Teleprompters in the Rain

Teleprompters and laptops in the rain. Expensive electronics and water. What could be better? Still, when I’m asked to come up with a solution, I’m happy for the challenge. I’d like to share some solutions and best practices for teleprompting in the rain or other wet conditions, like boats.

Scots robbed of £7m by phone scams in just a year

SCOTTISH businesses and individuals have been duped over the phone or email in to handing over £7 million in less than a year.

Russian club's 'fake news' claim to Celtic over St Petersburg gangster warning was 'fake news'

A WARNING over gangsters posing as police officers targeting tourists in the Russian city where the Celtic play on Thursday, was not fake news, it has emerged.

Art deco cinema demolition battle reaches hearing

CAMPAIGNERS will attempt to prove an art deco cinema auditorium threatened with demolition can be saved and restored to community use at a hearing today.

SNP attack Unionist "no show" at Commons immigration inquiry

THE SNP has condemned the failure of every other party to attend Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee as it held an inquiry into immigration.

British Transport Police merger with Police Scotland 'delayed indefinitely'

CONTROVERSIAL plans to merge British Transport Police with Police Scotland face being delayed indefinitely, it has emerged.

Doubts over Unionist campaign's future after funding admission

THE country’s main anti-independence group is facing questions about its viability after admitting 98 per cent of its supporters don’t give it any money.

RBS never challenged infamous 'let customer hang' memo, says conduct report

AN RBS meno suggesting to managers that struggling business customers “hang themselves” when in financial difficulty was not challenged internally, a new report reveals.

SNP councillor quits party amid punch claims

A COUNCILLOR accused of punching someone in the back of a taxi has quit the SNP.

Scottish Government vows to reject any Brexit offer that 'constrains' devolution

SCOTTISH ministers will not accept any “imposition” on devolved powers as a result of Brexit – insisting any move to constrain the powers of Holyrood will be rejected.


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