Diving while operating your boat and more

diving is a great sport can be even more fun when you own a boat

World’s Deepest Female Diver Sets New Depth Record

News She shattered the previous record—which she’d set herself in March. Karen van den Oever descended more than 800 feet down into South Africa’s Boesmansgat cave in October.

What is a Marine Protected Area?

PADI is using MPAs as part of its commitment to protecting our oceans through educating divers about the importance of underwater ecosystems. The post What is a Marine Protected Area? appeared first

Working divers and commercial diving operations | ontario.ca

Underwater work can be dangerous. Here’s what you need to know before contracting a commercial diver or deciding to take the plunge yourself.

Come and join PADI at Boot Düsseldorf 2023

After two years, Boot Düsseldorf is back! Boot Düsseldorf is the largest indoor boat and water sport show in Europe and takes place over 9 fun packed days, 21 – 29 January 2023.   You will fin

Mermaids to the Rescue

I doubt anyone foresaw that circumstances would take this a step farther, turning the fantasy of being rescued by a mermaid into reality. The post Mermaids to the Rescue appeared first on .

The Marine King – Themarineking

Your #1 Go To Store For Marine Supplies with Trusted Brands !

Divers Institute of Technology | DIT | Commercial Diving School & Diving Courses | Scuba Diving

Underwater welding and commercial diving school, veteran owned and operated in Seattle. At Divers Institute of Technology (DIT), you can get prepared for a diving career or diving certification in jus

Blackwater Diving

Experience the world's greatest animal migration with blackwater diving. Dive into the deepest waters at night to see the tiniest creatures come up to feed. The post Blackwater Diving appeared first

ScubaLab Checks Out Five New Dive Computers

Gear We took a look at the latest releases, including a solar-powered dive watch suitable for rec and tec diving. Take a peek at the lastest dive computers from Shearwater, Garmin, G

5 Reasons to Choose a PADI Dive Shop with a Sustainability Team

A sustainability team makes dives environmentally friendly and sustainable The post 5 Reasons to Choose a PADI Dive Shop with a Sustainability Team appeared first on .

Great Gifts for New Scuba Divers

News These are all perfect for anyone with a fresh c-card! Gear, gift cards, books and more that are ideal for anyone just starting on their diving journey.

PADI Club Florida Keys Dive Trip

Divers share their experience attending the first PADI Club dive trip to the Florida keys. The post <strong>PADI Club Florida Keys Dive Trip</strong> appeared first on .

We Have Proof a Dive Cert is the Best Holiday Gift Idea Yet

News Need an excuse to slip a cert course into somebody’s stocking? We’ve got six. It’s the gift of adventure. Need we say more? Well, we can, we will, and we have, because the

How Much of the Ocean Has Been Explored? 17 of Your Ocean Questions, Answered.

Training In this edition of Ask a Marine Biologist, Dr. David Shiffman answers the questions you ask Google about the ocean. Marine biologist Dr. David Shiffman provides the ocean fa

What is a PADI Tec 40 Course?

Training Take your first step into technical diving. Becoming a technical diver starts with learning how to use new equipment and air blends.

Nitrogen Narcosis: What Divers Need to Know

What is nitrogen narcosis? What does it feel like? How long does nitrogen narcosis last and what is the treatment? Your questions answered. The post Nitrogen Narcosis: What Divers Need to Know appear

New Regulations Proposed for Hawaiian Manta Diving

News The rules would limit the number of boats and visitors allowed to visit manta feeding hotspots and mandate a guide-to-diver ratio. Rules put forth by the state’s Department of

How to Dive Lake Erie's Shipwrecks

Travel Explore history in this longtime maritime shipping lane. You can explore several wood-masted ships when wreck diving in the southernmost Great Lake.

How You Can Get Involved With Manatee Conservation

If you’re looking to get involved in conservation efforts, manatee conservation is a great place to start. The post How You Can Get Involved With Manatee Conservation appeared first on .

Everything (And More) You've Wanted to Know About the Siphonophore

News It's the longest animal that's ever existed, but most people have never even heard of this carnivore. Fun facts about the siphonophore: its size, its species, the longest siphon

4 Best Giftable Scuba Courses

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be difficult. Not to worry, PADI eLearning courses makes finding the perfect gift easy! The post 4 Best Giftable Scuba Courses appeared first on .

What’s the Difference Between the PADI Deep Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver Courses?

Clear up any confusion as we take a deep dive into the PADI Deep Diver vs. Advanced Open Water Diver courses. The post What’s the Difference Between the PADI Deep Diver and Advanced Open Water Div

The Best Scuba Diving Liveaboards in the World

World's Best Diving Set sail in style on the world's best dive boats. Scuba Diving readers say these are the liveaboards to add to your must-dive list in 2023.


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