Engagement Ring Trends 2016

An engagement ring is one of the most important aspects of a marriage proposal.

Engagement Ring Trends of 2016 – Baxter's Fine Jewelry | Blog

An engagement ring is one of the most important aspects of a marriage proposal. Traditionally, the ring features a large center stone, usually diamond, that represents the eternal bond that soul mates

Top Tips For Buying An Emerald Cut Diamond

An emerald cut diamond evokes elegance, strength and modern traditions. The shape is loved by sophisticated and badass brides like Amal Clooney

Anniversary Bands: The Ultimate Romantic Gift for Couples

The anniversary is a special moment that allows couples to celebrate their golden moments and years they have spent together after their marriage. It’s a high time to appreciate your spouse for

5 Rules to Buy Loose Diamonds for Your Jewelry

If you are buying Loose Diamonds for your jewelry, then it is the perfect option to acquire the world class and authentic quality of the stone. Whenever we search for tips for diamonds, we usually com

Fall 2017 Jewelry Trends Report: Gemstones

Fashion comes and goes–colors change, styles change, designs change. You’re a smart shopper–we know this because you’re shopping Ritani–you pick accessories that

New York City Proposal Guide: Best Hotels

Whether you’re visiting New York City or you’re looking for a romantic staycation, there are many hotels in the city that are

Gold is at its Peak: Don’t Waste Your Time, Get Cash for Gold Now!!

Why selling cash for gold is considered to be the easiest way to make money out of it? Since history, buying gold is considered to be the great and safe investment because usually during a crisis or r

Summer Style Update: Our Fave Almost-Autumn Looks

Jewelry trends are ever-evolving like seasons; one season, the jewelry industry is all about big, bold statement pieces; the next, the focus

New York City Proposal Guide: Best Free Public Places

New York is the biggest city in America (and the greatest city in the world), so you might feel overwhelmed when trying

Baxter’s Bangles & Bracelets: A Never Ending Story

  Baxter’s Bangles & Bracelets: Perfect Way to Accentuate your Style. Feel free to visit us at: http://www.baxtersjewelry.com/bracelets Baxter’s Fine Jewelry is appreciated for th

The Best Jewelry Store in Warwick, RI

Baxter’s Fine Jewelry is the best jewelry store in Warwick, RI with a classic collection of engagement rings, bridal jewelry, wedding bands, anniversary bands, diamond rings and men’s jewe

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Diamond Jewelry Store

  Finding or choosing right diamond Jewelry Store is as tough as selecting perfect diamond jewelry. As numerous jewelry stores are available in the market, but the challenge is to find the repute

Thinking About Proposing? First, Talk to Your Mom

So, you’ve decided to do it–you’re going to ask your significant other to marry you. Getting engaged is the first step in

New York City Proposal Guide: Best Pizza Joints

The relationship between pizza and love in New York City goes back to the first pizzeria in the United States, which was

How Much Does a 2 Carat Diamond Cost?

Has she expressed to you that she wants a two carat diamond engagement ring? You might be asking yourself “How much do

Do’s and Don’ts for Buying Bracelets

Modern jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique. A bracelet is a jewelry item that is being appreciated most by women because bracelets give you the feeling of y

New York City Proposal Guide: Most Romantic Parks

New York City is one of the most visited cities in the United States, so there’s no wonder that many couples travel

How Much Americans REALLY Spend On Diamonds

The amount of money people spend on diamonds and engagement rings is usually shrouded in mystery. When it comes to diamonds, people aren’t

Engagement Ring styles that accentuate your finger

Engagement is the time when you have a view of how wonderful your future will be. You must be looking for the unique way to make this life-changing day more special and more romantic. Engagement Ring

Guide to Selecting a Style of Engagement Rings

Asking a girl to marry you is one of the most significant time of your life.  Several questions to pop up like where to ask her? Besides where and how, you need to decide about the engagement rin

Where To Buy Branded Diamond Jewelry

Jewelry plays a significant role in women’s life and helps them to enhance their style and add that exclusive charm to their outfits. Women are generally more attracted to diamond jewelry, wheth


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