Frame Rates, Slow Motion and GoPro Tips

Resources on frame rates for slow motion, a complete guide to GoPro files and motion graphics tutorials.

GoPro: Sea Eagle Rescue

Geoff Hutchinson from teams up with Birdlife Australia to perform a unique Sea Eagle rescue and release.Sea more eagles at https://www.sea-eaglecam.orgShot 100% on GoPro – https://

GoPro Skate: Streets of Tokyo

Travel with the GoPro skate team of Chris Cole, Leticia Bufoni, Andrew Brophy, Sean Malto, and filmer Chris Ray as they push through Japan and immerse themselves into the culture with local pro Kota

Quick Take: Six Reasons to Record Your iPhone Screen

With the release of iOS 11, iPhone and iPad users finally can record video of their screens. But, if you’re like me, your first thought might have been, “Why would

GoPro Awards: Tiny Drone with Tiny GoPro

GoPro Awards recipient, Robert McIntosh, combines a custom-built mini drone, a deconstructed GoPro, and stabilization software he helped create, ReelSteady, resulting in this one of a kind drone shot

The Complete Guide to Lecture Capture

What is lecture capture? “Lecture capture is the process of recording classroom lectures as videos, and making them available for students to review after the class.” The term “lectu

GoPro Video Editing: The Complete Guide by VideoStudio

Easy to use and loaded with creative features, VideoStudio lets you make every video look its best. Now with Multi-Camera Editing, 360 Video Editing, Time Remapping and more! Get the FREE trial.

How to Nurture Leads with Video Marketing

For most marketers, the concept of nurturing leads through their digital marketing funnel is not foreign. And in terms of video marketing, the concept that they should be using more

Working with your Subject Matter Expert

When it comes to developing great curriculum for the humans in your organization, finding the right subject matter expert (SME) can mean the difference between elegant content simplicity or complexity

Video Marketing on Social Media: 5 Ways To Maximize Your Efficiency

So you want to start using video to increase awareness of what you do, generate more leads, and increase sales. Great choice. According to Cisco, video will represent 69% of

Three Reasons Why Your Tech Support Team Should be Using Screen Capture

Nobody contacts tech support when things are going well. If everything works perfectly and there are no problems, there’s no need for assistance. In many cases, the standard response to

GoPro: World's First 1440 on MTB - Nicholi Rogatkin Wins Red Bull District Ride 2017

The Red Bull District Ride is a one of a kind event that only happens every few years, that's because its set up includes massive jumps and it's featured right in the heart of Nuremberg’s old town.

How to Turn PowerPoint Slides into Videos

Approximately 35 million PowerPoint presentations are given each day, but most people tune out of a presentation within the first ten minutes. How can you keep them focused? Images and

6 Steps to Start Making a Video Tutorial Program

Creating a video tutorial series is a great go-to strategy for any training program and when done right, it creates a more manageable learning experience, with content that’s easily reusable.

GoPro: Freerunning a Frankfurt Tower with Jason Paul

Jason Paul and Johannes "Turtle" Krenzer make quick work of scaling a tower in Frankfurt Germany.Fore more from Johannes "Turtle" Krenzer check out:

GoPro Fusion: Speed Riding Donner Summit with JT Holmes in VR

When JT Holmes hits the slopes out his backyard of Squaw Valley, California, he doesn't take the conventional backcountry route. Relive reality with JT during an exceptional speed riding run down Don

GoPro Music: "Bálsamo" by Caloncho

Bask in the warm rays of the Nayarit sun, and soak in the sounds of Latin Grammy Nominee, Caloncho, as he sings of the soothing effects of music.Get the full story on The Inside Line:

Panasonic FZ2000 / FZ2500: Streets of Houston

Video filmed hand-held with the Panasonic Lumix FZ2000 (FZ2500) in Ultra HD (3840x2160) in Downtown Houston, Texas on a grey day in March 2017. Picture profile is CineD. Graded in Premiere Pro using

How To Edit Video: Reducing File Size

Video file size can be tricky and the concept of reducing video file size has many technical variables associated with it. You may want to reduce file size to more

3 Ways Screenshots make your Microsoft Word Doc, PowerPoint, and Email Better

When you hear the word ‘screenshot’ you probably don’t think ‘excitement.’ However, the recipient of your email, reader of your Microsoft Word document, or viewer of your

GoPro Awards: Skydiver Ejects From Glider

Nicole Smith has the "most incredible jump of her life" when she gets the opportunity to launch out of a Fox Acrobatic Glider in Dubai.Learn more about Nicole's story on The Inside Line --

GoPro Awards: A Cuba Skate Story

Experience skateboarding in Cuba, where the sport is still being pioneered by passionate individuals such as Yojani.Shot and submitted by MakeWild - the whole story at The

GoPro: Tempest Freerunning Academy with Jason Paul

Take a fast paced tour of the iconic Tempest Freerunning academy with Jason Paul and fellow freerunner Jesse La Flair as they flip, spin and leap their way through this freerunner's playground dream.

Ninja Inferno review feat. Panasonic GH5

You can order the recorder here: Atomos Ninja Inferno is a 4K video recorder and monitor, priced at $995, that can record up to 60 frames per second in 4K with 10-bit color d

Gimbal review: Nebula 5100 camera stabilizer

Buy the gimbal here: from Fenchel & Janisch has worked with the Nebula 5100 3-axis hand-held gimbal for two months now and shares his thoughts & most importantly t

Fenchel & Janisch Showreel 2017

The 2017 Showreel by Fenchel & Janisch features commercial work and own film productions: http://www.fenchel-janisch.comFenchel & Janisch Film Production is a corporate video agency located i

Canon EOS M5: Low Light - High ISO Footage

Review & other EOS M5 videos: ISO footage (ISO 1600-12800) captured with the Canon EOS M5 in 1080p at 25 frames per second and two shots at 50 frames per second, which w

Canon EOS M5: 5-axis stabilization footage

Review & other EOS M5 videos: Canon EOS M5 footage captured in 1080p with 50 frames per second and slowed down to 25fps to create a slow motion effect.This video wa

Canon EOS M5 for video? Review

Order the camera here: EOS M5 videos & written review: EOS M5 is Canon's latest mirrorless camera that has its own lens mount but can also take

Pimp your camera: Aputure DEC Vari-ND

You can order the Vari-ND here: post: lens adapter, follow focus and variable ND filter all in one? Yes, the DEC Vari-ND can do it all and is the late

Samsung Galaxy S8: Cinematic 4K Video

More info about the gimbal used in this video: had the chance to test the new Samsung Galaxy S8 for a couple of hours and decided to test how well the smart phone's camera per

Phone on a gimbal? Mobile filmmaking feat. Smooth Q

Buy the gimbal: Gimbal Shop: decided to test the latest generation of phones to see how well they perform when it comes to shooting 4K video. W


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