Chroma-key Tips, Magix Updates and YouTube

Green screen or blue, which one to use, Magix updates Movie Edit Pro, changes in YouTube notifications.

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 | Day for Night Tutorial

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 day for night tutorial. This day for night tutorial for CyberLink PowerDirector will help you create a night time video out of a video that was shot during the day. This tu

The Friday Roundup – Hyperlapse, Color Grades and ND Filters

How to be Less Awkward Filming Yourself Whenever I come across videos like this I always include them in the Friday Roundup. For most people the idea of being in front of the camera sets off alarm bel

The Friday Roundup - Chroma-key Tips, Magix Updates and more!

This week why use green screen or blue, Magix updates Movie Edit Pro, changes in YouTube notifications, CyberLink TrueTheater color and more!

The Friday Roundup – Camera Shake, Auto-Focus and LUT Limitations

LUTS: The Complete Video Guide A few weeks back now on April Fool’s Day Casey Faris put out an incredible video purporting to announce the release of his amazing automatic super LUT called Pegasus.

The Friday Roundup – Microphone Basics, Camera Effects and Stabilization

The Basics of Microphones Let me introduce the video below with an old saying that probably will hold true for as long as there is video. The most important part of video is… audio. For most people

ICELAND - Cinematic

After three weeks of editing I'm finally ready to show you this video. The goal was to make something that captured the scale and beauty of this country. There's no way I could do that in a video, bu

Round Table | Artists, Pet Peeves, Music Industry| Heba Kadry, Josh Bonati, Adam Gonsalves

We've invited three next-gen mastering engineers from the US in order to form a round table and discuss relevant topics of the mastering world.In three parts, Heba Kadry (Björk, Rac, Neon Indian), J

The Friday Roundup – Vintage Voice Effect, Creative Tips and a Freebie!

So let’s kick off this week’s Roundup with a freebie! This week that venerable British broadcaster the BBC lifted her skirts and showed us everything! Well not quite because that would be very un-

Top 5 PowerDirector Plugins

Top 5 PowerDirector Plugins. This video on the top five CyberLink PowerDirector plugins counts down the add-ons that the PowerDirector University professor Maliek Whitaker thinks are the best. The di

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 | Magic Fix Tutorial

CyberLink PowerDirector Magic Fix tutorial. This video on CyberLink PowerDirector Magic Fix tutorial shows you how to use the Magic Fix tools on videos and photos. Magic fix is a tool that removes re

ICELAND Cinematic - Editing Breakdown

πŸ“· Tools I use to make videos: breakdown showing some of the color grading/transitions/sound design that went into my Iceland cinematic. Th

Competition + Giveaway Announcement

This week I'm excited to announce a competition + giveaway. Check the video for instructions to enter for a chance to win a HitFilm Pro license :) Deadline: Saturday, May 19Tools I use to make videos

CyberLink Screen Recorder 3 | Screen Recording & Live Streaming Tutorial πŸ”΄

CyberLink Screen Recorder 3 Screen recording and Live Streaming tutorial. This screen recording and live streaming tutorial for CyberLink PowerDirector will help you learn how to screen record and li

ACID Pro 8 – Introductory video tutorial (INT)

Tutorial content: Welcome to ACID Pro! This introductory video will show you how to get started with the program and produce your own songs with ACID sound loops, cut loops using the chopper, manipul

Simple or Easy Video Editing Software

The need for an easy video editing software solution has become steadily more relevant over the past few years. For the past few years all of the major video editing software companies have been battl

MAGIX Photostory Premium VR – Create virtual reality Tutorial (INT)

Tutorial content: Create virtual rooms and connect them to other rooms within your project, add room elements such as audio files, videos, or other media and define duration settings.β–Ί Are you in t

MAGIX Photostory Premium VR – Virtuelle Räume gestalten Tutorial (DE)

Tutorial Inhalt: Legen Sie virtuelle Räume an und verbinden Sie diese mit anderen Räumen im Projekt, fügen Sie Raumelemente wie Audiodateien, Videos oder andere Medien hinzu und legen Sie deren An

ACID Pro 8: The Creative DAW For All Music Producers

Introducing ACID Pro 8: The creative DAW. ACID Pro 8 is the creative DAW for all music producers. Behind its slick new interface lies a powerful, 64-bit music production powerhouse. It combines ACID'

Cinematic Iceland Vlog

I spent the first week of April in Iceland- hiking waterfalls, walking on beaches, and trying not to freeze to death. In a coutry like this it's impossible for someone like me not to film EVERYTHING.

