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New Magazine Explores Leadership and Christian Spirituality

Leadership gets Newport News firm through rough seas | The U.S. Small Business Administration |

            Devon Henry accepted his award, smiled for the camera, and humbly walked back to his seat. Upon returning, his family and staff congratulated him on another accomplishment. Rece

UPS ‘Turns Trash to Gas’ with Largest RNG Purchase in US History

“The world has a trash problem. And the world has an emissions problem,” says UPS’s director of fleet procurement Mike Casteel. With that in mind, the logistics company has plans to “turn tra

FDA to Food Industry: Stop Waste by Fixing Your Date Labels

The US Food and Drug Administration’s deputy commissioner of food policy and response sent a letter to the food industry urging better date labels. Consumer confusion over date labeling accounts fo

Estée Lauder, BASF Seek Sustainable Sourcing, Improved Practices for Palm Oil Production

Two major corporations have announced a new initiative to promote sustainable palm oil practices. BASF, Estée Lauder and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) are partnering with civil soci

Loop Circular Shopping System Pilot Begins in the United States

The Loop circular shopping system officially launched a pilot program this week for the Mid-Atlantic region. First introduced in January at the World Economic Forum and spearheaded by TerraCycle, the

Investment Firm Announces $1 Billion Toward Sustainable Solutions Fund

Generation Investment Management, a sustainable investment firm with approximately $22 billion of assets under management, has announced the close of its $1 billion Generation IM Sustainable Solutio

Nespresso Invests Nearly $10M to Improve Coffee Sustainability

In a bid to restore high-quality coffee production in regions that have come under threat due to factors like environmental disaster, economic hardship or political conflict, Nespresso is working to

In Depth: Cities Struggle with Curbside Recycling as China Ban Affects Infrastructure

A combination of factors is leading to the reduction or suspension of curbside recycling programs in some US cities. China’s ban on the import of previously accepted types of recyclable materials,

Plant-Based Food Movement Gaining Huge Momentum

Investment is going into plant-based foods from large operators looking to capitalize on the veganism trend and surging demand for sustainable foods. And according to Ecovia Intelligence, 2019 will b

How SRI Has Changed the Business Case for Environmental Investments

The emergence of socially responsible investing (SRI) has changed the debt and equity landscape such that companies with fewer environmental concerns have a significantly lower cost of capital. This

Beverage Giants Bank on Packaging-Free Bottle Filling Stations

Beverage giants are developing high-tech water refill stations that invite customers to refill their own bottles for free, with the option to purchase flavors and carbonation for small fees. The post


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