Discounted Diamond Rings

It’s holiday season! The time of countless romantic escapades and marriage proposals. If you ask us, this is the perfect time to pop the question. There are plenty of occasions that keep popping up and the jewelry stores are running discounts!

Holiday Proposal: How to Do It Right | Wyatt Austin Jewelers | Illinois

It’s holiday season! The time of countless romantic escapades and marriage proposals. If you ask us, this is the perfect time to pop the question. There are p

1 of the Biggest Diamonds in History Has Just Been Discovered | Fortune

By Bloomberg 6:21 AM EST One of the biggest diamonds in history has been discovered in the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa. Gem Diamonds (GMDMF, +10.20%) found the 910-carat stone, a

Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

Selecting the Size of Your Moissanite

Selecting the Size of Your Moissanite

How To Keep Your Lauren B Manufacturer's Warranty Intact 

It's very important to find an engagement ring jeweler that offers a manufacturer's warranty. After all, each piece is crafted for forever. At Lauren B, we offer a lifetime manufacturer's warranty wit

Introducing Lauren B COLOR; Colored Gems 101 Part I

Introducting Lauren B Color! We are noticing a huge migration toward non diamond center stone options. Colored gems made the list for popularity this year in upcoming trends. Color stones are a bit mo

Should You Buy a Diamond Sight Unseen?

There are also many different ways to purchase a diamond in today's market. There's nothing quite like looking at a diamond in person, but we understand that sometimes the resources are not available

How To Choose the Size of Your Center Stone

Choosing the size of your center stone is no easy task. Think about your budget, finger shape, and what you would like to achieve with you ring design.

Engagement Ring Trend Predictions for 2018; Looking Ahead

Engagement ring trends evolve a bit slower than say clothing trends. But one thing is for sure that each year we see specific trends and only a few of them really stick! Here is a list of engagement r

LA Museum Going Green with Diamonds This Winter

Los Angeles--The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is going green in a big way. On Saturday, the museum will open a new exhibition called “Green Diamonds: Natural Radiance,” adding eigh

One of World's Largest Diamonds Fetches $6.5M to Aid Sierra Leone

One of the world's largest diamonds was sold for $6.5 million by Sierra Leone on Monday to fund local development projects, dealing a blow to smugglers in the West African nation. The egg-sized, 709-c - Blue Diamond Sells for $15M at Sotheby’s New York

Sotheby’s sold $54 million worth of jewelry at its New York auction on Tuesday as several pieces containing rare blue diamonds and gemstones yielded higher-than-expected prices. An anonymous buyer s

Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends from 2017; A Look Back

While engagement ring trends can usually take some time to hold, 2017 saw tons of new styles come to light! Today we are going into the top 5 engagement ring trends from 2017!

What To Do If Your Engagement Ring Is Too Big

What To Do If Your Engagement Ring Is Too Big

Prince Harry proposes to Meghan Markle with Stunning Engagement Ring

A new royal engagement is on the cards! This time around, it is the youngest child of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles; Prince Harry Designed by the Prince himself, the ring features a stunn

A roundup of Voltaire Diamond’s favourite celebrity engagement rings

Looking for some engagement ring design inspiration? Choosing a piece of jewellery that you will have for a lifetime can no doubt, be an extremely daunting process. In such times of indecision, it is

The Famed Donnersmarck Diamonds Could Fetch $14 Million At Sotheby's Geneva

The Donnersmarck Diamonds, a pair of fancy intense yellow diamonds with aristocratic provenance is being offered as part of Sotheby’s Geneva auction of Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels November 1

ALROSA Reports Discovery of 34-Carat Yellow Diamond

ALROSA has found a 34.17-carat yellow diamond which is the largest fancy-colored rough diamond extracted by the company this year. The rough diamond, extracted from the Ebelyakh alluvial deposit, meas

Travel Carefully with Jewelry | Diamond Source of Virginia

Take camera photos of your jewelry so you can prove it is yours if lost and found. That photo might also be handy if you are questioned by customs when traveling internationally. Check with your insur

