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First major Carbon Landscape restoration project is officially opened

The first major restoration project of the Carbon Landscape - a £3.2 million programme to restore former industrial landscapes in the North West - has been officially opened near Warrington.

Physics graduate turned adventurist embarking on global cycling challenge

Physics graduate plans to cycle 16,500km to raise money for a charity who have supported his younger sister

Higher education courses: find and apply - GOV.UK

Find and apply for a college or university course - full time, part time, post graduate, UCAS, Unistats, National Careers Service, Open University, CUKAS

Looking for help from a private english tutor?

Glasgow English tutor who only recommends teacher that are currently teaching English in local school as tutor for your child.

Expert Comment: Nuclear Energy, why we are all invested in its success or failure

The Dalton Nuclear Institute is taking a revolutionary new approach to nuclear-related research by encouraging a lasting engagement between ‘traditional’ nuclear sciences and social science resea

Is the ‘Zero Hour’ youth climate march a turning point, or more of the same?

This weekend, young climate activists will march through Washington DC’s National Mall. The rally, part of the Zero Hour movement, is another sign of the concern and dismay felt by young people afte

Royal Society award for Professor Danielle George

The Royal Society is awarding Professor Danielle George the prestigious Michael Faraday Prize.

New national service will accelerate UK’s graphene industry

A new service has been launched by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the National Graphene Institute (NGI) at The University of Manchester, which will help the UK to cash in on the potential

Engineering graduate receives national recognition for exceptional studies

An ‘outstanding’ engineering graduate’s exceptional academic success has been rewarded with a double-award win and a sought-after internship at one of the world’s biggest companies.

Going viral: what social media activists need to know

Inspiring stories of social activism, such as the Civil Rights movement and the fight against climate change, abound in history. And it is generally thought that the new social media era has helped ca

MP praises local pupils getting a taste of university

Stretford and Urmston MP Kate Green visited the University of Manchester this weekend to celebrate the achievement of local pupils who have successfully completed The Scholars Programme – a prestigi

New study highlights Alzheimer’s herpes link, experts say

A new commentary by scientists at the Universities of Manchester and Edinburgh on a study by Taiwanese epidemiologists supports the viability of a potential way to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s dis

Slow Writers and Hard-to-Read Handwriting: Tips for your Teen

Slow Writers and Hard-to-Read Handwriting: Tips for your Teen When it comes to written subjects, a couple of common concerns might seem tricky to change. One is watching your child write slowly and yo

My child has fallen behind: can they catch up?

My child has fallen behind: can they catch up? For whatever reason, a teen may fall behind when it comes to revision. As a parent, you might be left wondering whether you should step in and help- and

Crunch Time: Revision After Easter

Crunch Time: Revision After Easter Now the Easter holiday has passed, the exams are around the corner it’s crunch time for your child, as they spend their last few weeks- maybe even days- getting re

Getting the Top Grades: Tips

Getting the Top Grades: Tips When it comes to achieving the top grades, there are certain things students can do to give themselves the best chances. Here we explore some tips and tricks for things wh

Bringing Work Home

It goes without saying that there is a renowned expectation for teens to be taking revision materials and work home with them. Revision is an important time for your teen to be independent and take ow

Avoiding Silly Exam Mistakes

Avoiding Silly Exam Mistakes It’s a very unfortunate thing, when a teenager comes out of an exam and realises they’ve made a mistake. They’ve worked their whole school life to reach the pinnacle

Making the Most of Revision Sessions

Making the Most of Revision Sessions Revision classes or sessions are a great way for your exam-sitting teenager to scrub up on that all-important skill and knowledge. Whether your child attends after

Things to do during British Science Week in Glasgow

Things to do during British Science Week in Glasgow Firstly, does anyone know why it’s called science week when it’s over 10 days? No, me either, but this just means more chance to get out and abo

Revision: what should my teen be doing?

Revision: what should my teen be doing? Revision is a vitally important part of the examination process. It offers the chance to revisit subjects and topics, as well as identify areas where there migh

Revision: Help your Child Make It Count

Help your Child Make It Count Firstly, you can help your teen by encouraging revision which has purpose. What are some of their outcomes, both in the immediate and also as a long term goal? What are t


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