Courtship After Divorce

It was almost seven years ago that I took a chance and drove from Manhattan to Glen Ridge, NJ one Sunday morning. It was about a 45-minute drive for me, and an hour and half for Chris, who lived in Pennsylvania and was visiting friends.

Courtship After Divorce |

It was almost seven years ago that I took a chance and drove from Manhattan to Glen Ridge, NJ one Sunday morning.  It was about a 45-minute drive for me, and an hour and half for Chris, who lived in

The Fruit of the Wilderness

 I read the Bible more attentively than ever before and learned to love God for who he is and not for what he could do for me. I knew that the Lord would never leave me and would always provide for

Little Greek Gems: Confidence in Prayer – Ephesians 1:18

If a person professes faith in Christ and there is evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in their lives, you can pray for them with confidence, because you know that the Holy Spirit has already been at

What It Means to Pray ‘Your Kingdom Come’

The miracles of Jesus are presented as evidence of a battle between two kingdoms: one of God and the other of Satan. Jesus continued, “If it is by the finger of God that I cast out demons, then the

What is God Saying to Us?

Hurricanes are warnings to us of the eternal judgment yet to come. They are like warning shots fired across the bow of ships that are sailing in rebellion to God. They are calls to repentance—to tu

Tried with Fire: I’ve Got This!

It is not that we need to depend upon God. We actually do depend upon God moment by moment, for absolutely everything, whether we realize it or not. To remind us of this truth, God may choose to depr

Was Jesus a person of color? An immigrant? A Palestinian?

The better question to ask is, “are Jews persons of color?” And of course that depends on how you define “person of color.” POC is an obnoxiously American phrase. It is loaded with division,

The Diet of Devotion

Even Christians, after our hearts and minds have been regenerated by Christ, can be distracted constantly by the entertainments of the world, most of which are rife with lies, mirages and selfish ind

Abundant Life, Abundant Suffering

The Christian life abounds with suffering. That’s what we sign up for when commit ourselves to Jesus, because he has promised it. We should not be surprised when suffering comes because it is part

Wisdom Versus Law—What’s the Difference?

The wisdom of God given to us in Scripture may be found mainly in the Wisdom books of Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes, although wisdom sayings and admonitions are sprinkled throughout the Bible (for



The Roving Feline

A poem I wrote in 2014, I now dedicate to Abisali,Â*the crazy cat manÂ* Slowly move the midnight cloudsÂ* And shines the moon, bright and full Little kitty calls out loud, As he rests, perche

saying Wallah over things that aren't true

so i am scared of my dad. i hide everything from him and lie allllll the time about where i'm going, what i did that day, what i was doing at home while he was at his meetings, etc. im sure he love

Balancing Husn adh Dhann and Suspicion

On the one hand, if all you think of people is good, then they can seriously harm you. Some Muslims make it seem as if any kind of suspicion is haram. On the other, as Muslims, we shouldn't be suspici

Islamic Online Uni

Assalaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullaah, This thread is for any discussion regarding Islamic Online Uni courses/topics.

SR2000 Repeat Umra Visa fee Replaced.

The Saudi government approved the replacement of the repeat umra visit fee of SR2000 with a reduced sum of SR300. There is no info on when that comes into effect. As part of their new Umra visit rule

Family wants us to date before marriage.what!?

Salam aleikom, I have a serious situation. I am a 24 year old muslim woman who was dating this man for a while but we became religious him and i and we decided to stop dating and to tell our families

Anyone else interested in permaculture?

Permaculture is basically living more in harmony with nature, growing/making food and supplies in a way that is clean, sustainable, simple and in harmony with the natural world. http://www.permacul

*Important Reminder* Fast of 9th & 10th Muharram begins tomorrow!

**Important Reminder** Fast the Day of Ashura (10th of Muharram) for forgiveness for the previous year's sins: The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: “Fasting the day of ‘Ashura’ I

What can I do about my difficult relationship with my mother?

Assalamualykum. After a long time, I'm posting here in this forum. I'm not a parent but I thought this would be the best place for me to ask this question because it's relating my relationship with

Co-parenting After Divorce

A trend has emerged in which separated and divorced parents are actively collaborating in bringing up their kids. Google “Co-parenting after divorce” and you’ll find several pages of books, arti

Courtship After Divorce

It was almost seven years ago that I took a chance and drove from Manhattan to Glen Ridge, NJ one Sunday morning.  It was about a 45-minute drive for me, […]

God Knows What I Need

The prayer, "Give us this day our daily bread," means more that just food and nourishment. It means everything I need, not only in material things, but in my emotional and spiritual well-being. That

Co-Parenting in Divorce/Imagine This

It sounds like the typical family sharing a meal and a life and in some ways it is. Except that I am divorced and this is my ex husband sitting at the dining table with us and he will head home to his

Life is Good!

Life is Good! We know for sure more than ever now that God brought us together. I couldn't have found a more suitable mate all by myself in a thousand years! God can make good and perfect marriages!

A Thankful Prayer

Walking with Christ includes believing in Christ, worshiping Him by giving our lives to Him, and being transformed by renewing our minds with the Word of God. No related posts.

Our Wedding — God’s Plan For Our Lives

People tell us all the time they are blessed by our marriage. We know God has a plan in putting us together, and we will try to walk in that plan all the days of our lives. No related posts.

Love: The Second Time Around

When we put God first in our lives and follow His will and want only His plan for our lives, then He can do some marvelous things, even bring us love the second time around. No related posts.

Wedding Announcement!

Wedding Announcement for Bette Yates and Louis Hammond No related posts.

Health and Wellness — for Dogs, too

I believe the Lord warns us against foods and substances that are harmful, and I also believe He leads us to use healthy products that contribute to our overall health and well-being. No related post

Live Green and Healthy By Going Back to Nature

Over the course of a year, my doctors say I'm in good shape, and "Whatever you're doing, keep on doing," The asthma has virtually gone away. Let's live green and healthy by going back to nature. N

Winter Devotionals: Time Spent With the Lord

The most important part of my time with the Lord, is in prayer and communion with Him. I need that time in the quiet with him, being still and listening to what He might say to me before turning to my

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I have a lot to be thankful for... No related posts.


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