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SEO ultimate is another complete WordPress SEO plugin that is free and available for download from the WordPress repository. SEO Ultimate as its name suggests seems to be a complete on-page optimization plugin that comes with tons of features. This plugin has more than 200,000 active installs and continues to define its top position among the best WordPress SEO plugins by its raising popularity. One notable issue with this plugin is the fact that the support is not offered in the WordPress forums so if you need support you need to upgrade to the premium version to access the dedicated email support. The premium version also has exclusive features and training tutorials on how to use the plugin. The following is a summary of the SEO features offered on SEO Ultimate: Title tag rewriter feature allows you to edit your title posts and optimizes them for improved on-page SEO and to rank higher in the search results. Meta Description Editor allows you to add a Meta Description to your posts, pages, categories, attachments, tags and even the homepage. This allows you to optimize the Meta description for the potential keywords and rank higher in the search results. Deep link Juggernaut is an awesome anchor text driven internal linking feature that allows you to create deep links between related posts. These internal links are good for SEO. Ability to enhance the internal ranking pattern of SEO. The open graph feature allows you to automatically create open graph data for posts, user profiles, homepages, and attachments. Snippet creator allows you to add quality snippet code for reviews. Author highlighter creates code to ensure the author’s Google+ profile image is visible together with the post that appears in Google search results. The 404 monitor helps to improve the experience of users and spiders visiting your site by using a redirection on “page not found” errors.

A WordPress SEO Plugin to [Supercharge Your SEO]

The Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin to Get More Traffic, Visibility and Sales from Search Engines. Get SEO Ultimate+.

SEO Best Practices for Content Planning

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[Announcement] SEOPressor Connect v6.2 Now Supports PHP 7.2 and Gutenberg Editor

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