PowerDirector University Canon EOS Rebel T6 Giveaway [CLOSED]

This giveaway is closed. Please visit our social media sites or the giveaway widget for results.Facebook ➜ ➜

MAGIX Photostory Premium VR – Introductory video Tutorial (INT)

Tutorial content: This introductory video will show you the basic functions in MAGIX Photostory Premium VR.β–Ί Are you in the US? Click here:

MAGIX Photostory Premium VR – Einführungsvideo Tutorial (DE)

Tutorial Inhalt: In unserem Einführungsvideo zeigen wir euch die wichtigsten Funktionen von MAGIX Photostory Premium VR.β–Ί Mehr Informationen zur aktuellen Software:

The Friday Roundup – Pinnacle Studio Goes to Version 21.5 and other stuff!

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 21.5 Update News from Pinnacle this week with the release of Pinnacle Studio 21.5 Ultimate. Since Corel took over the ownership of the Pinnacle range of products a few years b

CD, DVD, Blu-ray Scratch Repair Machines

When it comes to CD, DVD, Blu-ray and game disc repair my weapon of choice is to use a software solution to try and recover the data from the disc first without getting into interfering with the surfa

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 | Best Render Settings for YouTube πŸ”΄1080p HD - 4K - 60FPS

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Best Render Settings for YouTube tutorial. This Best Render Settings for YouTube tutorial for CyberLink PowerDirector will help you create high quality 1080p HD videos or 4

The Friday Roundup – It’s a NAB Show Grave Yard Around Here

Around this time every year things start to go a little quiet here at the DIY Video Editor and the reason for that is that I shamelessly steal tips, tricks and tutorials from people who know far more

Should I Live Stream on YouTube? + Q&A

Should I live stream CyberLink PowerDirector videos on YouTube? Leave your ideas, topics, suggestions, and anything else you can think of in the comment section.NEW VIDEO EVERY OTHER SATURDAY - Subsc

The Friday Roundup – Travel Videos, Key Framing and Presentation Skills

Steven Soderbergh on Using an iPhone to Shoot Once again this week I became embroiled in an online discussion involving the term “cinematic” and that user’s search to find some kind of shortcut

SOUND FORGE Pro 12: State of the art mastering, sound design and editing

SOUND FORGE Pro is back and it's better than ever. It has always been an incredible tool, for recording, editing and processing audio to the highest possible standard. Thanks to its multi-channel rec

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 | Smooth Video Preview Fix

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Smooth Video Preview tutorial. This Smooth Video Preview tutorial for CyberLink PowerDirector will help you reduce video lag and sync video & audio in your video previe

The Friday Roundup – Free Audio from Filmora and Organizing Your Assets

Yay! Freebies! OK this seems to be a pretty awesome offer from the nice people at Wondershare who make the Filmora video editor. They are offering a huge collection of free sound effects that can be u

My Process for Organizing Videos

πŸ“· Tools I use to make videos: may be a boring topic, but good organization is crucial for good editing. These are a few ways I organize your

MAGIX Photostory Premium VR: Showcase your photos – now available in VR!

Create interactive VR experiences with Photostory Premium VR. MAGIX brings innovative new technology right into your living room. We want virtual reality to be accessible to anyone – that's why we'

MAGIX Photostory Premium VR: So zeigt man Fotos heute – jetzt auch in VR!

Erschaffen Sie interaktive VR-Erlebnisse mit Photostory Premium VR. MAGIX bringt den Fortschritt der Technik in Ihr Wohnzimmer. Aus unserer Vision "Virtual Reality für jedermann" ist eine

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 | 360 Video Editing Tutorial

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 360 Video Editing tutorial. This 360 Video Editing tutorial for CyberLink PowerDirector will show you how to edit 360 video files in the timeline. This tutorial provides yo


Sam Kolder is an extremely popular and unique creator within the online travel and filmmaking community. This video should show you how to replicate his style of color grading :)πŸ“· Tools I use to m

Filming an Edit in 5 Minutes (w/ Valley Films)

Recently I challenged Max Paterson to film an entire cinematic edit in only 5 minutes. In this video, we're talking about the lessons we've learned from doing the challenge.As the other half of this

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 | 4K Video Editing Tutorial

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 4K Video Editing tutorial. This 4K Video Editing tutorial for CyberLink PowerDirector will show you how to editing large files with high resolutions in the timeline. This t

If Cell Phones were Books // 10 Second Short Film

Max Paterson challenged me to make a 10 second long short film. After a frantic few days of filming and editing, here's what I came up with.To see the other half of this collaboration (Max's Cinemati

Live Q&A Volume V

A live Q&A for those of you living in the Eastern hemisphere ☺️


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