5 fun facts about fresh popcorn

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Is popcorn a healthy snack? It can be! : USDA ARS

United States Department of Agriculture

5 Fun Facts About Fresh Popcorn you might not yet know about.

Who doesn’t love fresh popcorn, we enjoy it often but not notice much about it - 5 Fun Facts About Popcorn you might not yet know about.

Healthy Recipe: Broccoli Fried Rice with Veggies & Eggs

Swapping some of your grains for veggies slashes calories and boosts your intake of greens. Try broccoli “rice” in this delicious alternative to takeout.

4 Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain

Sore back? Stretch your way to less pain with these four easy moves.

7 Tips for Safe, Pain-Free Hikes

Hitting the trail can be a fun way to get your steps in—here’s how to avoid getting hurt while you’re out there.

10 Ways to Win Over Veggie Haters, Big and Small

What, your kid doesn’t love kale salad? Not to worry, here are 10 somewhat sneaky but still delicious ideas to encourage everyone to love those veggies.

The 1-Minute Trick to Strengthen Your Bones

Believe it or not, that quick dash you did to catch the bus could be the secret to better bone health.

Motivation and Accountability Helped This Man Lose 199 Pounds

“I didn’t fit in a booth, I didn’t fit in an airplane seat, I didn’t fit in a public restroom stall,” says Fitbit user Neil B. Learn how he turned his life around.

Ask Fitbit: Bedtime Reminders and Sleep Stages Don’t Always Work. Am I Doing Something Wrong?

Five reasons why your Fitbit sleep features may be working inconsistently—and what to do about it.

Get-Fit-Quick Plans Don’t Work (Here’s What Does)

Rather than waste your time and money, find out the tips and tools that actually leads to real, long-term results.

4 Expert Tips To Perfect Your Pedal Stroke

Smooth out your stroke with these expert tips from former pro cyclist and Fitbit Ambassador Jens Voigt.

Healthy Recipe: Chicken Burrito Bowls

Hearty chicken burrito bowls come to the rescue when you’re too busy to wrap and roll.

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Popcorn Treat

Here are 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Popcorn Treat Machine Rental Treat , without the hassle and cost of buying your own popcorn machine, cleaning it, maintaining it, and finding a space to store it since yo

4 tips to be your own DIY Party Planner in Singapore.

Planning for a party can be very exciting. Should you ever decide to take charge of organizing such an event, you will definitely feel the adrenaline rush in getting everything on board in order to ge

How to create a successful DIY Party Planning with these Tips

Successful DIY Party Planner tips in Singapore be an enjoyable learning process – especially when you have your closest friends or family members in your team. Although it may be

4 Ways a Party Planner Saves You from Unwanted Stress

Organizing for a party may often seem exciting and fun from an outsider point of view as one will be able to work on multiple tasks before finally finalising everything for the big day! A Party Planne

4 Exotic flavours fresh from a popcorn machine that you should try !

If you are looking for a versatile snack to cater to the taste buds of your guests, you should definitely check out what popcorn has to offer. Popcorn has gained popularity as the go-to snack in cinem

5 Fun Facts About Fresh Popcorn you might not yet know about.

No one can deny the fact that Fresh Popcorn is their go-to snack especially for events & carnivals! I mean… Who doesn’t love popcorn? 5 Fun Facts About Fresh Popcorn you might not yet

Making DIY Party Favors With Bulk Popcorn

Are you planning a baby shower, planning a wedding, or planning some other type of party and looking to make great DIY party favors? Why not use some bulk popcorn to make party favors that all of your

New Popcorn Products For You To Love

You will love our new popcorn seasonings, popcorn, and accessories! We have some new popcorn seasonings (including an awesome Cheese Paste!), great new bags and boxes for serving up your popcorn snack

Easy Cheesy Popping Sorghum – Quick Fix Snack

Today I needed a snack. You know that feeling? When you need a good snack? I mean a REALLY good snack?! For me today, it had to be crunchy, and it had to be salty.  I rummaged through the pantry

Low Calorie Gym-Friendly Popcorn Snacks

  It’s that time of year when we’re all trying to make healthier food choices to get in shape for the coming year! Pack one of these gym-friendly popcorn snacks and enjoy post-workout

Popcorn Flavor Trends for Summer 2014

Here are three of the hottest flavors of the summer, whether you’ve got a sweet tooth. or you’re a fan of all things spicy, there’s always a new popcorn flavor to try and enjoy! Chec

Chocolate Popcorn Biscotti Recipe

There are few things in life better than a crunchy biscotti with your coffee – trust our genius friends at Popcorn.org to come up with this chocolate biscotti recipe that uses popcorn! This make

Popcorn Gift Ideas for All the Family

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, why not choose gourmet popcorn, or cool popcorn accessories? In the Just Poppin shop, you’ll find loads of awesome gifts, so we’ve come up wit

Coconut Popcorn Crunch Pie Recipe

We don’t know about you, but at the moment, we’re all craving a tropical island escape! Add some Caribbean island flavor to your day with this sweet, crunchy, coco-nutty recipe from the fo

Is Butter Flavored Popcorn a Health Risk?

The short answer is no, butter flavored popcorn is not a health risk. But in fact, it’s a bit more complicated than that and comes down to how you are getting that butter flavor. ​Anyone w

The Perfect Popcorn Bar for Weddings and Other Events

From birthday parties to weddings and everything in between, a popcorn bar is a great addition to any event. With toppings to sprinkle, decorations to shake, and flavors to savor, it’s loads of


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