Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

This wearable blood pressure monitor by Omron offers more than just your BP and your pulse. It also tracks your steps, calories, distance and sleep stats.

50+ Nice Clean CSS Tab-Based Navigation Scripts

Comprehensive list of clean and well-designed tab-based navigation scripts built on top of CSS and JavaScript.

Lunar Health Monitor | SBIR.gov

* Information listed above is at the time of submission. *

The AppD Approach: How to Identify Problematic Database Queries with Business Transactions

It happens all the time: the engineers notice your application is slowing down just as a health rule fires a warning. Now you are in a race to identify and fix the issue before customers feel its impa

WebGradients – An Online Library of 180+ Linear Gradients in CSS

Free library of gradients in CSS, .PNG, and PSD format to download and be used in any project.

Nuance Power PDF: Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative

If I ask you to name a utility for working with PDFs, you may quickly answer "Adobe Acrobat". However, there are many affordable alternatives that work equally well; and Nuance Power PDF is one of the

Find Semantic Tags Using This HTML5 Robot

A great free web app tells you exactly which semantic tags are the best choice for your HTML page.

Tips and Tools to Automate Repetitive Tasks on Windows 10

Useful tips and tools to help you automate tasks like deleting old files, emptying recycle bin and making a backup of files and folders on Windows 10.

Microtip – CSS Tooltip Library with Native Accessibility Features

Free tooltip library that runs on CSS and offers functionality for all devices, browsers, and for users with major impairments.

21 Top Material Design WordPress Themes for 2018

A collection of free and paid material design WordPress themes along with the demo and download source for each theme.

How to Remove Adware in Windows For Good

Remove adware in Windows PC, automatically and manually, and how to prevent them in future.

The AppD Approach: How to Monitor the AWS Cloud and Save Money

The AppDynamics platform is highly extensible, allowing our customers to monitor a variety of key Amazon Web Services (AWS) metrics. We have 20 unique AWS extensions that capture stats for everything

How to Add Two-factor Authentication to cPanel and WHM

Simple tutorial on adding two-factor authentication on your web hosting's control panel to further secure your website.

What To Expect With Breast Enhancement Surgery

Considerations For Breast Augmentation Major advancements in technology and medicine have made it possible for women to alter almost anything they don’t like about their body. It is possible to have

7 Top UX/UI Tools in 2018 You Can Use

It takes more than a structured layout and beautiful imagery to engage a website’s visitors. Although the quality of design is all important, enough attention is not always paid to a site’s UI and

Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

This wearable blood pressure monitor by Omron offers more than just your BP and your pulse. It also tracks your steps, calories, distance and sleep stats.

Keeping App-Centric Consumers Happy

Poor app performance is a serious business problem. Customer loyalty depends on good app performance, so organizations have to deliver the best experience for every user, every time. In fact, The App

The AppD Approach: How to Monitor .NET Core Apps

For the past few months we’ve been collecting customer feedback on a new agent designed specifically to monitor microservices built with .NET Core. As I discussed a few weeks ago in my post “The C

Unstoppable: How Belief Helped Fuel the AppDynamics Journey from Start-Up to Market Leader

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believ

What is a Cosmeceutical?

Cosmetics + Pharmaceuticals = Cosmeceuticals As more women from all corners of the globe continue to embrace cosmetics, big cosmetic firms are investing a lot of money into research aimed at coming up

What Plastic Surgery Options are Available for Burns

Burn Reconstruction Burn wounds are rated high in the ‘worst injuries you can get’ scale. In addition to excruciating pain, severe burn victims may have limited mobility in the affected areas, los

Cisco (AppDynamics) is Named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the Sixth Consecutive Year

Today, Cisco (AppDynamics) was named a Leader in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring Suites for the sixth year in a row. We were also positioned highest among 15 ven

What You Need to Know Before Getting a Tummy Tuck

What Is A Tummy Tuck? A tummy tuck is a surgery performed to remove excess fat and skin around the stomach area. A tummy tuck restores the patient’s separated or weakened muscles and creates a smoot

Tales from the field: Building an effective test environment for a scalable service

This blog series highlights how we at AppDynamics use our own products to test our Events Service, which currently receives more than three trillion events per month. The first post in this series, Au

Getting Started with Containers and Microservices

Get Ahead of Microservices and Container Proliferation with Robust App Monitoring Containers and microservices are growing in popularity, and why not? They enable agility, speed, and resource efficien

Enterprise Software: Don’t Forget The Legacy

When reading industry news, you can’t escape the push towards the public cloud, platform as a service (PaaS), new languages, containers, orchestration, and continuous release. The modern enterprise

Straightening a Broken Nose

Alternatives to Realigning a Nose A broken nose, also known as a nasal fracture, is generally the result of facial injuries caused by contact sports, falls, or occasionally due to assault. It can affe

Introducing Pivotal Cloud Foundry

You may be wondering why we’ve chosen to write an introductory blog on Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). The platform, after all, has been around for a good while. The answer is simple: many of our large

Treatment Options for Hair Replacement

What’s the Cause of Hair Loss? The most common cause of hair loss for both men and women is heredity, but this condition is generally due to a combination of genetics, hormone levels, and the aging

Reconstruction Surgery for the Head and Face

Getting Your Life Back Severe injuries to the head and face can cause deformities that are hard to deal with, as can congenital and developmental problems and diseases like cancer. On top of the physi

PRP Therapy vs Botox – Which Is Right For You?

Stopping wrinkles in their tracks is the fundamental goal of anti-aging treatments. Performance, safety, and value are three of the most influential topics for patients interested in having a cosmetic

Acne Treatment Alternatives

Remedies for Acne We’ve all been there as youngsters… an acne breakout right before an important event that makes you want to hide from the world. The problem is that it doesn’t end with adolesc

Is Tattoo Removal Safe?

When you are young and rebellious, sometimes you do things you regret later in your life. Getting a tattoo can be one of those misgivings. A discreetly placed tattoo is one thing, but a large obvious


You don’t need to wait until Black Friday to get these great deals! With the holidays just around the corner, […]

Comparing Glucose Meter Accuracy

One of the most frequent questions we get from our customers who purchase the iHealth Align Portable Glucometer or the […]

A Gift of Health this Mother’s Day

What if a blood pressure monitor could give you results that are compared and analyzed, making the entire process of […]

Countering Diabetes Post Easter

Festivals are a happy time for you and your family, with that comes the high content sugar products because sweets […]

Find out how Hypertension differs in Males and Females

Hypertension or high blood pressure has now become a common phenomenon mainly because of the lifestyle we lead.- From our […]

5 Tips on How to Get The Best Workout

So you’ve finally gotten serious about getting your sweat on and really have a goal set to look and feel […]

Everything You Need to Know About Good and Bad Cholesterol

The level of cholesterol in your body is an important indicator of your overall health. Cholesterol plays a distinct role […]

Why a Pulse Oximeter is Important for High Endurance Athletes

While they’ve been found in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities for years, pulse oximeters are slowly making their appearance known in […]

9 Body Composition Measurements and What They Mean

Whether your main focus is rocking a bikini at the beach or living to be 100, there is one important […]

Ways To Lower Hypertension Naturally

Lots of people would have you believe that medication is the only way to reduce your blood pressure, but that […]


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