Shopify SEO And Incorrect H Tag Issue

Shopift themes some times generate the wronf H tags. Check out the discussion here.

Checking If Your Shopify Theme Has the Correct H1 Tags - EcomX SEO - Shopify SEO Services & Courses

Below is a video I recorded on the topic above. Below that is a transcription of the video. It's probably just easier to watch the video....Hey guys, Jono here from EcomXSEO.Just want to go through a

Shopify – the Emerging Platform for Global Commerce - Digital Innovation and Transformation

How a Toronto startup - originally unloved by VC's - beat Amazon, IPO'd and changed global commerce

Ecommerce Architecture: What Is It and How Can You Optimize It?

The post Ecommerce Architecture: What Is It and How Can You Optimize It? appeared first on Website Builder Expert.

How To Turn Handmade Jewelry Into a DTC Business

In this episode of Shopify Masters, Brittany Hopkins, the founder of Anice Jewellery shares her journey of turning her hobby for making jewelry into a viable business. Brittany takes us through the s

The 13 Skills Needed to Provide Memorable Customer Support

Go beyond help desk software and call scripts to get to know the 13 skills that are needed to deliver great customer service. From active listening to improvisation to resilience, here's what you ne

How to Sell Art Online in 2022: A Complete Guide

Whether you’re a creator or a curator looking to make money selling art online, this step-by-step guide is for you. No matter what type of art you’re into—original acrylic paintings, digital ar

How to Turn Home Remedies into Products Sold in Over 4000 Stores

In this episode of Shopify Masters, Kyle LeFond of American Provenance shares how he turned home remedies into a 7-figure personal care brand. Kyle shares all the lessons he’s learned from personal

16 Ecommerce Business Ideas to Generate Profit Fast

When most people think about starting an ecommerce business, they have a vision of selling some amazing product that will enable them the freedom to work on something they truly enjoy. But despite e

How to Use Instagram Video to Promote Your Ecommerce Brand

As a small business owner, video can seem like an intimidating or expensive format. But Instagram videos can be an accessible way to showcase your products and your brand to your audience. Here are

Recovering A Shopify Store That Lost Over 90% Of It’s Traffic

We recently took on a client with a Shopify store that was hit with a massive penalty in the Google 2020 Core Update. The site lost over 90% of it’s traffic and decimated revenue from organic traff

10,000 Shopify SEO Visitors / Month To 21,000 Visitors / Month In 5 Months

This is an email blast that went out to our email list on 14-5-2021 Hey, Moving the needle with Shopify stores with SEO, I’m not going to lie… a big adrenaline rush. Having a happy client wit

Using Upviral To Generate Leads For An Ecom Project Launch

This is an email blast that went out to our email list on 8-5-2021 Hey, I posted a video a few weeks ago discussing a new ecommerce marketplace project we are working on currently. We are using Upvir

Shopify / Amazon Affiliate Hybrid Store – Earnings Report February 2021

  This is an email blast that went out to our email list on 18-3-2021   Hey,   For those of you who have been following our Shopify / Amazon affiliate experiment, we just uploaded the February 202

Recovering Shopify Traffic After A Google Core Update

This is an email blast that went out to our email list on 26-2-2021 Hey, This video might be handy or insightful for those that lost traffic in the recent Google core update in December 2021. This is

Shopify Image Optimization – Rank Images Easily

The following is a copy of an email blast we sent to our list on 8-2-2020 Hey, WOW 2021 has got off to crazy pace. I hope everyone is kicking goals already with their Shopify stores. I’ve been mean

Generating Affiliate Commissions In Our Shopify Stores – First $1000 Month

This is copy of an email blast we sent out to our subscribers on 17-1-2021 Hey,  Just a quick email today to follow on from my last email where I mentioned one of our side projects (Shopify / Affili

2021 Plans At EcomXSEO

  The following is an email blast that went out to our subscribers on 13-1-2021   Hey,        It’s been a few weeks since I last sent out an email blast. Like most of us, the end of the year,

Google Core Update Finishes & Calling App Beta Testers

The following is an email that was sent to out list on 17/12/2020. Hey,  Today Google announced the core update has officially finished rolling out……What a roller coaster! I hope everyone has s

Google 2020 Core Update – Video

The following is an email blast that went out ot our list on 10-12-2020 Hey,  With the December core update still rolling out, I’ve recorded a quick video on what we are seeing so far for our Shop


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