Real Estate Investing Roadmap

Learning how to invest in real estate is important for any investor. Whether you are investing with little or no money or you can afford to buy up front with your own funds, having a set guide will help make the transaction as easy as possible.

Accelerated Real Estate Education

This intensive three-day program is designed to provide a practical introduction to commercial real estate finance and investment. This is a high-level executive survey of the over $4 trillion U.S. co

FREE Real Estate Investing Roadmap - Flipping Junkie

Want a roadmap that covers what is necessary to flip houses? Now you can. Download it here This thing is awesome! I've never seen something quite like this that breaks down what all is involved with f

Make Money on the BUY – Not When You Sell. Learn to CASH IN with an “Acquisition Fee” at the Time of Purchase

The Step-By-Step Strategy on How I Recently Acquired a BIG, FAT FEE on the Purchase of a $160,000 Rental Unit. by Linda Pliagas, publisher of Realty411 and REI Wealth When I began to invest in real es

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Open Floor Plan Rehab Before & After

Hey everyone! Melissa here back with another before and after. This one is all about the best way to work with an open floor plan rehab. Well, the best way to open up a floor plan, that is. This house

Learn More About this Paradise Valley Assisted Living Development in Fairfield, CA

Sponsored Post:* CURRENTLY OFFERING – ACCREDITED INVESTORS ONLY * Paradise Valley- Assisted Living Development in Fairfield, CA With high demand for senior housing in its market, Paradise Valley Ass

Episode 97: [LIFE] Flipping and Life Mentor

Listen / Share / Download Click here to get a free copy of Steve’s Lifeonaire book! Show Notes Click here to get a free copy of Steve’s Lifeonaire book! Steve is the author and founder of Lifeonai

EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL REPORT: Cannabis is The Latest Real Estate Play by Stacee Nelson

Exclusive Report by Stacee Nelson Commercial real estate markets are seeing unprecedented growth-stemming from the legalization of medical and recreational (adult use) use of cannabis. In nearly all s

Nearly 4,000 Investors Across the Country Registered for a Realty411 Event in 2017 – THE NUMBERS ARE IN

Realty411, the Fastest-Growing Magazine in the Nation, Finishes the Year Hosting 27 Events in Eight States with Nearly Registered 4,000 RSVPs. by Realty411 Staff Reporter The preliminary numbers are i

JOIN US IN PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA THIS SATURDAY – Join Hundreds of People at Our Event with Maximum Networking!

RSVP NOW! Don’t Miss this Informative, Educational Cash-flow Conference! Realty411 expos are created and hosted by a California accredited investor with 24 years experience in print journalism. Real

Learn About the Upcoming FIND & FLIP Summit By Kent Clothier in this EXCLUSIVE Interview!

EXCLUSIVE: UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH KENT CLOTHIER The Real Estate Mogul and Serial Entrepreneur Discusses Markets, Goals, Family, PLUS His Find & Flip Summit in 2018 Interview by Realty411 Staff

Flipping Houses on a Dime: The $15k Rehab

Hey everybody! Melissa here, back with another before and after blog post. This one is all about flipping houses on a dime. We’re going to walk through this rehab that only cost us $15k in repairs!

SPONSORED WEBINAR: It’s Always OK to Overpay for Your Divorce but Never Overpay for Real Estate…

It’s Always OK to Overpay for Your Divorce but Never Overpay for Real Estate Either make your money on the day you purchase the property, or check yourself into a mental hospital, it will be safer f

Download Our Atlanta Expo Schedule – Join Hundreds Who Have Already Registered

ENJOY SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY HERE! Join us for our Complimentary Conference and learn the latest strategies, techniques and tips from active investors from around the nation, including throughout Georgi

Rehab Punch List – Getting Ready for Market

Hi everybody! Melissa here again, with another rehabbed property. In this article, we’re going to be talking about my rehab punch list for one of our properties, and how to make sure your properties

Episode 95: [Business] Real Estate Investor Bookkeeping Mistakes

Listen / Share / Download Show Notes We’ll be hosting a webinar about online lead generation once a week! Reserve your free seat to discover the secret to online lead generation at

House Flipping Scope of Work: The Cat Poop House

Welcome back everyone! Melissa here with another story from our real estate investing business. This one won’t focus so much on the before and after (even though we’ll still show those pictures).

House Flipping Nightmare: The Nemesis House Before and After

Hey everyone, Melissa here! I’m here to talk about the before and after process with that dang Nemesis House. If you haven’t checked out our video on it, take a look! We also talked about it on th

Episode 94: [Mindset] Hungry and Humble

Listen / Share / Download Show Notes Justin Williams had a conference, Flip Hacking Live 2017, that Danny spoke at that got him thinking about the kind of growth he needed to take for his business to

Episode 93: [Recommended Book] Essentialism

Listen / Share / Download Show Notes This is basically just a review of a book that I re-read for the second time. Grayson (on our house flipping team) suggested this book to me, and it’s really bee

Episode 92: [Just Ask] How to get over the hump and scale up?

Listen / Share / Download Show Notes This is the answer to a Flipping Junkie Podcast #Just Ask question. Kyle Burnett asks: I’ve been full time in the flipping business for about a year and I feel

The Hipercept Insider 3.17.17

#CREtech News Miami real estate-tech startup RealConnex raises $3.5 million in funding: Read More StackSource Debuts New Commercial Real Estate Loan Marketplace At LendIt: Read More Altus Group acqui

Three Tips for Managing JV Partner and Third Party Manager Data Quality More Effectively

Third party data has been consistently underrated and is now emerging as the root of inaccuracy in reports. Firms have invested in data management and analytics platforms envisioning a solution to thi

The Hipercept Insider 1.24.17

#CREtech News CBRE Acquires Floored: Real Estate Tech Poised For A Big 2017: Read More Commercial real estate technology firm F9Analytics releases F9Analytics Anywhere™: Read More Real Estate Tech A

Five Commercial Real Estate Trends to Look Out for in 2017

Aside from resolutions, the new year arrives with predicted trends that are foreseen to be moving in the upcoming year. We have aggregated five of these trends that are seen to have an impactful prese

The Hipercept Insider 11.23.16

#CREtech News ArborCrowd Brings Real Estate Investment Opportunities to New Audiences Through Technology: Read More Digsy Gives Commercial Real Estate Technology a Human Touch: Read More JLL and MIT P

The Millennial Impact on Commercial Real Estate Technology

Millennials have been the underdogs in previous years, however, their recent impact on the commercial real estate and technology space evidences a significant shift in power regarding entrepreneurship

The Hipercept Insider 10.28.16

#CREtech News Dealpath Launches Intelligent Software Platform to Power Deal Management: Read More Real estate sales intelligence platform Capital Brain crosses $2 billion in deals: Read More Hightower

The Disruption of Digitalization

By the year 2020, an entire generation, Generation C (for “connected”), will have grown up in a world where instant access to information and communication with networks is second nature. Those of

Are You Ready to React to a Changing Market?

Investment levels are expected to continue rising and surpass $1 trillion by 2020 from $700 billion in 2015. During this time there are many known and unknown factors that will affect the global real


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