Tips in Choosing a Body Shop That Can Handle Auto

Auto frame straightening is a big job and will work on almost any make or model vehicle. While some damage to your car or truck only occurs to the body of the vehicle, like hail damage for example, sometimes the damage is more extensive. If the inner frame of the car is in need of repair, then auto frame straightening is necessary to get your car or truck back in working order.

Tips in Choosing a Body Shop That Can Handle Auto Frame Straightening

Auto frame straightening is a big job and will work on almost any make or model vehicle. While some damage to your car or truck only occurs to the body

Auto Body Repair - Lake Superior College Degrees | Duluth, MN

Train for a career in Auto Body Repair in as little as 2 years at Lake Superior College!

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Custom Car Paint Jobs Are The Best Way To Get Your Car To Stand Out A custom car paint is a real way to express yourself and bring your unique personality for your trip. Custom car paint jobs are an a

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Collision Repair Is Exciting And Challenging Collision repair is a top priority if you want to get back on the road and move on with your life. Collision repair is the number one solution for all your

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Taking Your Vehicle to An Auto Body Repair Specialist

Choosing An Independent Auto Body Specialist Is The Way To Go For major collision repairs, the auto body repair specialist is going to get the vehicle into a body jig. If an auto body repair specialis

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Tips For Getting Your Vehicles Auto Body Repair Shop!

Choose An Auto Body Repair Shop With The Latest Equipment And Knowledgeable Technicians Knowing a few things about auto body repair shop will help ensure that your car is back on the road in tip-top s

Instead of Buying a New Car Consider A Auto Body Repair

An Auto Body Repair Is A Full-Service Body Shop The whole point of an auto body repair is to restore a vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Auto body repair is about much more than just removing and

Is My Car In Alignment?

The Car Alignment Is Going To Make The Car Safer Vehicle alignment is the position of your tires relative to your vehicle’s body. The purpose of a car alignment is to maximize the life of your tires

Top Tips For Fuel-Efficient Driving

Fuel-Efficient Driving Is Safer Fuel-efficient driving is the only way to get maximum mileage for the money spent on every drop of fuel. Fuel-efficient driving is combining smooth driving techniques w

Tips for Minimizing Auto Repairs

Minimizing Auto Repairs Is Important! Auto repairs are indeed so important in an effort to maintain the proper functioning and longevity of your vehicle. Auto repairs are important is because they can

2017 Toys for Tots at LaMettry’s

LaMettry’s staff, vendors and customers got into the holiday giving spirit! We had overflowing boxes of toys for the 2017 U.S. Marines Toys for Tots campaign. The Twin Cities campaign collected 238,

Basic Oil Change Tips

Oil Change Is The Best Preventative Maintenance You Can Do An oil change is one of the most basic aspects of automotive ownership. Some other things we check for with an Oil change are your brake pads

2017 Auto Gifts Guide

For the motor-head in your life. Our annual compilation of automotive minded gift ideas. Car Escape tool This tool is a seat belt cutter & window glass breaker which can be used if trapped after a

LaMettry’s Hosts Advanced Vehicle Technologies Seminar for Insurance Personnel

Our vehicles are getting more and more complex. In order to properly fix them, we have to stay on top of the latest technology and invest in our staff, training, and equipment. As part of our vision o

Navy Vet Receives Recycled Ride from LaMettry’s Collision and State Farm

Vehicle donated by State Farm Insurance and repaired by LaMettry’s Collision A local Navy vet from Chaska, Justin Griego, and his family have been through more challenges than most. Justin has perma

Navy Vet to Receive Recycled Rides Donation

Click here to view & download the official Sept 8, 2017 Recycled Rides Invitation In appreciation of our military, we will be donating a fully restored 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan* to a local U.S. Na

Meet Our 2017 Recycled Rides Recipient

In appreciation of our military members and their sacrifice, we will be donating a Recycled Rides vehicle next month to a U.S. Navy Veteran who sustained injuries while on active duty. The vehicle was

LaMettry’s Chanhassen Is Now Open!

LaMettry’s Collision is excited to announce the opening of its 9th location. LaMettry’s Collision in Chanhassen is located at 1650 Motorplex Court, off of Audubon Road. The new location is right i

Meet LaMettry’s People: James Junkers, Richfield GM, Knows People Make the Process Work

In a world where people can end up long distances from where they started, James Junkers could probably walk home for lunch at the home he grew up in. He was raised with two sisters and a brother not

Meet LaMettry’s People: Chris Engman, Former Navy Jet Mechanic, is LaMettry’s Audi/Porsche “Go-To Guy”

When Chris Engman attended jet mechanic school in Texas, and then worked on Navy jets stationed at the Boca Chica Naval Air Station in Key West, Florida, he pondered his life’s career path. Said Eng

Tips in Choosing a Body Shop That Can Handle Auto Frame Straightening

 An Auto Frame Straightening In Lake Elsinore! Auto frame straightening is a big job and will work on almost any make or model vehicle. While some damage to your car or truck only occurs to the body


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