Courtship After Divorce

It was almost seven years ago that I took a chance and drove from Manhattan to Glen Ridge, NJ one Sunday morning. It was about a 45-minute drive for me, and an hour and half for Chris, who lived in Pennsylvania and was visiting friends.

Courtship After Divorce |

It was almost seven years ago that I took a chance and drove from Manhattan to Glen Ridge, NJ one Sunday morning.  It was about a 45-minute drive for me, and an hour and half for Chris, who lived in

Beautiful Hajj Story

Sa’eed was sitting at the waiting area at the Jeddah airport after having completed the rites of hajj, and next to him was another person who completed his hajj. The man next to him said: "I w

Has the PCA Become A De Facto ‘Side B’ Church?

So what proponents of the “Side B” position in the PCA are demanding is that either that we join them in burning the pinch of incense and saying, “Side B is Good” or that we silently submit t

Five Biblical Points of Dordrecht

When we contemplate what Scripture says about the severity of man’s fallen condition, the glory of God’s eternal purpose to redeem a people, the perfection of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus, the

Will America Go To War With Iran On The Basis Of A Theological Fiction?

Going to war with Iran for any reason, short of Iran directly attacking the United States of America, would be a foreign policy blunder with disastrous results. But going to war based on the theologi

Scapegoating the Church for LGBT Suicide and Stigma

If religious convictions are a major contributor to stigma and suicide, one would expect much lower rates of such in nations with relatively fewer people of orthodox faith. But a 2006 study from the

Defending Door-to-Door and Open Air Evangelism

I take exception, however, with Nick’s assessment that door-to-door evangelism is not for today, that it was probably not taught by Jesus, and that open air preaching was unique, reserved for “th

Weal & Woe

The Psalms are full of cries from the faithful who suffer in and mourn over the overwhelming wickedness that surrounds them. Sin consistently turns the world upside down, and we, God’s faithful, wa

The Coming Millennial Midlife Crisis

Of all generations, it’s the Millennials who have had the deepest sense that it’s their responsibility to save the earth, to better society, to rescue humanity. From childhood they’ve been told

Is Domesticity a Bad Word?

“When you think of home, what place do you think about?” he asked. Without missing a beat Jessica replied, “Heaven.” When a woman is gripped by this perspective, she will sacrificially care f


Any matchmakers on here or does anyone know any? Don’t think my way is working

Calling for Islamic Youth Activity Ideas

Assalamu'alaikum, School is starting up again next week, hence our weekly student Muslim Group will as well. So I need ideas for what we can do as I am the co-leader and the unofficial idea produce

O complainant - Elia Abu Madi

O you who complain without an illness how will you do if you become really ill? that who is the worst on earth is that who look for leaving before it is the time and that who see thorns in a rose

Great Reminder(s).

As-Salaam alaikum, From the sayings and/or teachings of some of Islamic World fine minds, I wish to share with you few reminders they gave us... which instil spiritual radiation, insight and help us

Meeting potential's family and getting to know future in-laws

:assalam: So were you guys nervous or something the first round or was it just natural. Everyone wants the first meeting to go smooth. What if you like don't make the first good impression the

Muzdalifah Boundaries

Salams. Quick question. Ive just been informed that our hajj group rests at a place very close to mina when they go from Arafat on the 9th Zilhajjah-is this within the Muzdalifah boundary? How does on

Our Call to Faithfulness

The great evidence of being rightly related to God is faithful stewardship of His grace in our lives for His glory. A failure of faithfulness demonstrates that we are not good stewards and do not bel

He Who Confesses and He Who Does Not Confess: John’s Confession of Faith

John set forth a simple but highly evocative confessional statement: “Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that does not confess Jesus is

Co-parenting After Divorce

A trend has emerged in which separated and divorced parents are actively collaborating in bringing up their kids. Google “Co-parenting after divorce” and you’ll find several pages of books, arti

Courtship After Divorce

It was almost seven years ago that I took a chance and drove from Manhattan to Glen Ridge, NJ one Sunday morning.  It was about a 45-minute drive for me, […]

God Knows What I Need

The prayer, "Give us this day our daily bread," means more that just food and nourishment. It means everything I need, not only in material things, but in my emotional and spiritual well-being. That

Co-Parenting in Divorce/Imagine This

It sounds like the typical family sharing a meal and a life and in some ways it is. Except that I am divorced and this is my ex husband sitting at the dining table with us and he will head home to his

Life is Good!

Life is Good! We know for sure more than ever now that God brought us together. I couldn't have found a more suitable mate all by myself in a thousand years! God can make good and perfect marriages!

A Thankful Prayer

Walking with Christ includes believing in Christ, worshiping Him by giving our lives to Him, and being transformed by renewing our minds with the Word of God. No related posts.

Our Wedding — God’s Plan For Our Lives

People tell us all the time they are blessed by our marriage. We know God has a plan in putting us together, and we will try to walk in that plan all the days of our lives. Related posts: God Know

Love: The Second Time Around

When we put God first in our lives and follow His will and want only His plan for our lives, then He can do some marvelous things, even bring us love the second time around. Related posts: God Knows

Wedding Announcement!

Wedding Announcement for Bette Yates and Louis Hammond No related posts.

Health and Wellness — for Dogs, too

I believe the Lord warns us against foods and substances that are harmful, and I also believe He leads us to use healthy products that contribute to our overall health and well-being. No related post

Live Green and Healthy By Going Back to Nature

Over the course of a year, my doctors say I'm in good shape, and "Whatever you're doing, keep on doing," The asthma has virtually gone away. Let's live green and healthy by going back to nature. N

Winter Devotionals: Time Spent With the Lord

The most important part of my time with the Lord, is in prayer and communion with Him. I need that time in the quiet with him, being still and listening to what He might say to me before turning to my

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I have a lot to be thankful for... No related posts.


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