What Is Wrong with This Diamond? | Diamond Source of Virginia

I was recently contacted by a client who was wanting to sell a diamond he had purchased from some retailer. The diamond presents a good example of why we only recommend GIA graded diamonds and diamond

Insure Your Jewelry | Diamond Source of Virginia

Jewelry insurance covers loss, theft and damage. Accidental loss happens when you least expect it. A single prong weakened by wear can suddenly release its hold on your beautiful diamond and you’ll

Graff Pays $53M for 1,109-Carat Rough Diamond

New York--Almost exactly two years after its discovery, Lucara Diamond Corp. has found a buyer for the “Lesedi La Rona,” the 1,109-carat rough diamond unearthed at its mine in Botswana. The mining


Personalized jewelry is not only more intimate but tends to increase in value with time. Unique, personal and inexhaustible, engravings add a touch of reality and intimacy to any item of jewelry. No m

Watch Repair: Get Your Broken Watches Repaired

Some people argue that watches have become obsolete over a period of time. But a majority of people still continue to feel it as a wearable trophy. A watch is a very personal thing, and is known for i

Statement Piece of Jewelry

A jewelry that lauds a person’s personal taste and style is indeed statement jewelry. It allows one to break out of a monotonous routine and flaunt their unique persona and passions. Statement piece

Guide To Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring (infographic)

Infographics eliminate the need for taking down notes, which saves you the trouble and effort of remembering where you put them later. This infographic is a compiled list of the important points to lo

Wedding Band Sets for Him and Her

The trend of wearing matching wedding bands and jewelry is fast catching up with cosmopolitan generation. They feel flaunting matching jewelry is a style statement in which one subtly complements the

“Valentine’s Sparkle” Diamond Ring Winner

We are delighted to announce the winner of our "Valentine's Sparkle" Diamond Giveaway.

Loose Diamonds Are Wise Investment – Few Tips

We all know diamonds are the best investments to make in this every second flickering world but before buying loose diamonds, we are haunted with many questions as to which one to buy, from where to b

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Your Bridal Jewelry

The wedding season has already arrived and your wedding bells are about to ring. From your dress to your jewelry, everything has to be in the perfect place. To ensure that you place your hands on the

Engagement Rings: Pick a Classic Style or Create Your Own

There are many styles of engagement rings to choose from. Even if you do not find exactly what you are looking for in your local jeweler, you can choose to design the ring of your dreams. This will ce

Essential Guide for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Every couple shares experiences that will remain with them forever. They share their first date, kiss, trip, and home. Among those experiences, there is often the engagement. The moment they decide th

Where To Get Maximum Payout For Your Diamonds: Wyatt Austin Jewelers

With all the talk about cash for gold and how precious metals are more valuable than ever, I wondered if the same was true for diamonds. I had some leftover jewelry that I wasn’t wearing anymore and

Tips to Choosing a Loose Diamond for Wedding Rings

If you are putting together your diamond wedding ring from scratch, you might need some direction. After all, while selecting the band and the gemstone or diamond separately allows for more customizat

“Add A Sparkle” Diamond Winner

As part of our seasonal season and new year celebration, we are delighted to announce the winner of our "Add A Sparkle" Diamond Giveaway.

When Should you Remove Your Engagement Ring?

Even though the safest place to keep your Engagement Ring safe is on your finger there are times when you should remove it. 1) Playing Sports / In the Gym If you are involved in team sports where ther

Diamond Education The 4Cs – Part4 – Cut

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Diamond Education The 4Cs – Part3 – Carat

The post Diamond Education The 4Cs – Part3 – Carat appeared first on Voltaire Diamonds Dublin.

Diamond Education The 4Cs – Part2 – Clarity

The post Diamond Education The 4Cs – Part2 – Clarity appeared first on Voltaire Diamonds Dublin.

Diamond Education The 4Cs – Part1 – Colour

The post Diamond Education The 4Cs – Part1 – Colour appeared first on Voltaire Diamonds Dublin.


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