguire | TEDxWoking

The words “What if” tend to be followed by words that focus on negative outcomes. What if you take that chance/make that choice … and it all goes wrong?Stories of doom and gloom keep far too ma

Food | Abigail Mbugua | TEDxYouth@BrookhouseSchool

Abigail takes her time to share her passion for cooking various types of dishes in her TEDx talk. Enthusiastic talented young lady currently at Brookhouse doing her A-Level studies. This talk was gi

The definitive MLK Day playlist: songs of respect, justice, and equality

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, here’s music to remember the great civil rights leader by. When Sly and the Family Stone released “Everyday People” at the end of 1968, it was

The color gold can change the way you spend money

Diners left bigger tips when their checks were delivered in a gold folder–a fascinating insight into the way color influences behavior. Although tipping is generally thought to be a voluntary paym

How to watch the NFL Conference Championship games without cable

Cord cutters who want to live-stream the NFL have a few options. The Eagles are out. Ditto for the Chargers and Cowboys. But don’t despair: This weekend’s NFL Conference Championships should stil

Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health Publishing

Harvard Health Blog: You’ll find posts from Harvard Medical School physicians and our editors on a variety of health news and issues.

The Power of the Mind | Alexa Ouma | TEDxYouth@BrookhouseSchool

During her struggle to overcome a fight within herself, she discovered the power of the mind and that has helped her so much with maintaining positive mindsets and she shares how useful and important

Embrace your weirdness | Allen Edge | TEDxOshkosh

While being weird may be considered a negative by many, this talk postulates that it is where creativity and genius reside. Although societal norms and conformity often seek to suppress weird, this t

How to see the only super blood wolf moon eclipse of 2019

It’s the last super blood wolf moon for 18 years. Alert your coven, because a total lunar eclipse is taking place tonight (Sunday, January 20). This isn’t an ordinary total lunar eclipse, either,

Enter the 2019 Innovation by Design Awards!

Innovation by Design, now in its eighth year, celebrates the most creative design in business. Enter today for a special early bird rate. I’m delighted to announce that we’re now accepting entrie

You can’t be productive without routines and rituals. Here’s why

We all have routines. But not everyone crafts them to maximize their time. There are few things that impact your daily productivity, career trajectory, and overall well-being as much as your routine

The future yet to be imagined | Cindy Rampersaud | TEDxWoking

How do we prepare young people for a jobs that do not yet exist?Global changes in technology, population and urbanisation are impacting the educational landscape. The role of skill-based education is

Why you should have an unreasonable dream | Ian Windle | TEDxWoking

Ian takes you on a journey out of your comfort zone, through your stretch zone to help you discover what our purpose is and why you need to have an unreasonable dream to help achieve it. Ian is a Lea

Gene therapies can be a miracle cure–except when our immune systems won’t let them

Therapy targeting mutated genes is starting to work wonders, but not for everyone. Growing up in Devon in the 1980s, brothers James* and Matt* had to be careful with their antics–a cut or bruise co

Want to improve your career this year? Try these 5 things

Before you make a complain, make sure you think of a solution first. It’s a tradition to set New Year’s resolutions, and for many people, these goals involve improving things in their personal l

FTC may nail Facebook with record fine for privacy abuses

The Federal Trade Commission held meetings Friday to arrive at a penalty amount, the Washington Post reports. The Federal Trade Commission is considering slapping a “record-setting” fine on Faceb

Weekend reading: Halal Food

Febe Armanios and Bo─čaç Ergene.  Halal Food: A History.  Oxford University Press, 2018. I reviewed a book about the regulation of Halal Food in September last year, and its politics continue to fa

Annals of food marketing: Gold-leafed potato chips!

When Torsten Veblen wrote The Theory of the Leisure Class in 1899, he could not possibly have imagined this product when he invented the term “conspicuous consumption.” I am indebted to BakeryAn

Skip the Gym and Strengthen Your Whole Body

Chances are good that you can relate to how Jillian Michaels started 2019 after a roller coaster year of ups and downs. She found herself hoping for better times after the destruction of her house in

Bad news on world hunger and obesity: they are getting worse

United Nations agencies have just released their annual report on world food insecurity. Its main unhappy conclusion: Food insecurity has increased since 2014: So has worldwide obesity: What is to be

Thirsty and Tired? You May Need More Than Water.

{pixabay|100|campaign} Dehydration can be a prime culprit making you feel tired and sluggish. If we admit that we aren’t drinking enough water, it’s not surprising we all feel the need for a nap.

Coca-Cola’s political influence in China: documented evidence

The BMJ (the new name for what was formerly the British Medical Journal) has just published a report by Susan Greenhalgh, an anthropologist and China specialist at Harvard, of how Coca-Cola, working t

Last chance to comment on 2030 food and nutrition objectives

The endlessly repeating process of defining health goals for the next ten years continues and the Department of Health and Human Services is now (or will be when the shutdown ends) collecting comments

YOU only YOU are in charge of your health

{pixabay|100|campaign} USA Today ran an interesting series of articles on our ridiculous health care system or should I say our “disease care” system. While more and more Americans concerned with

Weekend reading: a diet book!

Lisa R. Young.  Finally Full, Finally Slim: 30 Days to Permanent Weight Loss One Portion at a Time.  Center Street, 2019. I don’t usually write about diet books, but Lisa Young did her doctorate w

The latest in snack trends?

Here are a few examples of the latest trends in snack products in the U.S. and Europe, culled from articles in FoodNavigator.com.  The purpose of these products is to make money for their manufacture

Supplements to improve memory: if only

The Government Accountability Office has just published a report on memory supplements. Available data indicate that memory supplements constitute a small segment of the overall dietary supplement m

Goodbye GMO, Hello Bioengineered: USDA publishes labeling rules

Trump’s USDA has issued final rules for labeling food products of biotechnology, commonly known to all of us as GMOs. Since GMOs have taken on a pejorative—Frankenfood—connotation, the USDA want

Industry-funded study of the week: Mediterranean diet plus dairy foods

Christopher Gardner, the Stanford scientist who studies the ways various dietary patterns affect body weight, sent me this study to add to my post-book collection (I wrote about such things in Unsavo


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