Plants And Why They Are Essential To Life

Plants And Why They Are Essential To Life? Plants are our teachers and helpers. What we breathe out, they breathe in, what we excrete they use. The relationship between plants and humans is perfect.

Why Plants Are So Important To Life - Dr Thomas Lodi

Why Plants Are So Important To Life For Us Humans Plants are our instructors, they are our assistants. Our partnership with them is really amazing. So, why plants are so important to life is actually

Fasting Insulin Level Below Three

People should strive for a fasting insulin level below three and then maintain it. People who are healthy and don’t live in a major city are in the perfect position for proper brain wave function. T

Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail to host American Solar Challenge Launch

Solar cars to travel 1700+ miles along portions of the Oregon Trail in the American Solar Challenge 2018 in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the National Trails System Omaha, Nebraska –  This

70 Years Submerged B-29 at Lake Mead – Commemoration

BOULDER CITY, Nevada – On July 21, 1948, one of America’s most notable aircraft, the B-29 Superfortress, crashed into Lake Mead. On July 21, 2018, Lake Mead National Recreation Area will look back

Ways To Resist Temptation

The Best Ways To Resist Temptation and Help Avoid The Wrong Path Let’s review some the best ways to resist temptation. What people would find out by going to sleep at night as the sun is going down,

Safety First at the Rim – Tips for Viewing Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon, AZ– Grand Canyon National Park rangers are encouraging visitors to have a safe and memorable vacation to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. A trip to Grand Canyon can be both fun

July 4th Naturalization Ceremony Held at Saguaro National Park

Tucson, AZ – This Fourth of July, 21 people from 10 countries became United States citizens in a special ceremony held at Saguaro National Park, Tucson Mountain District. This was the eighth such c

NASA and NPS Paws to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of National Trails Act

One small step for a dog, one giant leap for canines. Fifty years ago, the National Trails System was created to help connect people and the land. To celebrate that milestone, the National Park Servic

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions Declared in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

SEQUOIA AND KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARKS, Calif. June 27, 2018– Due to rapidly decreasing fuel moistures, increase in temperatures, and increased fuel loading due to late season rains in the Kaweah R

What Is Iodine Used For In The Body

I’m often asked what is iodine used for in the body, here’s the answer. A lot of people often ask about iodine supplementation. They ask about things such as how much and how often. They ask shoul

Hiker Rescued in Joshua Tree

On Wed, June 20, Joshua Tree Search and Rescue (JOSAR) responded to a carry out for a visitor who was experiencing symptoms of heat-related illness. The hiker was located more than two miles down The

Body of missing man found in Ocotillo Wells State Park

10news reported June 23rd that a missing man had been found 4 miles from his truck in Ocotillo Wells. “Crews found the man’s truck in a remote area north of SR-78 known as Hills of the Moon.” C

Petrified Forest National Park Achieves International Dark Sky Park Status

PETRIFIED FOREST, AZ—The National Park Service and International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) are pleased to announce that Petrified Forest National Park has been officially designated as an Internati

BLM Closes Whitewater Canyon

MORENO VALLEY, Calif. – The Bureau of Land Management is temporarily closing public lands in and near Whitewater Canyon, Riverside County, due to the potential threat of wildfire. This public safety

What We Can Learn From Nature

What we can learn from nature is that everything that happens is necessary Every organism is what it is because it needs to perform a set of functions to make this whole thing called nature work. Natu

New Approach To Immunotherapy Misunderstood

A new approach to Immunotherapy allows the National Cancer Institute to create a limitless number of targeted therapies in many forms. My response to their published Press Release. What blows my mind

Mind Body Spirit Connection Definition

The Mind Body Spirit Connection Definition by Dr. Thomas Lodi. We have to go back to Dr. Sigmund Freud when talking about the mind. Freud came up with the ID Ego and Super Ego. The ID Ego is the basi

The Definition For Stress

The definition for stress is an internal friction on an object. If an object has tension on it, that causes stress. Hans Selye, who was an endocrinologist, came up with the term stress. I have my own

Cooked Versus Raw Food

There is a tremendous difference in cooked versus raw food from a nutritional perspective. It’s important that people eat lots of raw vegetables. Your salad should have lots of broccoli, cabbage, ca

Why Do We Need Plants To Live?

Why do we need plants to live because everything starts with them! Plants like what humans don’t. They like it when we die because they love our corpse. They love when we have a bowel movement. So,

Best Intermittent Fasting Method

The best intermittent fasting method is simply called healthy eating. Healthy eating is when one eats once a day. And, it’s always beneficial to skip a day or two of eating every now and then for th

From ?: Why Are Plants Important

Why Are Plants Important

From ?: For the best answers, search on this site http...

For the best answers, search on this site Our own perception of importance. It's very similar to patriotism, which is the conviction that your country is the best country in

From Anonymous: This Site Might Help You. RE: Why are plants ...

This Site Might Help You. RE: Why are plants important to humans?

From ?: plants refresh environment and provide the mai...

plants refresh environment and provide the main elements of men to live

From ?: 1. Gives us O2 2. Food 3. Medicine + drugs 4. ...

1. Gives us O2 2. Food 3. Medicine + drugs 4. Producers/bottom of the food chain 5. Shelter/shade 6. Building materials (houses, boats, furniture) 7. Plants absorb CO2 (helps combat climate change) 8.

From ?: Plants help us in respiration by providing oxy...

Plants help us in respiration by providing oxygen, the life giving gas. They also produce food by photosynthesis and we consume either directly or indirectly.

From Anonymous: With every day pass, our country is getting in...

With every day pass, our country is getting into more and more trouble. The inflation, unemployment and falling value of dollar are the main concern for our Government but authorities are just sleepin

From ?: i dont now

i dont now

From Pons: Plants are important because they make fresh a...

Plants are important because they make fresh air. And they give us food. And protect's us from soil erosion. Trees are important to Philippines because i saw in the weather in Zamboanga there is a str


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