Tax advice for Australians overseas

Taxation advice and tips for expatriate Australians overseas. Are you still an Australian resident and liable for tax? Are you living and working overseas? Are you able to answer these questions? Do you know if you’re still an Australian resident for tax purposes? Do you know if you have to submit an Australian Taxation Return? Who do you pay taxes to if living overseas? Every year thousands of people travel abroad for either an adventure filled, working holiday or for the chance to further their careers. However, questions remain around Australian tax laws. People make these major work life decisions without proper advice. The consequences have long term financial impacts on their savings and investment capabilities.

Essendon Accountant For Best Business Advice

Essendon Accountant Best Business Reasons For An Accountant. From TJD Accounting Services of Essendon Victoria 3040. Phone 03 9379 4040 Do you wa

Essendon Accountant TJD Accounting Services

Essendon accountant and small business advisory accounting services for Moonee Valley region businesses. businesses and residents of Essendon with accounting needs

Backpacker’s news

There are changes to the working holiday program from the 1st of January 2017. Some of the changes will assist various industries that need temporary or seasonal workers like the farming and hospitali

Tax refunds for 417 working holiday visa holders

Email: Phone: +61 2 8065 5668 Backpacker’s tax refunds are based in Sydney, we are well placed to deal with any of your tax issues whether you are in Perth, Brisbane

20 Rental Property Tax Deductions TJD Essendon Accountants Australia

This list of 20 rental property expenses that are tax deductions in Australia, provided by TJD Accounting Services of Essendon Victoria.Phone (613) 9379 4040 for professional advice.https://tjdaccoun

Backpackers & Students: Your Tax Return is now due

The date for filing your Australian Tax Return is upon us. If you have not filed your tax return for the year July to June 2016 don’t panic. Just call or email us immediately. Email: info@backpacke

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Taxation Advice for Australians Overseas | Review of Tax for Australian Residents Abroad - YouTube Taxation advice for Australians overseas, review your tax residency status before you travel abroad. Are you going overseas? Wha...

Taxation Advice for Australians Overseas | Review of Tax for Australian Residents Abroad Taxation advice for Australians overseas, review your tax residency status before you travel abroad. Are you going overseas? What are your taxation obligations?Phone for

How to complete your 2016 tax return

Backpacker’s tax refunds are based in Sydney and are well placed to service clients in Newtown, Glebe, Enmore and Marrickville. Contact us if you need help or advice when completing your Australian

8 Superannuation Tips Using SuperStream Australia TJD Accountants Essendon VIC 8 Best Superannuation Tips SuperStream for businesses in Australia.The Australian taxation office has extended the SuperStream compliance deadline from 30th June to 28th

10 things to know when completing your Australian tax return

Ten useful things to know when lodging your Australian tax return for the tax period ending on the 30th of June 2016. If you are a backpacker on a working holiday visa, make sure you have completed yo

Registered tax agent servicing Glebe and Newtown, Sydney, NSW

If you are situated near Glebe or Newtown we are ideally situated to help you with your tax return. Email: Phone: +61 2 8065 5668 All students and backpackers who ha

Your tax refund explained by backpacker tax refunds

  The Australian tax financial year starts on the 1st of July and ends on the 30th of June in any given year. The current tax year covers the period 1 July 2015 to the 30th of June 2016. Therefore if

Keilor Park Small Business Accounting Advice TJD Accountants

Accountant for Small Business accounting advice in Keilor Park TJD Accountants for Small Business Advice. Contact us on 9379 4040We assist with streamlining your accountin

Tullamarine Small Business Accounting Advice Service from TJD Accountants

Accountant for Small Business accounting advice in Tullamarine TJD Accountants for Small Business Advice. for another small business advice video.Contact us

Small Business Advice Melbourne | Find a Business Accountant TJD Accounting Victoria

Small Business Advice in Melbourne VIC from TJD Accountants. At TJD we have been accounting professionals for over Thirty Years. Small Business Accounting advice:

Small Business Advisory Service Essendon TJD Accounting for Business Advice

Small Business Advisory Service in Essendon from TJD Accounting. accountants for over 30 years. Phone 9379 4040. TJD supplying the type of advice

Financial Advisor for Moonee Valley Region | Superannuation and Investment Advice Financial Advisor for the Moonee Valley Region helping all our clients with the planning of personal wealth plans through superannuation and other investments

Moonee Ponds Financial Planner Victoria 3039 Financial Planner Moonee Ponds Victoria through Dominic Murphy at Strategic Financial Advice Pty Ltd. Phone for an appointment on 9379 3198 and begin building

Welcome to the new look website

Having the same website for many years, it came time to give our website a real make-over. What better time to launch our new website than 1st July 2013, the end of the 2013 tax year and the beginning

Tax returns in Australia

In Australia, you must lodge an income tax return for every tax year that you in the country. Here at Backpacker Tax Refunds,we are committed to getting you the highest possible tax back


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