Illuminating Your Yard

There are a number of reasons for illuminating your yard, such as security, safety, and ambiance.

Trending on Remodelista: 5 Design Ideas to Steal to Add Color

Who doesn’t wish for a dose of color by the end of a long winter? As yet another snowstorm hit the East Coast this week, the Remodelista editors went in search of hues to add warmth to interiors. He

Plant Identifier: Apps to ID Leaves and Flowers

If you are like me, you are probably pretty good at the parlor game of identifying certain plants: the flowers your grandmother grew in her garden, the pine cones you spray-painted gold in third grade

Preventing Your Dog From Ruining Your Lawn

Can Dog Waste Kill My Grass? Dogs are hard on your lawn, and especially in the winter months. Why? Their poop and urine can be damaging to the grass but in the summer, watering the lawn helps dilute t

Californians at Home: Intimate Portraits by Leslie Williamson

In chef Alice Waters’s house in Berkeley, California, “a small table…has a view out to her edible garden. This is where Alice likes to start her day, with a cup of tea and some reading,” write

Lismore Castle in Ireland: An Insider’s View Through the Seasons

A little voyeurism can be useful when planning garden visits, and an under-gardener on Instagram, handy with a camera, is invaluable. Lee Behegan (@theplantboyy) began working at Lismore Castle in Cou

Gardening 101: Sweet Woodruff

Sweet Woodruff, Galium odoratum: “Woodland Galaxy” The word “sweet” in its common name is a giveaway: Sweet woodruff is the galium to go for when looking to cover the ground with something swe

Object of Desire: Classic Thonet Garden Furniture from Vienna

In the 19th century, Austrian furniture maker Michael Thonet, the inventor of the bentwood style, brought his five sons into a family business that thrives today. In addition to the gracefully curved

10 Garden Ideas to Steal from Australia

Autumn in April is business as usual in Australia. Why have it any other way? As these gardens show, there is a liberation from being closer to the east than the north. Here are 10 modern ideas to ste

Outdoor Lighting | California Lighting Technology Center

Advances in outdoor luminaires and lighting controls save energy while enhancing visibility, safety and security, protecting dark sky habitats, and improving light distribution outdoors. CLTC develops

Outdoor Lighting | Better Buildings Initiative

Accelerate the adoption of high-efficiency outdoor lighting and improve system-wide replacement processes.

Gardening 101: Alpine Strawberries

Alpine Strawberry, Fragaria vesca: “Fraises des Bois” It’s a romantic flower, the little woodland strawberry or fraises des bois. The white blossom-like flowers perfectly complement fresh, trif

Current Obsessions: Lucky Streak

As our Living Color week comes to a close, we’re circling back to a few favorite Irish gardens (and foraged, Emerald Isle–inspired cocktails) and noting a new trend: plant swaps (just in time for

Reasons for Illuminating Your Yard

There are a number of reasons for illuminating your yard, and this article explains why.

Houseplant Help: Is It OK to Reuse Potting Soil?

When repotting a houseplant or transplanting seedlings to a window box, the urban gardener has to answer a basic container-gardening question: Is it OK to reuse potting soil? Or should I start fresh?

Garden Hose Repair

The Elements Are Hard On Equipment Most people prefer to just go buy a new garden hose when one gets a crack or hole in it. However, a new hose isn’t cheap and especially if you are buying a high-qu

Spot the Traditional Trend

Appreciation for statement décor, deep wood furnishings and the details in design all point to the traditional style. New traditional spaces are timeless with elegant additions, but still allow for a

Planning Your Flower Garden

It’s almost March and in the Denver area, that means it’s almost time for flowers to start popping up. I really start getting the itch to plan out my flower gardens, anxious for warmer weather and

Designer Spotlight: Anne Rue Interiors

Today we’re shining our Designer Spotlight on Anne of Anne Rue Interiors! Anne Rue Interiors is Central Florida’s premier design firm specializing in high-end residential, senior housing, and turn

Are Extreme Temperature Swings Hard On Plants?

How Do Plants Survive? Last Sunday I experienced one of the most extreme temperature swings I can remember. The high was almost 70 degrees and it was gorgeous outside, which is pretty unusual for mid-

How Do Insects Survive The Winter?

