Marine Navigation & Instruments and More

Marine Navigation & Instruments and More

Nastier than Ahab’s whale

Bill Schanen relives horrid memories in his column for Sailing magazine: Call me Ishmael. I can relate to Moby-Dick’s narrator because I too have tales to tell of creatures tormenting sailors at sea

the blue amazon

The Environment You might not have heard of the Blue Amazon, but it’s the part of the ocean owned by Brazil. Otherwise known as Brazil’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ), it covers an area of 3.6 mi

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bow wow wow

The recent report in SA on the re-emergence of Wild Oats XI after a two-year Covid hibernation has brought out all the gawking rubber-neckers. The supermaxi is always a sentimental favorite for the S

Bonkers world of Microyacht adventures

What are the smallest boats sailors consider for crossing and ocean? For ‘microyacht’ voyagers, there’s no limit. Yachting World’s Elaine Bunting finds out why they put to sea in tiny vessels:

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America’s Cup: Moon rovers of sailing

Chris Caswell dislikes the current iteration of America's Cup racing, and he pounds that drum in his Sailing magazine column: Disclosure: I love sports cars. I’ve loved them since I didn’t have

Eight Bells: Jim DeWitt

James Harden DeWitt died November 19, under the care of hospice at his home in Point Richmond, CA. He was 92-years-old. Jim was born in Oakland, CA in 1930. At age 7, he drew pictures of sailboats wh

set adrift

When Abigail Danian walked into her kitchen and saw the empty packaging of a burner cell phone on the counter, she knew Isaac had gone. It was Sept. 7, 2020, and she had been out of town for Labor Da

art for art’s sake

Hi SA, I have a sailboat turned sculpture that might interest your readers. It is on view now as part of Miami Beach Art Basel Week. It’s called Angle of Vanishing Stability with more info here. A

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Germany’s North Sea Week is celebrating its comeback to the international race calendars. Once a major hub of the international offshore elite and a unique stage for spectacularly exciting One Ton

Orcas attack Robin Knox-Johnston

It is always a privilege when Sir Robin Knox-Johnston checks in with Scuttlebutt HQ. As the first person to perform a single-handed non-stop circumnavigation of the globe, and then later to set the fa

Coasties are never off message

The problem with the mantra "Foiling is the Future" is it forgets about how foiling has certain requirements like expertise, sufficient wind, and relatively flat water. And if you are kitefoiling whe

Globe40: Onward towards Cape Horn

Papeete, Tahiti (November 26, 2022) - Today at 15:00 hours local time (01:00 UTC, November 27), the GLOBE40 crews set sail on leg 5 in Matavai Bay to the north of the island of Tahiti, bound for the

In search of perfect ice

Along the Canadian border, the state of Montana is not near major USA sailing regions, so you’d be excused to never having heard of Flathead Lake. Best known for its significant size and clarity, th

Time penalty decides Route du Rhum

(November 25, 2022; Day 17) – After French skipper Roland Jourdain (We Explore) was deemed the winner of the Rhum Multihull class in the 12th Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe, he dropped to seco

over and out

At 1920hrs this Wednesday, November 23, the race management of the 12th edition of La Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe received a message from CROSS Antilles to tell them that Gilles Buekenh

the front fell off

As this bizarre circus “progresses”, the capsizes, nosedives and failures continue to mount. We bet the “real” AC boats are going to be, um, even more fucked!

wham bam!

French skipper Yoann Richomme joined the very elite group of solo ocean racers to have twice won their class on the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe today when he brought the new build Lombard L

david v goliath

The Environment Greenpeace activists from Mexico and New Zealand renewed their protests over deep-sea mining again targeting the drill ship Hidden Gem, as it returned from its first test mission in t

unspoken credo

There is a certain understanding among mariners of all stripes, no matter creed, culture, country, or religion. If there is a fellow mariner in distress you stop where you are going, divert to where


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