Intelligent Dog Training San Diego

With so many dog trainersin San Diego, it can be challenging to find a trainer who is right for you, and more importantly, who is right for your dog. Intelligent Dog Training San Diego treats your Dog like family.

Shy dog help

Hello everybody. I have a very shy dog, it’s a jug (jack russel x pug) . He is scared about other dogs, scared about loud sounds, he barks at a lot of things, he cannot be touched by other perso

my poor pup! :(

My 1 year old brown and white catahoula pup keeps licking the sole of his front left paw. I took him to the Vet 3 days after noticing him doing this and the vet had no idea what was going on. She pr

new puppy

I recently got a puppy a mixed breed the father was a labrador, I have been wanting a puppy for a long time and have spent the last year researching which sort to get and what it involves, as well a

Dog won’t stop barking at incoming house goers.

I have a Shih-Tzu Maltese that has an annoying problem: any time passerby outside are near and he hears them, he will bark loudly at them. In addition, if anyone rings the doorbell, knocks on the do

Getting my boys ready!

I have two dogs. Both of them are corgis and when it comes to personality they are opposites of each other. My oldest is 3 and he’s a bit more calm and more attached to me. My youngest is 1 and he

Play bite, grooming nibbling, and nipple nipping-help

We have two neutered males. Argos, chocolate lab mix, ours from age 8 weeks to present, completed basic puppy classes, well socialized. Argos is now 1 year old. Shiro, Shiba mix, I trained at home,

Is this the wrong way to teach stay?

We have been teaching stay with “stay” and then “go free.” Our puppy gets a click and treat when she waits until the go free command. She’s gotten really good at it so we progressed to put

Potty training help

I have a lab german shepherd mix. She is a rescue so we figure she is about 3 months old and we've had her half that time. I need help training her to tell us when she has to fo outside. When out ou

When do you stop giving treats for learned behaviors?

When is the best time to stop giving treats for doing learned behaviors? I have a 4 year old mini poodle, we rescued him when he was about 1.5 years old. For example, he certainly understands "sit"

Fox in my garden?

My mum usually sits in the living room with the dog of an evening and the garden is off the back of it. My dog keeps barking into the dead of night and my mum thinks it’s because of a local fox, s

I am not sure how to go about testing my recently adopted, very large St. Bernard socially outside the home.

Bill is a big sweetie that we adopted 3 weeks ago. So far he is the definition of gentle giant. He has met plenty of people and dogs inside our home and been an absolute doll to them. For context: H

Puppy issues

Hello guys i recently adopted a puppy and he turned out to be a pit/Labrador and his behavior is concerning me a bit, he is 2 months old and he does the regular puppy play but just the other day i w

Recommendations for a trainer in Atlanta?

My sister and her husband recently adopted a rescue in Atlanta, along with a senior lab they already had. They unfortunately don’t have experience introducing dogs and just sort of threw the puppy

Roommate needs help training unruly dog.

My roommate just moved in and her dog has been very possessive and aggressive. The dog has already snapped at my dog twice and growled at me and small bites. I agreed to help her out since she does

Help with my rehomed dog. I’m feeling very torn and seriously considering taking him to the shelter.

Me and my husband got our dog about six months ago. He is a mixed breed dog that we received from a couple that was rehoming him due to their circumstances significantly changing. He is now 18 month

How to teach your dog not to pull on the leash.

Hey guys, me and fiancé just adopted a dog and she is very well behaved. But she does pull on the leash when she gets excited or there’s other dogs around. What can I do to teach her not to do th

Potty Training

Trying to potty train my 14 week old German Shepherd, she seems to hold her poop in until we get inside! Today, she held it for 2 hours, when she finally went to poop she cried (As though she was be

What is the quickest way to wear a dog out before being crated in the morning?

I need a way to quickly wear my 8 month Klee Kai out in the morning. There's no suitable area around me for a walk (Countryside on a main road). So walks are out as an option. I wouldn't mind a mix

Any recommendations on introducing a puppy to my 3 y/o GSD-Husky?

My GSD-Husky, Amelia, is 3 years old and typically very well mannered. We are adopting a young puppy in a few weeks and also moving into a new house during the same time. I’m worried my Amelia wil

Bailey and Ciah Practice Recalls

CJ and Natasha run Bailey and Ciah through some recall drills at camp. It's so easy to see how much fun both of the dogs are having.

Spill Proof Water Bowl for Dogs

CJ shows a Buddy Bowl and talks about how to use them and why we love them so much we bought two!

Recalls with Mae

Mae loves to run so practicing her "come" command was a lot of fun. In the beginning she runs right past us, but by the end she's going super long distances and her command looks super cle

Walking with Mae at Kit Carson Park

We take Mae, the catahoula shepherd for a nice early morning walk at Kit Carson Park.

Recalls with Oliver

A fun video of Oliver learning to come to us when we call him.

Intro to Prong Collar with Milly

Milly is a crazy (and cute!) puppy with absolutely zero leash manners. In this video we introduce the prong collar to her and practice with it while walking and doing some leash maneuvers. She does

Teach Your Dog to 'Go to Bed'

It’s often convenient to park your dog: To crate her while the delivery men bring in your new refrigerator. To  have her hold a down-stay, instead of climbing on you and licking your face, while y

Dog Training San Diego | Mango - Portuguese Water Dog | Long Distance Sit/Stay - YouTube

We offer premiere Dog Training in San Diego. We provide in-home private training and camp dog training programs throughout San Diego. We offer free one-on-on...

Cats, Partially Explained

As longtime readers and listeners know, The Dog Trainer steps out with other species from time to time, notably that other species our dogs and us often live with. No, I don’t mean our spouses! I

Do You Need a Guard Dog?

Over the years, I’ve had occasional requests to train a pet dog as a guard dog, and I’ve always declined as soon as my prospective client explained what, exactly, he hoped his dog could be taugh

4 (Other) Best Things to Do for Your Dog

                     You already know the best things to do for your dog: Socialize your puppy. Housetrain. Teach good manners. Spay her or neuter him. Vaccinate against infectious disease

My Dog Is Totally Trained, Right?

                “Trained” is a word that should almost never be used in the past tense. Okay, I’ll give you “housetrained” if your adult dog never eliminates indoors unless he’s s

Fostering Dogs

                  No matter how comfortable and well run a shelter is, there’s no place like home – if not a permanent home, then a foster home. Someone fostering a litter of puppies can

How to Choose a Veterinarian

I’m going to take a guess that you’d rather not find yourself poking through Yelp reviews for a good vet the morning after your dog has kept you up all night having diarrhea. (Yes, my insight is

Chilly Dogs: Caring for Your Dog in Cold Weather

The northeastern United States, where I live, seems to be having an actual winter for once, and I’m given to understand the same is true of some other regions as well. Since the weather outside is

Teach Your Dog to Give or Drop an Item

It’s tempting to say that in an ideal world, our dogs would never put anything in their mouths we didn’t want them to have. In the ideal world, dogs don’t scavenge, they never pick inappropriat

Where Should Your Dog Sleep?

Some clients tell me, with pride, that they never allow their dog on the bed. Some clients tell me, with embarrassment, that their dog sleeps next to them. Some clients tell me, laughing nervously, t


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