Do Bugs Hibernate? I doubt that most people lay awake at night worrying about insects and whether they are as snug as a bug in a rug during the winter months. But if you love the great outdoors and ha

The New American Home 2018

The New American Home 2018 is a stunning display of building innovation that skillfully blends traditional and modern architecture to create a transitional design. Located in the Bella Collina golf c

Bathroom & Vanity Lighting Done Right

By Clarissa Allison | February 8th, 2018 We’ve all been the victims of bad bathroom lighting. When we use the facilities at a restaurant or bar, we quickly notice how splendid we look at one locatio

How to Keep Deer From Eating Trees

Living in the city of Denver, you don’t have to worry as much about this issue. However, if you are in the foothills, mountains, or out on the plains near a river or body of water, figuring out how

5 Popular Décor Trends in 2018, via House Beautiful

Planning to refresh your home in 2018? Consider small renovations that make a tremendous impact on your home’s design – such as changing your paint color, furnishings, tile or lighting! Here are 5

Growing Herbs Indoors

The Multi-Talented Plant Many people love growing their own fresh herbs to use in different dishes, but their value goes well beyond being a spice. Herbs can also alleviate many different medical cond

4 Fun Facts about Pantone’s New Color of the Year

Pantone recently announced the 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet! Pantone chose Ultra Violet to empower individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative o

“Great Room” Lighting Tips

By Clarissa Allison | December 11th, 2015 If you are lucky enough to have a large family room or “great room”, you may encounter some exciting challenges when choosing home decor and lighting that

Safety Tips for Snow Shoveling

Living in the Denver area during the winter usually requires some snow shoveling. In fact, snow removal is how many Denver landscapers make extra money during the cold months. The average person doesn

Progress Lighting Unveils Newly Renovated Showroom, Wins Best Visual Award

(Above: The Progress Lighting team celebrates the grand re-opening of its newly renovated showroom with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and champagne toast.) Dallas Market Center announced Progress Lighting

The New American Remodel 2018

Honoring tradition, built for the future Located just outside of downtown Orlando, The New American Remodel 2018 demonstrates the countless possibilities for a 1930’s home to be completely transform

Add Color To Your Winter Landscape

Colorado Plants for Cold Season Color Most people think about gardening in the warmer months, but there are some things you can do to add color to your winter landscape. After all, there is more to De

Colorado’s Reliance on Mountain Snow

The Rocky Mountains are Thirsty So far the winter snowfall in Colorado has been significantly below the average. There is concern that even if there are some heavy snowstorms in 2018, it may not be e

Tiella Lighting 800CBL5PN Cable Kit

The Tiella Lighting 5 Head Cable Kit By Clarissa Allison | January 23rd, 2015 The Tiella Lighting 800CBL5PN Cable Kit flys off of the shelves. This is due to the simplicity of everything you need for

Selecting The Right Statement Lighting

By Clarissa Allison | May 13th, 2016 Statement lighting is an easy way to display the personality of your home without the commitment of re-painting an entire room or purchasing a host of new furnishi

Illuminating the Moments that Matter: Special Events

Lighting is often called the “jewelry of the home,” brightening the spaces we use every day – but it can also illuminate the moments that matter outside of our homes. From citywide events to pri

Home for the Holidays with Progress Lighting

One of our favorite things about the holiday season is seeing how our partners and customers incorporate our fixtures into festive displays in their homes. Check out just a few of the many ways Progre

Illuminating The Home With Striking Brass

By Clarissa Allison | December 19th, 2017 There was a time when you’d be certain to spot chrome or brushed nickel hardware throughout most contemporary homes. The goal here was sleek, simple and alm

The Benefits of Updating Office Lighting

By Clarissa Allison | April 17th, 2015 Lighting design and its philosophy have changed dramatically over the past decade. Companies are reducing the overall environmental footprint of the space and el

Security Lighting Tips For The Home

A security lighting system is a great deterrent. It illuminates the intruder, exposing them to vulnerability. While it is no guarantee to preventing criminal activity, crimes will be far less likely w

Office Lighting Tips For An Efficient Workplace

Guest post by Arthur Smith of | September 22nd, 2017 The best way for any company or organization to improve their overall performance is to improve the work conditions for their employ

Your Ultimate Ceiling Fan Guide

By Clarissa Allison | May 27th, 2016 Choosing The Perfect Ceiling Fan Before purchasing a new ceiling fan, there are several factors to consider in order to ensure it will be the right fit for your ho

Directional Spot Lighting

By Clarissa Allison | February 26th, 2016 By now you’re aware that lighting sets the tone for any space it inhabits. Dimension can be added depending on the direction  and color temperature of spot


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