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Funding cuts take toll on support for visually impaired pupils

RNIB says schools are reducing specialist provision at a time when demand is growing Thousands of children and young people with vision impairment (VI) are being failed because of a shortage of funds

Did you solve it? The four points, two distances problem

The solution to today’s dot-to-dot puzzle Earlier today I set you the following puzzle: Find all the ways to arrange four points so that only two distances occur between any two points. Continue re

The trouble with 'side hustles' at university

Students’ extracurricular ventures may show enterprise – but they point to growing financial pressures They’re known as “side hustles”, but more often than not, they’re lifelines for stud

Can you solve it? The four points, two distances problem

A dot-to-dot puzzle with a difference UPDATE: Solution now available here. Today’s question is probably the shortest I have ever set: Find all the ways to arrange four points so that only two dista

Wake-up call: is the government now listening to university experts?

A popular science book has transformed public health advice on sleep. But how often does this happen? Steve Brine, a former public health minister, was intrigued when he spotted a fellow train passen

Cambridge harassment row fuels calls to reform college system

Readmission of Dr Peter Hutchinson to Trinity Hall events has been heavily criticised Cambridge academics and students have called for the reform of the university’s collegiate system after a don a

Welsh, Hawaiian and Navajo … now Gaelic is in line for a rescue

Number of speakers could swell as Duolingo adds minority language to syllabusSorley MacLean’s poem Hallaig, a lament to the cleared homesteads of the Isle of Raasay, is his most famous work, lauded

Arts education should not be a luxury, says Julie Hesmondhalgh

Ex-Coronation Street star backs Durham commission’s call for arts to be taught to all children Julie Hesmondhalgh, the actor and campaigner, has accused policymakers of conspiring to limit access t

Textile art inspired by vintage photographs of African Americans – in pictures

Since 2017, New Jersey artist Bisa Butler has been creating a “quilted fabric album”: large textile portraits drawn from old black-and-white photographs; her most recent series is inspired by ima

‘I’m a law student who works to help mental health charities’

Lewis Baxter, 21, on how he makes ends meet with his student loan and part-time tutoring work Name: Lewis Alexander BaxterAge: 21Income: £3,000 plus student loan of £4,500 a yearOccupation: Full-ti

When is the right time to start revision, the answer might surprise you?

When is the right time to start revision, the answer might surprise you? We tend to think revision is what comes at the end of the term. That there is a set time to start revision, and for most that a

Book Launch - Springer Handbook of VET

School of Education hosting book launch

Active Listening: Learning to Listen Well

Active Listening: Learning to Listen Well Listening. That’s easy, right? Sit still and listen: that’s all your teenager has to do… Unfortunately, it’s not as straightforward as that. Listening

How to Practise Past Papers Effectively

How to Practise Past Papers Effectively Practice past papers- they’re the one thing students may wail at when they see another one: “Why am I doing another one, again?!” Whilst in your teen’s

Hints for October Half Term

Hints for October Half Term Realistically, half term isn’t long enough for a huge wealth of revision. However, it’s certainly time to get on top of some study- and get ahead with revision! Priorit

Train to teach history

Find out more about training to become a history teacher

Mentally Equipped for an Exam Year?

Mentally Equipped for an Exam Year? The exam year your teen is about to face will no doubt have levels of challenge and difficulty. There’ll be times where your child requires resilience; your child

Knowledge (really is!) Power

Knowledge (really is!) Power ‘Knowledge is power’ teachers cry out to the class! Yet- when it comes to exams- it can feel like all the focus is on passing a very specific set of exams. However, yo

Stop Comparing: You and Your Teen

Stop Comparing: It’s so easy to compare marks or results amongst peers. No doubt, by the time your child reaches their exam years, they’ll already be comparing themselves to others in the class: w

Plan to Pass SQA Exams the First Time

Plan to Pass SQA Exams the First Time Ideally, your child sits exams just once and passes with the grade they ‘should have.’ But… ‘re-take’ exams do exist: sometimes things just don’t go t

A Mind ‘Set’ for Study

A Mind ‘Set’ for Study When it comes to studying, your child needs to have their mind ‘set’ in the right direction. Dually to this, having a ‘good mind-set’ is imperative to your child’s

11 Reasons Why Studying in the UK is Still Popular for Int’l Students, Despite Brexit

With about six weeks ahead of Brexit, all sectors in the UK are doing everything possible to be as ready as they can in order to feel the consequences of Brexit as little as possible. Despite that 52

Only 52% of UK Universities Very or Fully Prepared for a No Deal-Brexit

About half of the universities in the United Kingdom consider they are slightly prepared for a no-deal Brexit to some extent (48%), a survey of Universities UK, which represents 136 universities in E

As of 2020, a Two-Year Post-Study Work Visa Will Be Available to International Students in UK

Amid a series of recent changes to the Immigration Rules, the UK government has decided to allow foreign students graduating in the UK, to remain in the country for another two years post-graduation,

Sports Psychology Courses in UK

Sports Psychology was for the first time taught in the past century. Despite that, it is a relatively young study discipline it has soon become a very popular subject. Science has proven that, to a g

Best UK universities to study Marine Biology

Have you ever discovered, in your own self, a great fascination and desire to explore the world underwater? If yes, then marine biology might well be the perfect career for you. Marine Biology is a s

LLB Hons Degree in UK

The most common associated terms for undergraduate degrees are Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc). All students have heard these words and know what each of their abbreviation stands

Best Journalism Universities in UK

In today’s world journalism is an inseparable part of our daily life. It keeps us connected and aware of what is going around at any moment. It is also a way of inviting people to take action by gi

Brexit might not hurt EU enrollment in the UK after all, a comprehensive study suggests

A recent report compiled and published by the Higher Education Policy Institute in the UK has suggested that Brexit might actually not cause a huge loss of EU students as predicted, reports Studying-

Best Civil Engineering Degrees in UK

Civil Engineering is an interesting study field. It is concerned with the design and the maintenance of civil building including roads, bridges, pipeline systems and many others. The quality of this

A Juggling Act: Exams with Revision

A Juggling Act: Exams with Revision Juggling revision amongst examinations is tough. Once home, your teen may feel a mixture of tiredness, stress and relief. Therefore, once the exams start- and your


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