Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Las Vegas, NV O'Reilly Law Group in Las Vegas, Nevada is a semi-truck accident law firm that helps clients recover compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of others through civil lawsuits. Our experienced semi-truck accident lawyers offer free case consultations to those who have been injured in a truck or auto accident.

Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

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Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Las Vegas, NV - Litigators for Justice Personal Injury Attorneys - (702) 745-2155

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A man convicted for a 2015 killing in New York has been released and his indictment has been dismissed solely because he was held at the wrong prison. Terrence Lewis was serving a sentence of 22 year

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It may have something to do with my day-job, but in my free time I generally prefer to read fiction. I made an exception recently for Dr. Benjamin Gilmer’s 2022 nonfiction work, The Other Dr. Gilme

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A new statute, effective next month (March 1, 2024), will give prosecutors greater power to combine the value of stolen property to justify a harsher sentence for certain financial crimes.  S.L. 202

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Have you ever thought that it would be interesting to be a member of the School’s faculty? To write, teach, and consult about criminal law and procedure? And to do so with a focus on applied schola

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Jennifer Crumbley was convicted on Tuesday of four counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each student her 15-year-old son Ethan shot and killed at his Michigan High School in November 202

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North Carolina Governor’s 2024 Executive Order on Reentry

On January 29, 2024, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed an Executive Order joining the national Reentry 2030 initiative. What’s the Reentry 2030 initiative? According to the Reentry 2030 web

New Resource on the Pretrial Integrity Act

I am happy to announce that a new Administration of Justice Bulletin, The Pretrial Integrity Act, is now available. It answers several questions raised by the new pretrial release laws enacted by S.

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This week Governor Cooper signed an executive order to improve reentry services throughout the state. The order aims to enhance coordination between agencies and increase access to post-release emplo

Protecting Snowbirds in Vacation Rental Accidents

Snowbirds, hailing from cold northern states, love to spend the winter months in a warmer environment. They take advantage of the pleasant climate in popular vacation spots in Arizona, such as Grand

Why Did Tesla Just Recall Two Million Vehicles?

Recently, Tesla issued the largest-ever recall in its history, affecting over 2 million vehicles in the U.S. The recall is aimed at installing new safeguards in Tesla’s Autopilot advanced driver-a

Recreational Trails and ATV Accidents: Legal Challenges

ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) are popular for recreational use, providing riders with an exhilarating experience on trails. However, with the thrill comes the risk of accidents. Understanding the land

Dealing With Insurance Companies Without Hurting Your Claim

The aftermath of an injury can be overwhelming, and dealing with insurance companies is a big aspect of seeking compensation that requires careful consideration. The process of interacting with insu

The Relationship Between Buses and Pedestrian Accidents

Accidents involving pedestrians and buses may occur due to a combination of factors, such as limited visibility for bus drivers, pedestrian negligence or distraction, and challenges associated with

How Truck Equipment and Procedural Errors Cause Accidents

Commercial trucks are vital for the transportation of goods across the nation. However, their sheer size and weight make them formidable entities on the road, and unfortunately, accidents involving

Filing Injury Claims When Cell Phone Use Is Involved

Drivers must pay attention to the road at all times because it only takes a moment of distraction to cause a tragic accident. That’s why it’s against the law to use a handheld device for texting

Arizona Seatbelt Law & How it Can Impact Your Personal Injury Claim

The single most important thing you can do to keep yourself and your passengers safe is to make sure everyone is wearing a seatbelt. In Arizona, it’s also the law. If you get pulled over, the driv

Do GoFundMe’s or Other Fundraisers Affect My Injury Claim?

Medical debt is a huge problem in this country. Millions of Americans are saddled with overwhelming medical costs, and every year, hundreds of thousands of people are forced into bankruptcy because

What If You Can’t Afford To See a Doctor After an Accident?

Accidents can be physically and emotionally traumatic experiences. Seeking prompt medical attention is often the first step to a full recovery. However, for many accident victims, the financial burd

Hit and Run Detroit Lawyer: Do I Need One?

