Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

This wearable blood pressure monitor by Omron offers more than just your BP and your pulse. It also tracks your steps, calories, distance and sleep stats.

How to Import and Export Browser Bookmarks

I like to use multiple browsers and always mess around with any new browser in town. And so, quite often I import/export my bookmarks around. If you are looking to move your browser bookmarks to a dif

How to Customize Windows 10 “Send to” Context Menu

The “Send to” option in Windows context menu is astonishingly helpful, but it’s also one of the most underrated features. I’ll blame its lame default entries for receiving the cold shoulder. B

Spy on Any Website’s Tech Stack with SiteStacks

Ever wanted to learn which programming language or CMS powers your favorite website? Well, SiteStacks has you covered with a free search tool for spying on website tech. There are some other tools tha

Tales from the Field: Spectre, Meltdown, and Patching Performance

By now you’ve certainly heard of – or perhaps been impacted by – Meltdown and Spectre, two newly discovered vulnerabilities that affected nearly every modern processor. If not, you might want to

Micon – A Windows 10 Icon Font for Web Designers

The redesign for Windows 10 came with many new features and a whole new look. One of the biggest changes came to the icon style, especially compared to Windows 7 and XP. Read Also: 10 Useful & Fre

Fresh Resource for Web Developers – January 2018

The new year 2018 is here. If we look at the progress in web development five years ago, it’s totally different from what we have today. Today there are new methods, tools, and even a whole new para

Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

This wearable blood pressure monitor by Omron offers more than just your BP and your pulse. It also tracks your steps, calories, distance and sleep stats.

Lunar Health Monitor | SBIR.gov

* information listed above is at the time of submission.

Evil Icons – A Clean SVG Line Icon Pack for Web Developers

With a name like Evil Icons, you might not be sure what to expect. But, the project is harmless and surprisingly useful! The Evil Icons pack offers an assortment of a few dozen icons in the line icon

10 Best Responsive WordPress Themes To Check Out In 2018

Once, an attractive and engaging content-wise website was considered to be a success. A website that could draw plenty of traffic and maintain its visitors’ interest was in demand. Nowadays, attract

15 Free Tools to Create Professional Resumes

Different people need different resumes, in fact, every person needs different versions of his own resume to use for various purposes. However, what usually happens is that you work on a template you

50 High Resolution Wood Textures For Designers

Graphic designing is such a magical skill that just by using seemingly minor elements like patterns and textures, you can give out-of-this-world effect to your designs. In a previous post, I showcased

Three Ways to Create HTML Documents on the Fly

Creating HTML documents on the fly, with or without JavaScript, is sometimes necessary. Whether the goal is to display an acknowledgment page or an iframe containing a whole page, if the document is s

Healthcare Innovations at CES 2018

Developments In Heart Health The topic of healthcare is significant with people in the U.S. and worldwide. This trillion-dollar business plays a critical role in how consumers access their medical ma

Is Homeopathy A Valid Option?

Alternative Medicines If your fundamental beliefs are based on finding a way to manage an issue naturally, homeopathy might be one of your options. The term homeopathy comes from the Greek words for

Tales from the Field: Debugging Applications in Production with Information Points

Production debugging is one of the most difficult parts of the job for any software engineer and one of the most underrated problems faced by IT. Developers usually rely on logs to troubleshoot produc

The AppD Approach: Using Flame Graphs to Debug Node.js Apps

In my day job, I work to help people understand performance and reliability issues in distributed applications across a number of different technologies including Java, .NET, and Node.js. A few years

What’s New For Cosmetic Surgery in 2018

Trending Cosmetic Procedures For The New Year We are heading into a brand new year and many people have changes they want to make in their lives. However, according to the Huffington Post, “only 8

Benefits Of Deep Penetrating Light Therapy

What is Deep Penetrating Light Therapy? A treatment that was Initially developed by NASA for astronauts in space, light therapy has evolved from being managed by healthcare professionals to a techniqu

The AppD Approach: IoT and AWS Greengrass

As both data and processing power rise on the edge of the network, monitoring the performance of edge devices becomes increasingly important. In addition to deploying the AppDynamics IoT monitoring pl

Tales from the Field: Application Performance and the Tax Bill

One of the benefits of a unified application performance solution is that it enables companies to prepare for the unexpected. But agreeing on the value of being prepared in the abstract and experienci

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon: A Diverse and Growing Community

The motto for this year’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, “Keep Cloud Native Weird,” proved to be as much a prediction as a slogan when temperatures plummeted last week and snow began to fall in Austi

A Look Back: Evolven Software at AppD Summit New York

One of the highlights of 2017 for AppDynamics was AppD Summit New York. We took over NYC’s Pier 36 with over 1200 attendees and made big announcements around the next generation of Business iQ, new

Gifting a Cosmetic Procedure for Christmas

All I Want For Christmas Is A Complete Makeover Some people wish for clothes for Christmas and others wish for expensive toys, like a new computer or car. There are even some who wish for peace on Ear

Gartner Report: The ‘3B’s’ of Engagement: Business Architecture, Business Process, and Business Outcomes

Today, many IT leaders are missing opportunities to help their business grow, add value, and transform operations because they aren’t aligned with business leadership. In Gartner’s recent report,

New Techniques for Rhinoplasty

Traditional Rhinoplasty Surgery A rhinoplasty is a procedure for correcting and reconstructing the shape of the nose, whether it is for aesthetic reasons or to help make it more functional. It is one

Tales from the Field: Migrating from Log4J to Log4J2

The AppDynamics Java agent, like many Java applications, uses logging extensively. We have used Log4J as our logging framework for many years. And while the latest release of Log4J was in 2012 – and

The AppD Approach: Java 9 Support

We are excited to announce full support for Java 9 as part of our Winter ‘17 product release. Java 9 introduces some interesting features such as incubator support for HTTP/2 and making the G1 Garba

Details For Having a Mole Removed

Most people have numerous moles on their body. In fact, light-skinned people average 30 moles but some have up to 400. Depending on where a specific mole is located, some choose to have it removed for

Unique Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

Just Because You Can, Should You? Each and every person in this world is unique and beautiful. On the same line of thought, most individuals have different concerns about their body that they would l

Advancements in Liposuction Equate to Quicker Recovery

Complications With Traditional Techniques One of the most popular procedures, which is also part of the mommy makeover surgical series, is liposuction. This procedure can be traced back to the 1920s b

Top Facial Rejuvenation Methods

Noninvasive Treatments For Your Skin Our last two blog posts were about the best rejuvenation techniques for the hands and neck, which tend to be overlooked areas that many times exhibit the first sig


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