Frame Rates, Slow Motion and GoPro Tips

Resources on frame rates for slow motion, a complete guide to GoPro files and motion graphics tutorials.

GoPro: Heli Mountain Biking with the Lacondeguy Brothers in Andorra

After taking an Heli with their bikes, Andreu & Lluis Lacondeguy get lost in the Andorra mountains.Shot 100% on GoPro – used in this video –

GoPro Video Editing: The Complete Guide by VideoStudio

Easy to use and loaded with creative features, VideoStudio lets you make every video look its best. Now with Multi-Camera Editing, 360 Video Editing, Time Remapping and more! Get the FREE trial.

GoPro: Surfing with Mark Healey - "Connect not Conquer" Ep. 1

Mark Healey is one of the most diverse ocean athletes in the world. From spearfishing and free diving, to big wave surfing and everything in between. In this 4-part series entitled "Connect not

3 Reasons to Start Using Video in your Business

One of the main selling points for inWhatLanguage is our office culture. We have a mannequin named Milton as our mascot, a basketball hoop out back, a popcorn maker in

Our favorite small camera setup!

Camera info: review: a big DSLR or mirrorless camera can get in the way of capturing stunning footage quickly. In this behind the scenes

GoPro: Wang Leehom "Silent Dancer" - VR Music Video

GoPro is proud to release the virtual reality experience of Leehom Wang’s “Silent Dancer”. A song that celebrates the incredible talents of Jiang Xinrou, a deaf dancer that gracefully displays

How to Start an Informal Learning Library with Screencasts

Imagine being told exactly how to learn or study something, at what place, and at what time. That rarely happens because everyone learns in their own unique way. As we

GoPro Surf: Discovering the Mentawais in 4K

“It takes a special sort of mindset to truly discover something” - Captain Martin Daly. Martin Daly was born in Australia but has spent his life searching for some of the best undiscovered surf

How to Create Step-By-Step Instructions Using Visuals

There are some tutorials that require more than text to be understood by readers. By creating step-by-step instructions using visuals, you can key readers into details that may otherwise not

How to Add Video Bumpers To Your Videos

More and more of us are using visuals to communicate messages and transfer knowledge because it tends to have a big impact on our audiences.One useful type of visual communication

GoPro: Cafe Racer Ride Through Dolomites

Childhood mates and motorbike riders Joe and Stefan, take the fully rebuilt 1979 Kawasaki kz400 Cafe Racer out for the first test ride on the winding mountain roads of the Italian Dolomites. With th

GoPro Fusion: 2017 Monster Energy Cup with Jordon Smith in 4K VR

Experience the intensity of navigating one of the gnarliest Supercross tracks to be built in Las Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium by riding along with Troy Lee Designs KTM rider Jordon Smith. Thanks to GoPr

GoPro: Sage Kotsenburg Superpark 21 at Mammoth Mountain

It's just about that time of the year to head to the mountains with your gear. Sage Kotsenburg shows his moves with spins, flips, and charges off of just about everything Mammoth Mountain's SuperPark

GoPro Fusion: Paramotor Through Moab’s Desert Canyons in VR

Marshall Miller's childhood dreams came true when he realized that humans really can fly. He's made a life of taking flight, and in this stunning GoPro Fusion edit, he's invited us all to fly along w

How to Magically Mock Up Websites with Screenshots

You don’t have to be a professional designer to mock up websites. That’s because mock ups aren’t about design. They’re about communicating your ideas and gathering the feedback that will mak

The New 508 Compliance Rule – What it Means for Video in Higher Ed

With new 508 Compliance rules for accessibility going into effect in January 2018, there’s never been a better time to make sure your content meets the standards. The Rehabilitation Act

Make Your PowerPoint Videos Even Better With Editing Effects

So, you’ve mastered simple screen capture by turning your PowerPoint slides into a video. Why not take your PowerPoint videos to the next level with editing features? Give your slides

How to Create Visual Process Documentation and Guides

When we complete an important project or process, we always hope for the best results possible. But in the workplace and in life, things rarely go exactly as planned. In

How to Use Video Marketing in the Solution Aware Funnel Stage

After consumers discover the solution to their problem (or are solution aware in funnel terms), they may still be hesitant to purchase a solution. Why? It could be any number

10 Ways You Can Use Video to Enhance Your Digital Learning Content

Whether you’re teaching an online course or using digital learning content to enhance your face-to-face class, video is a crucial component to keep students immersed in the subject matter. Digital

Google Pixel 2: Cinematic 4K Video

Camera stabilizer used in this video: is just a quick video test of the Google Pixel 2's camera. Filmed on a sunny autumn day in Frankfurt, Germany. All the 4K samples (Ultr

No more action? GoPro Hero6 review

Order the camera here: from Fenchel & Janisch has tested the GoPro Hero6 Black for a week and discovered: It's not just a sports camera anymore!Even though the main re

Berlin in F-Log: Fuji X-T2 + Ninja Inferno

Fujifilm X-T2: recorder: recently filmed in Berlin and decided to put together a few shots which we captured with the mirrorless Fujifilm X-T2 ca

Affordable & reliable gimbal? Moza Air review

You can order the stabilizer here: this video Moritz from Fenchel & Janisch tests another electronic camera stabilization system. The Gudsen Moza Air is a 3-axis hand-held

Panasonic FZ2000 / FZ2500: Streets of Houston

Video filmed hand-held with the Panasonic Lumix FZ2000 (FZ2500) in Ultra HD (3840x2160) in Downtown Houston, Texas on a grey day in March 2017. Picture profile is CineD. Graded in Premiere Pro using

Ninja Inferno review feat. Panasonic GH5

You can order the recorder here: Atomos Ninja Inferno is a 4K video recorder and monitor, priced at $995, that can record up to 60 frames per second in 4K with 10-bit color d

Gimbal review: Nebula 5100 camera stabilizer

Buy the gimbal here: from Fenchel & Janisch has worked with the Nebula 5100 3-axis hand-held gimbal for two months now and shares his thoughts & most importantly t

Fenchel & Janisch Showreel 2017

The 2017 Showreel by Fenchel & Janisch features commercial work and own film productions: http://www.fenchel-janisch.comFenchel & Janisch Film Production is a corporate video agency located i

Canon EOS M5: Low Light - High ISO Footage

Review & other EOS M5 videos: ISO footage (ISO 1600-12800) captured with the Canon EOS M5 in 1080p at 25 frames per second and two shots at 50 frames per second, which w


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