Ewaste Recycling Pickup at Orange County

Services Offered in Orange County area are Business IT equipment & computer liquidation, Desktop & Laptop Computers, Printers and Monitors, Secure destruction recycling.

15 Soothing Bedroom Plants to Help You Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our well-being. The process ...

How Manchester conquered the world

Last week we told you how we celebrated our success as the Export Business of the Yearin the 2017 Pride of Tameside Business Awards.  So this week we thought that we would reveal a few of the impress

Last Exhibition in 2017

We are off to Macau - 9,086.03 km as the crow flies, to Asia!

We are looking for international Distributors!

General Shredding Technologies  – LET US GROW TOGETHER!

Congress examines farm regulations and impacts to private wells

The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment examined draft legislation that would modify the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) to shield agricultural operators

Can Co-Firing Biomass With Coal Help Meet International Climate Goals?

While he’s not personally present, President Trump is getting the cold shoulder at the climate meeting in Bonn, Germany because of his insistence on the wider use of coal-fired electricity. But one

Orange County CA - E-waste & computers Electronic Recycling & Liquidation

Same Day e Waste Pickup Orange County - OC, California. We offer electronics & Computer recycling, secure hard drive data destruction & Product Destruction.

Is Organic Food Healthier?: All the Factors Analyzed

Organic food has become incredibly popular in the past five ...

10 Ways to Upcycle Baby Food Storage Containers

After you’ve had a baby and she’s old enough to ...

Avoiding the Watery Grave: How to Recycle Fiberglass Boats

Boating is a major industry in the U.S., with millions ...

UBC Receives New Equipment For Wood Pellet Research

The wood pellet research laboratory (BBRG) at the University of British Columbia is getting a boost of $250,000 from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). The funding is part of a larger grant o

Eco-Friendly Business Cards: A Professional’s Guide

Business cards are ever-present bits of networking collateral — bought, ...

The new BTI is the belt conveyor the market has been asking for

With the ambition to develop the world’s best belt conveyor, we launched extensive research work at Skandia Elevator. We asked our customers and experts in other industries what they thought was mis

Kuristuck Technology – Paint booth treatment

Environmental and economic guidelines and regulations strive to minimize the consumption of water and energy and the production of solid and liquid wastes from all kinds of industries worldwide. The a

BioSNG methanation skids arrive on-site

The hard work and construction continues on the BioSNG Commercial Demonstration Plant with some exciting developments. This week, two years after the initial design order was placed with Amec Foster W

AMETEK Land Introduces New Actuator For Revolutionary Spot Pyrometer

The SPOT actuator provides remotely controlled target alignment of a SPOT pyrometer for even greater accuracy in temperature measurement for aluminium processing applications that use the 

Beat the Blues: 7 Ways to Boost Your Home & Mood Naturally

With daylight saving time trailing freshly behind us, shorter days ...

PG&E Makes Offer To Buy Power From California Bioenergy Plant

The North Fork bioenergy plant has just cleared another hurdle toward getting the project up and running. They have now been offered a power purchase agreement from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&

‘Trashy’ Sea Sculptures Focus Attention on Ocean Pollution

Some folks stroll along shorelines ignoring wayward flip-flops, scattered bits ...

How Recyclers Are Affected by Smart Gadgets

A refrigerator used to be a place where you merely ...

Recycling Mysteries: Brick

The Three Little Pigs will be the first to tell ...

University Of Minnesota: Renewable Biomass Coal On The Horizon

Coal fueled the Industrial Revolution, but it took eons to form. Now, a team of researchers at the University of Minnesota Duluth has introduced what might be called “instant coal”: an energy-dens

What Happens to Airplanes No Longer Fit to Fly?

As a kid, I remember seeing striking pictures of massive ...

Drax Sells UK-Based Wood Pellet Distribution Business

Power giant Drax has agreed to sell its wood pellet distribution business, Billington Bioenergy (BBE), to Aggregated Micro Power Holdings, an AIM-listed energy company specializing in the sale of wood

‘Huge’ Biomass Power Plant On The Way For Ontario First Nation

Whitesand First Nation will soon be home to an industrial park that will support clean energy generation, replacing the current need for diesel, and create jobs. The first tenants of the industrial pa

B.C. University Developing $33 Million Biomass Plant

Simon Fraser University is set to start construction on a new biomass plant that will power the university and adjacent urban community while drastically reducing emissions. SFU, along with SFU Commun

Backers Of Maine Biomass Project Say They Are ‘Not Going Anywhere’

The husband and wife behind an ambitious vision of transforming Maine’s forest industry into a fuel- and food-based bioeconomy say they have spent more than $17 million of their own money to refurbi

Minnesota’s Natural Resources Research Institute Replacing Coal With Wood

It seems like much of the world is plunging headlong toward renewable energy and away from fossil fuels and the carbon dioxide pollution they create. Ontario has eliminated coal-burning power plants.

Controversy Simmers Over North Carolina Wood Pellet Plant

A biomass fuel plant that processes tree scraps into wood pellets has some North Carolinians concerned about its potential environmental and health impacts. Maryland-based Enviva will soon open its fo


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