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Politics are an important part of our daily lives. Even if you are not a political person, you cannot escape the influence of politics on your daily life. Most probably, you have seen campaign signs located in your community, or you might have even participated in a political campaign to support your candidate.


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Kim Jong-un, Taking On U.S. Directly, Sidelines China and South Korea

With tensions rising between Washington and Pyongyang, North Korea’s neighbors are finding diminishing room for diplomacy.

Trump Blasts Warriors’ Curry. LeBron James’s Retort: ‘U Bum’

The president took aim at the N.B.A. and the N.F.L., directly inserting himself into a fiery debate about race, social justice and the role athletes play in highlighting those issues.

At Alabama Rally, Trump Toggles Between Republican Loyalists

The president lent his support to Alabama’s incumbent senator in a Republican runoff campaign, but risked alienating core anti-establishment voters.

Trump’s Big Gamble: Can He Pull Alabama Senator to Victory?

The contest between Senator Luther Strange and Roy Moore, an evangelical firebrand, is the most significant test yet of President Trump’s power to sway the party’s conservative base.

Yellen and Cohn Said to Be on Shortlist for New Head of the Fed

Less than five months before Janet Yellen’s term as Fed chairwoman expires, she’s being considered for a second term. But so are several others.

Pentagon Tests Lasers and Nets to Combat a Vexing Foe: ISIS Drones

As deadly drone attacks by the Islamic State increase, American officials are experimenting with technologies that can destroy the weapons.

Trump Laces Into McCain Over His Opposition to Health Care Bill

President Trump said Senator John McCain had let his state down and been deceived by Democrats into abandoning a promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Public Health: One Way for G.O.P. to Achieve Some Repeal Goals? It’s Already Part of Obamacare

The latest Republican repeal effort looks imperiled. But that doesn’t mean the dream of state health care innovation is dead.

U.S. Tells 21 States That Hackers Targeted Their Voting Systems

About one year before, the Department of Homeland Security first said that states had been targeted by hacking efforts possibly connected to Russia.

White House Weighs Response to North Korea’s Threats

The war of words between President Trump and Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, raised concerns on Friday that it could escalate into a new and more volatile phase.

What’s wrong with being a rich kid with rich parents?

In partly free societies, more intergenerational mobility isn’t always a good thing.

Who are the most generous helpers in the wake of Hurricane Irma?

The media rarely celebrate ordinary people doing jobs for which they get paid. But the man selling several generators can be more impactful than the man giving one away.

Edward Snowden: Surveillance Is about Power

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says government surveillance is taking away our privacy AND our security. Click to watch his full speech. 

Twitter a growing focus of Senate Russia probe

Of particular interest is the prominence of bots on Twitter, and what role they may have played in making misleading campaign season tweets go viral.

The real reason young people can’t get jobs in Africa

Given that Africa has the world’s youngest population, the lack of steady, formal-sector jobs is an enormous political and economic risk factor. Unemployed youth are more likely to be criminals,

Permissionless innovation: The fuzzy idea that rules our lives

People sometimes ask me, “What is the most important concept in political economy?” The answer is easy, but subtle …

What politicians really mean when they say they’re pro-business

Whenever a politician claims to be pro-business, stop to look at what they actually mean by it. The approach makes all the difference.

Do You Have the Courage to Dissent?

Ever felt like you disagree with everyone around you, but don’t dare to speak up? These famous experiments by Solomon Asch and Richard Crutchfield show you may not be as alone as you think.

FEMA should not favor zoos over houses of worship

It is a bedrock American principle that governments cannot discriminate against religious citizens and institutions.

Can you Sell Something for More Than it’s Worth?

What a rip-off! Here’s what you’re really paying for when you buy the stuff you want. Watch more with Professor Dan Russell.

Of Confederate monuments and tinfoil Christmas trees

The current controversy over the removal of Confederate monuments from public spaces is producing a great deal of rancor and strife.

Democrats dread Hillary's book tour

Reliving the 2016 nightmare is the last thing the party needs right now, many say.

Obama team was warned in 2014 about Russian interference

In 2014, the administration got a report of Russia’s intention to disrupt Western democracies, including the United States.

Judge allows appeal, puts Trump rally suit on ice

Attorneys for both sides in the case did not immediately respond to requests for comment Wednesday.

Benefits Of Using Yard Signs

Benefits Of Using Yard Signs Yard signs, also known as lawn signs, are small signs mainly used for local advertising by local businesses and are also quite popular during election campaigns. Just as t

Yard Sign Manufacturer, Precision Signz, Drives Record Turnout for Presidential Candidate Town Hall Meeting

Precision Signz Leverages Proven Marketing Strategies and Resources to Triple Anticipated Attendance for Event Featuring Ben Carson BETTENDORF, Iowa – Precision Signz, a leading provider of camp

Bag Signs: A Top Notch Solution For New Age Marketing

Have extravagant and colorful banners and signs ever caught your eye on roadways and in yards? However bright and colorful they may be, they are not to decorate the roadside! Its purpose is to grab th

Promote Your Business to Newer Heights with Precision Signz and Banner

As we live in the 21st century, we have noticed a drastic change in the society if we compare the present scenario with that of the past. The advancement has surely acted as a boon for us

Get Noticed Among Masses with Precision Signz and Banners

For companies and corporations it is very important to be noticed by people who are potential clients. Business owners understand that their existence in the market among the competition clearly depen

Enhance Your Hemisphere of Reach with Poly Bag Signs

In today’s highly competitive world, it has become very important for all corporate business names and brands to stay noticeable in the eyes of people and to avoid popularity defici

Be Noticeable To the Masses with Corrugated Signs

People have accepted the idea of innovation so much so that this very idea is being implemented in every profession, whether corporate, business, or personal cause. Developers and manufacturers have a

Yard Signs- The Right Signs Make all The Difference When you think of yard signs, you probably think of election campaign signs or real estate sign sales. However, all kinds of businesses use these si

Political And Campaign Signs

Campaign Yard Signs Politics are an important part of our daily lives. Even if you are not a political person, you cannot escape the influence of politics on your daily life. Most probably, you have s


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