New Office Furniture

Orlando Office Furniture. Vision Office Interiors offers New Office Furniture in the Central Florida area. With office design services to make your space perfect.

Designing a Modern Waiting Room for Your Organization – Vision Office Interiors

The first time you visit a company’s office, what do you notice? Unless prior arrangements have been made to meet someone directly in their room, you are usually asked to wait for a while in their w

Don’t Forget to Sit Down! A Healthy Lifestyle Means Having a Good Chair!

Sit-to-Stand desks have become the latest office health trend. Boasting numerous health benefits from increased energy and mood, to reduced risks for diabetes and dementia. It might be tempting to sta

Personalize Your Office + Improve Productivity with Fun Office Accessories

In a fast-paced work environment, where every minute counts, your office should be beautiful, comfortable, and meet your high standards of performance. You can use office accessories to personalize yo

How To Fit and Install a Concealed Hinge

The height of your cabinet doors as well as there placement will determine the number of concealed hinges that will be installed in each door.

DIY Project - Repair Water Damaged Ceiling

Difficulty – Fairly Advanced

How To Repair Flat Roof Leak

You ask most home improvement experts and they will tell you that flat roofs can be very problematic, or at least that used to be the case. They were known for their high maintenance costs and their t

Guide to Choose Office Furniture: What To Consider When Choosing

Tried, exhausted, eyes gritty from no sleep. After several days of looking at office spaces and browsing the net for the ideal office that suits your needs and budget, you found the perfect one. You a

Build Your Own Custom Ergonomic Chair

We spend a significant portion of our life in our office sitting on chairs. This sedentary lifestyle can sometimes take a toll on your health. The unfriendly workspace can cause a risk for various ser

Modern Office Furniture for A Classy Yet Professional Reflection

Space crunch is one of the biggest problem everywhere and so, to make better use of the space, modern office furniture is the one stop solution. People can easily set up such furniture for their offic

Livening Up the Workspace: Modern Office Design

The modern office furniture is constantly changing and shifting to enable better workflows. It acts as the face of a business and sets the tone for both employees and customers. It is important that w

Tips for Choosing Contemporary Office Furniture

Contemporary Office Furniture Selecting perfect Contemporary office furniture is not something that one should take lightly because this furniture demands a lot of thinking time along with heavy expen

Useful Tips for a More Organized Office

Office is the second home of your employees. On a typical working day, your staffs spend most of the time within the walls of your organization. This calls for more organized and well-paced office tha


We are children of evolution and with our ever-changing technology, the way we work must keep changing as well. Modern workplaces need to incorporate seamless change – the ability to evolve with our

Organize Your Workspace, Be More Productive

Not enough time is spent cleaning up the clutter that is your workspace. You never seem to find that one document that you urgently need or the keys to the file cabinet or your phone charger. And yet,

Understanding Executive Leadership

Every team needs a leader that understands how to channel the energies of each team member and balance the motivation. But is it more important to be able to admit mistakes? Does true success lie in t

After Collaborative Workspaces: Taking the Next Step in Office Design

Workplaces are evolving fast. For long, open office layouts have dominated new and old businesses. But just like the high-walled cubicles of the 1980s, this trend too will have to evolve or be replace


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