Regent Street Its Past and Future

Looking at the prestigious Regent Street in London's West End area.

Is your business address killing your business? - Hold Everything

London most prestigious virtual office address on Regent Street provided by can protect your home address and save your business address potentially affecting your business. Your h

New Thai Restaurant in Wimbledon

Patara Wimbledon is the latest addition to our Patara family and has already become a favourite in the area. If you are looking for a delicious and authentic Thai restaurant in Wimbledon, then look no

Cool Places to Eat in London

When thinking about cool places to eat in London, you can often be overwhelmed with suggestions and recommendations from the internet, friends and families but if Patara isn’t on your list yet; it s

Business rate increase

A business rate is a tax on business properties so that those who occupy non-domestic property can contribute towards the expense of local services. The revaluation of business rates will become effec

One of The Best New Restaurants in Wimbledon – Patara

Standing proudly on Wimbledon High Street, our seventh Patara restaurant is now open and already receiving many guests. Read what some of them had to say about their visit to one of the best new rest

Best Places to Eat in London

London is infamous for its vast choice of restaurants and the capital has a lot to offer in terms of dining, which makes knowing the best places to eat in London a difficult challenge for anyone. But

Great Places to Eat in London

With so much choice, there are of course many great places to eat in London, but here at Patara, we like to think that we stand out as one of the best. But what makes Patara a great place …

New Video About Our Great Range of Services.

We are delighted to show our new video which shows how Hold Everything can help a wide range of businesses enjoy the prestige the of central London business location.  Whether you are a freelancer w

Are you looking for the perfect place to eat in London?

We know you are spoilt for choice when finding perfect  places to eat in London, but look no further than Patara! We have 6 brilliant Thai restaurants in central London and we think we stand out as o

What makes Patara one of London’s Best Restaurants?

With so much choice, finding London’s best restaurants can seem a rather overwhelming task. With an infinite amount of reviews from friends, family and on the internet, it makes the process of choos

Social Media – We Help you Get Up to Speed

  Don’t know your Twitter from your Twiglets? Your Facebook from your Fat Face? Decidedly social media unsavvy? Well, read on. This one’s for you. So you’ve heard about this magical thing calle

Six Top Tips to Telephone Answering

At some point or other, whatever your job title, your phone is going to ring and you’re going to have to answer it. For some people, answering the phone comes naturally, and they sound so pleased to

Identity Theft – What is it & Ways to prevent it

  What is identity theft? With increased public awareness in the area of identity theft we look at what is actually involved, how it can affect you, and what you can do the prevent it. Identity theft

4 reasons to choose a Virtual Office on Regent Street

Prestigious Central London Presence Regent Street is one of the busiest and well-known streets in the United Kingdom, possibly even the World.  It provides a variety of services, from gyms, galleries

Unique Restaurants in London

London is renowned for having almost an infinite amount of dining choices, however, it can be rather difficult to find more unique restaurants in London.

We Launch Our Business Podcast

We are all very excited here on Regent Street with the launch of our new podcast.   Entitled the London Business Podcast we will be bringing our clients and the global business community a regular in

Is your business address killing your business?

London most prestigious virtual office address on Regent Street provided by can protect your home address and save your business address potentially affecting your business. Your h

Experience Wimbledon Restaurants

The first Patara opened 27 years ago in central London and now in 2017 there are seven different Patara restaurants across the capital. One of our favourite locations is our restaurant in Wimbledon wh

Romantic restaurants in London

Patara is the perfect place for a romantic meal with someone special. Our Romantic restaurants in London have been designed to echo the style of our food: mixing the classic with the modern. Our dark - Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan | London Assembly

Official website of Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and the 25 London Assembly Members. Policy, news, jobs, contacts. Get involved and shape London’s future.

What is the cost of a missed call ?

At Hold Everything, London’s most prestigious virtual office we offer you the opportunity to have a London 020 number so when your busy and don’t want to be disturbed we can answer your calls. So

Royal Mail Postal Increase March 2017

Royal Mails increase the price of postal charges from Monday 27th March. Does this increase affect  clients at our Virtual office in Regent Street, London – Fortunately NO . Will it affect future c


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