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What Is A Male Kimono Called? The Types Of Kimono Robe Men - Bunka Japan

Looking for the ultimate guide to Japanese men kimono? Here is te best guide to answer all of your questions regarding the name, the style and the types of men's kimono.

Lantern Dinner – A New Concept To Dine Safely During The Pandemic

Today, there’s no more debate about the value of the use of facial masks to protect yourself (and others) against the COVID-19 virus. Even before the current pandemic, a lot of Japanese people use

Japanese Street Fashion Research Papers - Academia.edu

View Japanese Street Fashion Research Papers on Academia.edu for free.

Nihon no fasshon : Meiji, Taishō, Shōwa, Heisei =Japanese fashion / | Library of Congress

Japanese. Statement of responsibility from spine. Includes bibliographical references (page 317). "日本のファッション年表:p319-351"--JaToTRC report.

ALL-YOU-CAN-FLY Pass In Japan For Less than ¥20,000 / Month | Peach-Hodai

The state of emergency has been lifted in Japan and with the number of new cases going down, we can finally travel within the country safely. And if we didn’t have enough reasons to travel around J

The Legend of the Zanbato Horse-Slaying Sword: Separating Fact from Fiction

Answering whether a thing is real or not should be the easiest thing in the world. Hats? Real. Unicorns? Not real. Apples? Real. But things get a little complicated when it comes… The post The Lege

Hokkaido Retains Title As Japan’s Most Attractive Prefecture

Hokkaido held on to its title as Japan’s most attractive prefecture in the Brand Research Institute’s annual survey. Conducted in the summer, around 35,000 respondents were asked 89 questions reg

All The Cool Shibuya Toilets: Transparent, Futuristic, Unisex & More

Japan has always possessed an undeniable passion for toilets that has extended across the world. Tourists and residents alike have marveled at the country’s cleanliness and been amazed by the washl

The 10 Best Rooftop Bars In Tokyo With An AMAZING View!

Best Rooftop Bars In Tokyo – Tokyo is a vibrant city full of activities and attractions for people of all ages. There are daily city tours, amusement parks, and food safaris that you can participat

6 Kaisendon Restaurants to Try in Ebisu

Rice bowls like gyudon, oyakodon and tendon are some of the most popular dishes to eat for a quick lunch around town. Meet kaisendon, the fresh seafood equivalent and yet another in… The post 6 Kai

Voice of Tokyo: TW Checks In With The City’s Trendsetters

The humans of Tokyo make this metropolis pulse with energy. TW checks in with four of the many Tokyo voices that make the cacophony a symphony. Stephanie Crohin, Sento Ambassador & Interior… Th

Sake vs Soju vs Shochu – What’s The Difference?

Sake vs Soju vs Shochu – As tourism in Asia becomes more and more popular, this invariably means that the interest in the food and drinks part of the culture will also grow correspondingly. It’s

Frankly: Nepotism is Built Into the Japanese Political System

When Fumio Kishida was sworn into office on October 4, it was rather boring for several reasons. Firstly, the man himself has the charisma of an automated answering machine. Secondly, he will… The

Morning-After Pill Updates: OTC Access Delayed But The Fight Continues

On Monday, October 4, the committee review meeting to discuss the proposal for over-the-counter access to the emergency contraceptive pill (a.k.a. EC, or the morning-after pill) was held at the Japan

Rayard Miyashita Park is Our Top Pick for a Tokyo Staycation Destination

You might say that Miyashita Park had one of the best glow-ups of 2020. What used to be a somewhat neglected area avoided by most Tokyoites is now a proper hub for… The post Rayard Miyashita Park i

The Easy Way Out: Walking Down Mount Haguro’s 2,446 Stone Steps

Over 1,400 years ago, Prince Hachiko fled Nara, fearing for his life. His father, Emperor Sushun, had just been assassinated and as son and heir, Prince Hachiko was a likely next target.… The post

What’s New in Nakano and Koenji This Month: October 2021

This year has gone by in a blink of an eye with October already swooping in on a refreshing autumnal wind. It’s the perfect month to be outside traversing undiscovered places in… The post What’

Japanese Board Games – 10 Popular Games People Love In Japan

Japanese board games are not exactly synonymous with Japanese culture, at least not to foreigners anyway. However, before the time of Nintendo and Mario, what do you suppose people did to pass time?

Sake Japan – The Ultimate Guide About Japanese Sake

The term sake is becoming increasingly more popular as more and more tourists around the world show heightened interest in Japan and thus the intricate Japanese food and drink culture involved. Whils

10 Types of Japanese Swords Used By Samurai Warriors

Types of Japanese Swords – The history of Japan is a long and winding road, with many aspects of it adapted to pop culture and completely blowing up around the world. This country is full of wonder

The 10 Best Autumn Leaves Spots In Tokyo You MUST Visit!

Best Autumn Leaves Spots in Tokyo – If you actually stop to notice it, the best images of Japan come with cherry blossom backgrounds, snow white backgrounds, or red leaf backgrounds. The natural ph

Ramen vs Udon vs Soba – Differences Between These Three Japanese Noodles 

Ramen vs Udon vs Soba – Japan’s food scene is on another level, as many travellers to this wonderful country can attest. With condensed cities housing thousands of food options, to lone villages

The 10 Best Japanese Dramas You Should Definitely Watch!

With 2021 putting a hold on our epic travel adventures to and across Japan for now, why not turn to some of the best Japanese dramas to temporarily satiate your yearning? Japanese dramas (or jdrama)

What to Wear Under a Kimono? A Guide For Male And Female

When wearing kimono or yukata, is it better to have special undergarments? For kimono wearers in particular, many are not sure what kind of undergarments they should wear with it. Frequently asked qu

Haori VS Kimono VS Hakama: Traditional Japanese Clothing

Haori and hakama are essential components of traditional Japanese fashion, typically worn during festivals, coming-of-age ceremonies, and other big life events, similar to kimono. Continue reading to

What Is A Male Kimono Called? Guide To The Types Of Kimono Robe Men

Men kimono is a generic word like clothing. There are many different types of kimono for men. In the west, the Japanese men kimono is also called "Kimono Robe Men" or "men's Japanese kimono robe". Wh

Yukata VS Kimono: Here Are The Major Differences

Yukata and Kimono have long been the symbols of the Japanese culture, and for good reason. These traditional garments have been around for centuries and steeped in history, but remains very much rele

What Is A Kimono? Where Did The Kimono Originate?

A single garment has dominated the Japanese style for generations: the Kimono. The kimono reflects the beautiful refinement of Japanese culture and style, illustrating that clothing should be much mo

Discover The History Of Cosplay

Cosplay, which means for costume play, is a performance art in which performers, referred to as "cosplayers," use fashion accessories and costumes to portray a certain persona. Cosplayers interact to


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