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At our attorneys are experts in all areas of personal injury law. We are an aggressive firm that will help fight for all the rights you are entitled to. We are well versed in all aspects of the law from asset protection and unpaid wages and overtime claims to immigration and undocumented workers

Rawa Law Group: Workmans Comp Los Angeles | Undocumented Worker

Call Rawa Law Group for a free consultation on workmans comp Los Angeles cases. Visit the website to learn more about workers comp questions California.

William & Mary

Read President Reveley’s reflections on the past decade, news highlights from 2017 and the annual financial report. Learn More

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Demanda de indemnización laboral denegada

¿Sufrió una lesión en el trabajo? Tal vez tenga derecho a una demanda de indemnización laboral, la cual puede otorgarle legalmente pagos por cosas como: salarios perdidos, dolor y sufrimiento y mu

Brian Chase - Master Practice

Brian Chase is a California personal injury lawyer with Bisnar Chase representing injured plaintiffs from defective and dangerous products. You can learn more about Brian Chase and his passion for la

Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Highway traffic deaths have been declined in recent years, bicycle fatality rates have been increasing. Based upon information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the port

¿Qué pasos debo seguir para poder entablar una demanda si estoy siendo acosado(a) sexualmente en mi trabajo? ¿Cómo me puede ayudar un abogado?

Imagínese que usted está sentado(a) en su trabajo, enfocado en sus propias cosas, cuando escucha que un empleado pasa junto a usted y susurra “Hoy te vez muy sexy”, y de ahí en adelante los com

Si sufrí un accidente automovilístico mientras entregaba algún paquete para mi jefe ¿Quién es responsable de mis lesiones? ¿Mi jefe o el conductor?

¿Qué pasa si usted es un conductor para una empresa de servicios envíos y usted está manejando la mayoría del tiempo? Supongamos que usted se ve envuelto en un accidente con otro vehículo, el cu

Do Wrongful Death Cases Take a Long Time To Settle?

Every personal injury and wrongful death case is unique. While some may settle quickly—even in a matter of months—other personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits can take an average of one to fou

¿Puedo recibir los beneficios de indemnización laboral incluso si no estaba en mi trabajo cuando me accidenté?

Hay ciertos requisitos de elegibilidad cuando se trata de lesiones laborales e indemnización laboral. Dos de los requisitos establecen que el empleado debe estar cubierto por el servicio de indemniza

Si estoy recibiendo los beneficios de la indemnización laboral per regreso a trabajar ¿Aun puedo recibir esos beneficios o los pierdo?

Para saber si puede seguir recibiendo los beneficios de la indemnización laboral, primero tiene lo que realmente significa una “indemnización laboral” y la función de ésta. La indemnización l

What To Look For When Evaluating Personal Injury Attorneys

Choose a lawyer who does Injury law specifically. Lawyer’s who deal with divorces, trusts, wills or bankruptcies can be Jack of all trades but Masters of none. You run the risk of the quality of you

California Personal Injury Attorneys - Bisnar Chase

Brian Chase has always wanted to be a personal injury attorney. Representing injured plaintiffs is Brian's life's work. Our client's testimonial to being treated like each and every one matters most.

Train Accident Lawyers to the Rescue!

Whenever you’re distracted or overwhelmed of just what you need to do prior to a train accident, never ever think twice to seek a skilled KaplunMarx train accident lawyers that could help you unders

The Projected Fee of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

For many, how much it will cost for personal injury lawyer fees is among the most important facets of recruiting and employing an attorney. There is the inefficient fear of employing a personal inju

The Dangers of Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

Cases across the country are being litigated of people who've claimed to suffer ovarian cancer from using Johnson & Johnson talc products. Senior trial lawyer Brian Chase discusses the dangers an

California Dog Bite Attorney

Why do you need an attorney for a California dog bite case? The insurance companies have people fighting for them and so should you. Your settlement could be limited if you go against them alone. For

What You Need to Know About Slips and Falls

Slips and falls remain as one of the top causes of unintentional injuries and deaths in the United States. According to studies, around 8.9 million visits to the emergency department have been recorde

Korean Carmaker Slapped with $17-million Fine For “Intentionally Hiding Product Defect”

It takes years to build a reputation. On the other hand, it takes a few mistakes to send that hard-earned reputation down the drain. Take the case of General Motors (GM) who has been involved in what

Pedestrian Safety: An Often Overlooked Aspect of Construction Efforts

Los Angeles is currently experiencing a building boom, thanks primarily to the city’s sudden economic boost. As such, construction efforts are ongoing; a sign of city’s progress. However, these ha

Study Reveals Parents Admitting to Distracted Driving In-front of Their Driving-age Teens

A lot of driving distractions have been identified and have been known to increase one’s risk of getting involved in motor vehicle crashes. One of the most common is texting or calling while driving

Ban on Cellphone Use While Driving Don’t Lessen Road Accidents, Research Says

The use of cellphones while driving is arguably the most alarming type of distracted driving behavior. It is obvious why it is a dangerous thing to do; reaching for the mobile device, dialing, and tal


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