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Politics are an important part of our daily lives. Even if you are not a political person, you cannot escape the influence of politics on your daily life. Most probably, you have seen campaign signs located in your community, or you might have even participated in a political campaign to support your candidate.


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Learn if you're eligible to vote, how to register, check, or update your information.

Island Nations, With No Time to Lose, Take Climate Response Into Their Own Hands

Island states that are least responsible for global emissions but most vulnerable to storms and rising seas are looking outside the United Nations process for aid.

White House Requests $44 Billion in Additional Disaster Relief

The Trump administration said lawmakers should make spending cuts to offset the disaster spending, a request that a top Democrat immediately denounced.

Tax Fight Gets Personal as Senators Spar Over Bill

A daylong debate over taxes devolved into an angry shouting match as Senators Orrin Hatch and Sherrod Brown sparred over whether the bill favored the rich.

Editorial: Trump Bags Another Anti-Obama Trophy: Dead Elephants

The administration is lifting a ban on importing elephant parts severed as trophies after the animals are shot in Zimbabwe.

Bill Clinton, Roy Moore and the Power of Social Identity

How a partisan lens leads people to different interpretations of the same facts.

Opinion: America’s Statue Wars Are a Family Feud

Arguments on which monuments come down will surely lay bare what an exasperating country General Lee failed to destroy.

Kushner Failed to Provide Russia Documents, Senate Panel Found

In a bipartisan letter, the Senate Judiciary Committee said that President Trump’s son-in-law did not hand over documents about a “Russian backdoor overture.”

Opinion: How to Escape From Roy Moore’s Evangelicalism

If you don’t think right-wing politics should dominate Christian life, where can you find the right congregation?

Who’d Gain From an Estate Tax Rollback: The 0.2 Percenters

Scarcely 5,000 estates a year fall under the tax, but those seeking to reduce or eliminate it have outsize influence.

Op-Ed Columnist: Mitch McConnell’s Middle-Class Tax Hike

Also: Al Franken, should he stay or must he go?

There’s No Such Thing As An Unregulated Market

We all want the safety and dependable quality that “regulation” is supposed to provide. Government can provide it to some extent, but markets can do it better, if we let them. Howard Baetjer of To

Hope Hicks may hold the keys to Mueller's Russia puzzle

Prosecutors will interview the White House communications director in the coming weeks as they continue questioning those in the president's inner circle.

Truthiness and the origins of “fake news”

If I have my news, and you have yours, and both of us rely on truthiness — the uncontestable “essential” truth of our beliefs, regardless of facts — it’s impossible to have a conversation.

Trump voters: We'd do it again

Among those who voted for the president, there are few regrets. But there are questions about whether he'll even finish his four-year term.

What the next female presidential candidate needs to do to win

Operatives from the Clinton, Cruz, Rubio, Sanders and Trump campaigns share the lessons they learned from the 2016 election.

Trump’s obsession with proving he deserved to win

The president has consistently flashed his apparent insecurity over the legitimacy of his election victory.

Democrats shaken and angered by Brazile book

The memoir by the former DNC chief has some of the highest-ranking Democrats fighting anew over 2016.

Economic Freedom by the Numbers

What’s the evidence that economic freedom is beneficial for society? Prof. Antony Davies shows charts of the free market’s effects on unemployment, inequality, poverty, and even child labor.

What is Section 702?

A panel of experts from TechFreedom, the ACLU, R Street, and the US Naval Academy discuss Section 702, the controversial warrantless mass-surveillance provision of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillanc

Life isn’t fair, but can government help that?

Luck egalitarianism is, roughly, the view that inequalities in life prospects resulting from luck are unjust. If Amy has better job opportunities than Bob because she happened to have parents who coul

College and Housing Bubbles

Remember the mid-2000s housing crash that wiped out homeowners? Well, there’s another bubble getting ready to pop, and this one’s in student debt. Prof. Antony Davies explains.

Professor Mark Lilla: Politics Isn’t About Identity, It’s About Winning

Professor Mark Lilla of Columbia University makes the case that when people become too wrapped up in identity politics, they can lose sight of how to affect the change they want to see in society.

The dirty word that gives us our freedom

Competition is often considered a dirty word, with many critics of free market ideas emphasizing the cutthroat competition of Wall Street as an example of how competition brings out the worst in peopl

10 Myths About Government Debt

Myth 1 is that the government owes “only” $20 trillion. (In reality, it’s much more.) But luckily, Myth 10 is that there’s no way to fix this problem…

3 reasons why the NRA is so powerful

Organized interest groups are able to control a lot of policy making, even if most people in the unorganized public disagree with them.

Benefits Of Using Yard Signs

Benefits Of Using Yard Signs Yard signs, also known as lawn signs, are small signs mainly used for local advertising by local businesses and are also quite popular during election campaigns. Just as t

Yard Sign Manufacturer, Precision Signz, Drives Record Turnout for Presidential Candidate Town Hall Meeting

Precision Signz Leverages Proven Marketing Strategies and Resources to Triple Anticipated Attendance for Event Featuring Ben Carson BETTENDORF, Iowa – Precision Signz, a leading provider of campaign

Bag Signs: A Top Notch Solution For New Age Marketing

Have extravagant and colorful banners and signs ever caught your eye on roadways and in yards? However bright and colorful they may be, they are not to decorate the roadside! Its purpose is to grab th

Promote Your Business to Newer Heights with Precision Signz and Banner

As we live in the 21st century, we have noticed a drastic change in the society if we compare the present scenario with that of the past. The advancement has surely acted as a boon for us as it has

Get Noticed Among Masses with Precision Signz and Banners

For companies and corporations it is very important to be noticed by people who are potential clients. Business owners understand that their existence in the market among the competition clearly depen

Enhance Your Hemisphere of Reach with Poly Bag Signs

In today’s highly competitive world, it has become very important for all corporate business names and brands to stay noticeable in the eyes of people and to avoid popularity deficiency. One of

Be Noticeable To the Masses with Corrugated Signs

People have accepted the idea of innovation so much so that this very idea is being implemented in every profession, whether corporate, business, or personal cause. Developers and manufacturers have a

Yard Signs- The Right Signs Make all The Difference When you think of yard signs, you probably think of election campaign signs or real estate sign sales. However, all kinds of businesses use these si

Political And Campaign Signs

Campaign Yard Signs Politics are an important part of our daily lives. Even if you are not a political person, you cannot escape the influence of politics on your daily life. Most probably, you have s


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