If you’re injured in a hit and run car accident in Detroit, then a hit and run Detroit lawyer can help you get the No-Fault benefits you’re entitled to.

Personal Injury Attorney Henderson, NV

Personal Injury Attorney Henderson, NV Leading legal assistance is offered in slip and fall lawsuits, wrongful death cases, medical malpractice cases, and personal injury cases by Litigators for Just

Personal Injury Attorney Spring Valley, NV

Personal Injury Attorney Spring Valley, NV We represent victims of negligence and defective products, including individuals hurt in auto accidents, by defective medical devices, defective toys, by da

Personal Injury Attorney Paradise, NV

Personal Injury Attorney Paradise, NV People who have been hurt as a consequence of someone else's negligence can obtain excellent legal services from Litigators for Justice Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury Attorney Centennial Hills, NV

Why should you hire a personal injury attorney? Most people believe that filing a personal injury claim without the assistance of a lawyer is less expensive. While this is true to some extent, hiring

Personal Injury Attorney North Las Vegas, NV

What exactly is a personal injury attorney? A personal injury attorney is a lawyer who specializes in filing lawsuits against negligent parties for personal injuries, such as medical malpractice, aut

Personal Injury Attorney Enterprise, NV

What is Personal Injury? A personal injury is one caused by the negligence or recklessness of another person. Personal injury refers to a wide range of situations, including car accidents, slip and f

Personal Injury Attorney Summerlin, NV

Do I Need the Help of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Summerlin, Nevada? Yes, that is the answer. Summerlin, Nevada is a high-crime area. This means that criminals are far more likely to target people an

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Las Vegas, NV

Do I need a motorcycle accident lawyer? If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer who understands the specific facts and circumstances of your case. The

Hotel Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Las Vegas, NV

Hotel Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Las Vegas, NV The Litigators for Justice Personal Injury Attorneys is a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas that focuses on defending accident victims and their

Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

What is the definition of a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney? Trucking accidents in Nevada are on the rise, particularly when a commercial truck is involved. Truck accidents in Nevada are extremely dange

Four Things to Know About Turo Accidents in Miami

You know how popular the crowd-sharing business model is for people seeking accommodations, ride-hailing, e-scooter and bicycle sharing, and other services, so it should come as no surprise that the t

Where Do I File an Insurance Claim Under Florida’s No-Fault Car Accident Law?

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) has established certain auto insurance coverage requirements for motorists, just like equivalent government agencies have done in e

Tips to Protect Your Rights After a Florida Drugged Driving Crash

Regardless of the decriminalization and legalization of pot in states across the US, NO jurisdiction has made it OK to drive while under the influence of marijuana. Unfortunately, statistics from the

The Consequences of Distracted Driving in Florida

Distracted driving is very dangerous and leads to numerous preventable accidents and deaths in Florida each year. In 2019, distracted driving resulted in 3,142 deaths nationwide. If you have been inju

Safety Tips if You Encounter a Wrong Way Driver in Miami

Like most South Florida motorists, you will probably experience a strong sense of panic if you see two headlights bearing down upon you in the same lane of traffic. This scenario is thankfully quite r

Will Florida Repeal “No-Fault” Laws for Car Accidents?

After years of debate, measures have moved forward in both chambers of the Florida legislature to repeal the state’s 50-year-old motor vehicle no-fault law. Senate Bill 54 has already passed, while

Five Defensive Driving Tips That Help Prevent Miami Auto Collisions

You would probably not be surprised to learn that many Miami car accidents occur because of a driver’s negligence. Common examples include those who speed, run red lights, use their cell phones, and

Uptick in Uber, Lyft Traffic May Increase Risk of Miami Car Accidents

For years, Uber and Lyft drivers have relied on their respective apps to match them with passengers needing a ride. When signing into the mobile app and frequenting the most popular spots for rideshar

Avoid Distracted Driving to Prevent Car Accidents in Miami

After years of public awareness campaigns and enactment of numerous Florida laws prohibiting interaction with telecommunications devices, Miami drivers are well-aware of the dangers of using a cell ph


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